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Kenmore? is the number one company in the appliance industry.Kenmore Appliances are owned by Sears and sold in Sears Stores.

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6/27/2017 I bought a Kenmore washer 13 months ago. It
I bought a Kenmore washer 13 months ago. It doesn't clean clothes on "Normal", and "Heavy Duty - Deep Fill" takes between 1.5 and 3 hours to complete a cycle. Even though I called 3 times while washer was under warranty, nothing was done - the "service call" was only a couple of guys telling me I didn't know how to operate the appliance.
NEVER AGAIN will I buy Kenmore

Barb Read More
4/13/2017 I bought a Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 6
I bought a Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 6 years ago the compressor has gone out already, very disappointed . It will cost $700 plus to replace the compressor, I can put a little more with that and buy a new Frig. I think I will go back to GE products. I had them for 20 years and they are still running. I should have gone back with the GE. that what I get for trying something new. Stick with what work.

C. taylor Read More
10/13/2016 I bought a Kenmore electric stove on 12/1/2015
I bought a Kenmore electric stove on 12/1/2015 since then they have been out 3 times to try and fix this stove. This stove is a lemon. Now the stove reset every 2 minutes and it beeps I have to listen to this for two weeks or else shut it off at the fuse box. but while you cook it keeps beeping . I will never buy another thing from sears or Kenmore. We are going to buy another stove this one will go on our truck with lemons around it. I then will make a sign when it was purchased and it was junk from day one. at the end of the day it will go to the junk yard where it belongs..... NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS. Oh yes buy the Kmart will lose my prescriptions also.

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10/4/2016 We bought a Kenmore stove and microwave that was
We bought a Kenmore stove and microwave that was installed above it. A year and a half later the microwave doesn't work. It doesn't take the "numbers". We complained to customer service and was told a service call was $249! We paid over $300 for the microwave, $150 to install it and then another $149 to install it properly. We have now spent over $600 for this appliance. We went back to Sears and spoke to the salesman and he conferred with the manager who didn't bother to come out to see us but repeated the same information. We have called various customer service phone numbers and it's a waste of time. Jeers for Sears.

Norman Weinberg Read More
6/27/2016 Kenmore - Purchased a model 26-26132 washing machine .
Purchased a model 26-26132 washing machine . Machine. is junk cloths come out looking terrible cloths come out dirtier then they went in cloths come out full of lint and detergent stains. Purchased a 5 year warranty. Tech came out made some adjustment to no avail. Looking at other reviews people having same problem. This machine is a lemon. and should be recalled. When calling the sears warranty dept was transferred to 5 different people and still received no satisfaction. Will never ever buy another product from sears.

Ray Read More
6/24/2016 Purchased a Kenmore Elite washer and the extended
Purchased a Kenmore Elite washer and the extended warranty. After one year the bleach dispenser rusted out. Called Sears and was told the warranty does not cover rust. Was also told that is was