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Kay Jewelers is a division of Sterling Jewelers Inc., headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Along with Signet Jewelers Limited, They are the largest specialty retail jeweler in the world.

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7/6/2016 Kay Jewelers - I had purchased more than one item always same
I had purchased more than one item always same treatment polite when you buy but many mistakes. REpairs took almost 90 days Wrong ring size THan I ask that the ring enhancer not be souder to engagement ring and it was souder I had one email saying ring was ready Went to pick it up and it was not there I had a trade in that I gave to the store for the new enhancer. Store employee leaves message telling me to bring in trade in. Than they assure me I would be called when the repair was in but no email or call. I returned new enhancer and was told I would have to wait three weeks to get my own trade in back. also few business days to receive credit on my account I called customer service about getting my trade in back I was promised call back and no call back This business had my trade in since April and today is July 6 I won't do business ever with this store

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12/23/2015 Kay Jewelers Moorestown Mall Cherry Hill, NJ - Bad Service
The store in Moorestown mall cherry hill, NJ has very bad service. The manager is very mean and bad attitude. I don't like this company anymore. I will never want to go back again.

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6/30/2015 Kay Jewelers - On March 30, 2015 I took my ring in to the Auburn
On March 30, 2015 I took my ring in to the Auburn Alabama store due to my diamond falling out of my ring. I took the diamond and the ring in. They then told me that my prongs were loose and needed shoring up. I paid $414:00 for the service. They broke my diamond and said they had too order a new one. It has been one excuse after the other. Now when I call they talk down to me. It is now June 30, 2015 and no ring. I just called the home office and they tell me they can't do anything but check on where it is and call me back later. I told her that I needed my ring by July 10, 2015 due to my anniversary. They can't do anything about that. I am so upset at the treatment I have received and I will never do business with this company again.

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6/22/2015 Kay Jewelers - My name is Maegen Stapley, My fiance had
My name is Maegen Stapley, My fiance had purchased a ring from the Kay
Jewelers in the Red Cliffs Mall located in St. George UT in early October of 2014.
I want to take some of your time and just let you know what a horrible experience I
have had with Kay over the past "9" months of having my ring.

1st Experience: After getting my ring back from being sized to a 5, I noticed a dark gray
mark in one of the larger side diamonds, I took it in and was told that it is
when the tip of the diamond breaks off and causes a shadow into the top. I
was told this could be replaced and so I had them send it off to be replaced.

2nd Experience: After going weeks without my ring, I went and picked it up from
having the diamond replaced only to have a diamond fall out not even an
hour after I picked it up from the store, Thus having to take it back again..

3rd Experience: I was told that Kay would contact me when my ring had come back
from having the diamond that fell out replaced. I called every other day to
check and see if it was in, and then about the 4th call, they told me it came
in the day before and I was never called. When I went to pick up my ring,
"which was sized to my size 5 finger before" someone had put on the ticket
that my ring was changed to a size 7, so now its way to big for me. Leaving
it there and being without a ring for weeks again!!

4th Experience: I then after weeks went and picked up my ring again, and was told I
shouldn’t have anymore problems. About 1 week later, there was another
gray mark now in the center large diamond, so I went back into Kay and sent it
off to be replaced.

5th Experience: At this point I am scared to take my ring into Kay for anything due to I
will be without it for weeks at a time and I never know what new problem I
will have when I get it back. I am now married and need my ring and band
saudered together, which to be honest, I had looked into other jewelers to do
this as I didn’t want to leave my ring with Kay. It was gone for 2 weeks and I

was told again that they would contact me when it was in, but I knew better.
so I called every 3 or 4 days to check and the lady was getting upset that I
kept calling in asking about it, she kept telling me they would call me. I called
one last time and the girl said " you werent contacted yesterday?" I said "no I
sure wasn’t",, she put me on hold and came back to tell me that my ring had
come in the day before and I was supposed to have been called letting me
know it was there, but no one called.

6th Experience: I went in to pick up my ring and band, about 3 days later I noticed
again that there is another gray mark in the large side diamond, when I went
into the store to tell Kay, the manager lady told me some diamonds are just
like that and I would probly never get a perfect qaulity diamond, and that the
gray mark is the diamonds birthmark, I was so upset that I wasn’t about to
leave my ring there again for this same issue, it wasn’t worth it.

7th Experience: As of last night " June 21,2015" I had yet another diamond fall out!!!!
from my band now. I have not been into Kay for this yet bacause I
need to get your attention on these problems. I cant even enjoy my
ring without it being gone getting fixed or always being afraid a
diamond is going to fall out or something. I have been married 2
times before this and never have I ever had gray marks or diamonds
fall out, let alone a single problem with any of my other rings from
other jewelers.

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4/11/2015 Kay Jewelers - There's more than a few words for this but for
There's more than a few words for this but for starters, Kay's customer service SUCKS!My boyfriend bought me a ring there (without me knowing obviously) and when he went to pay for it, their credit machine read declined.

So they swiped it again, same thing. So he financed this ring. The next day I went to use our bank card and it was declined I checked our account here it was negative 900.00 due to the double swipe at Kay's. Furious I confronted him and he told me the story and of course his surprise engagement was ruined thanks to kay jewelers.

He called kay jewelers Monday the 6th of April (he purchased the ring Saturday 4/4/15) they apologized and said they would take care of it right away. Here it is 7days later, his pay check went through to the bank and he is still negative I don't get paid till this coming Friday so we have no money two kids to take care of and Kay's is not by any means taking care of things QUICKLY! They now informed us that the problem may not be fixed until Friday the 17th. Clearly we took the ring back, and will NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy anything from there again.

I wouldn't recommend kay jewelers to anyone!They ruined the surprise of getting engaged and screwed up our life for 7 days at this point.

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4/9/2015 Kay Jewelers - Don't buy a Movado from Kays. I spent $1950 2
Don't buy a Movado from Kays. I spent $1950 2 years ago. My watch quit working so I took it to Kay's and now they are telling me it will cost $500 to fix. Such a rip off! Poor customer service. When I asked for the number to Movado, Sili wouldn't give it to me.

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4/4/2015 It appears that Kay Jewelers are not supporters of
It appears that Kay Jewelers are not supporters of the Constitution of the United States where you are not allowed to enter their store if you are carrying your weapon. My son was asked to leave the store because he had
His weapon on in plain view it's not like he was trying to hide it as well as having his permit on him. I bet if he was in the store and it was being robbed they would be happy for a gun carrying citizen to step in and save the day. From reading all the reviews about this company I am amazed they are still in business. Out of three pages of reviews I did not read one review that was good, no wonder they had to get a new CEO. If all the customers that legally carry their weapons which is their right would stop buying from this piss poor company I'm sure they would have to close their doors and go out of business. That's what's wrong with this country now the fundamentals it was founded on are constantly being pushed to the side or trying to be done away with.

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3/30/2015 Kay Jewelers - I bought a ring in November 2014 for my fiancee
I bought a ring in November 2014 for my fiancee and later we ended up breaking up. It was 2 days out of my warrenty and THEY WOULDN'T TAKE IT BACK even though it was unworn! Then to find out it was only worth 300 when I bought it for 2000. Never buying here again!

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1/13/2015 Kay Jewelers - This past Christmas, my husband purchased for me,
This past Christmas, my husband purchased for me, the Jane Seymour Open Heart Snowflake necklace. He apparently liked your commercials.
We live in a VERY rural part of New York State. We have to drive 130 miles round trip to your nearest store, which is in Amsterdam, New York. My husband made a special trip to this store and after looking though the Open Heart designs, he (thankfully) picked the snowflake…which after seeing your products, is the only Open Heart design I like.
That being said, I happily received the gift and loved the snowflake. After only TWO wearings, the chain broke. I was upset, because of the distance to your store and the poor quality of your product.
My husband made a second trek to your store in Amsterdam, NY with only the chain, the box and his receipt in hand. There was nothing wrong with the snowflake and he felt that was the actual gift to me. He was told that they could not exchange the chain WITHOUT the pendant! REALLY??? They then told my husband they could fix the chain for a fee of $25.00!!!! My husband being the kind soul he is, went along with the fix, so my brand new Christmas gift would be wearable… (and did I say that it would take two weeks to get the chain fixed?) Again…. REALLY????
When he got home, I was furious with the customer service he received at your store! These salespeople were told of the drive he made and treated him this way! SO… I got on the phone and asked to speak with the manager of this particular store. I told her that we were NOT paying to get this chain fixed and for her to pull it from the “repair pile". She, Kristen, was nice, but told me the only way I could replace the chain was to come back in (remember the 130 mile round trip voyage) and bring the paperwork and the snowflake so they could exchange the chain … again REALLY????
The next day I got in the car and drove to your store…before they changed their minds. It was around 2:45 when I got to the store and I asked for Kristen, the manager, because she was the person who I spoke to on the phone. I was told Kristen was at lunch… late lunch? or trying to avoid me? I was then told by Ashley the salesperson that they were sold out of snowflakes!!!!
Ashley was stumped! How could she exchange my broken chain (which they had along with my husband’s $25) when there was no snowflake in the store to exchange it with? Ashley then went to the back of the store and through a door to find out what to do.
She emerged from the back and was apparently instructed to take a chain off another Jane Seymour necklace and exchange it!!! WASN’T THAT WHAT MY HUSBAND TRIED TO DO THE DAY BEFORE???
I didn’t even take the snowflake out of the box at this point… they never saw it! This salesgirl also was confused about the fact that the broken chain measured 19" and the other was 18". I suggested perhaps the clasp was the difference… What is wrong with the help in this store??
I then asked for my husband’s $25.00 back, he paid cash. As I did a man came in asking for Kristen (the manager) he was going to purchase something. The girl helping me didn’t know how to refund my $25.00… she again, went into the back of the store and asked someone. I’m assuming it was Kristen, the manager because when she came out, so also came out someone they called Kristen to help the man, who apparently was ready to spend money.
Kristen NEVER even glanced my way, but she had to know that I was the person she spoke to the day before on the phone, because apparently she was the person my salesgirl was checking with about my exchange and refund! I was in the store for quite a while during the time the unknowing salesgirl figured out the refund. Amazing! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!
The salesgirl then informed me this is the reason they encourage customers to purchase the repair plan and then she actually said, “because it would pay if you have to fix this chain five times"!!! To which I replied,"I usually don’t break chains. What kind of junk are you selling?"
I never write letters to complain. However, after the shoddy customer treatment we received from your store in Amsterdam, NY, I felt it necessary to complain to someone! I have not worn the necklace since this incident. I am afraid the new chain will break and I will lose the pendant. I am so disappointed with Kay Jewelers! Upon looking online for your address, I discovered that MANY people are disappointed with Kay Jewelers. I would have to assume that these issues are not isolated to Amsterdam, NY.

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12/10/2014 Kay Jewelers - I bought a very expensive ring from Kay in march
I bought a very expensive ring from Kay in march of this year. Then for Father's Day bought husband a $1,500. Movado... Worse experience ever. Sales people have no idea how to communicate with customers. Wish I read these posts before I made my first purchase there. NEVER again will I go back.

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12/8/2014 Kay Jewelers - Have bought two Movado watches and countless
Have bought two Movado watches and countless necklaces and bracelets from your DeKalb, Illinois store. I cut up my credit card and will never shop there again. The people that work there are rude and cold. Good place to shop and buy quality products as long as you don't talk to the employees. Could have got the same amount of customer service if I would have shopped online. Goodbye.

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10/22/2014 Kay Jewelers - I had a issue with my wedding band, which was a
I had a issue with my wedding band, which was a wrap, and customer service took care of the issue. I only had my ring for 1 year and the diamonds kept falling out. I called customer service and they are going to let me exchange it for a different wedding band. I am glad I called them because the store where I purchased it from would not. I gave customer service a 4 star rating because of their politeness and fast response in taking care of the issue. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

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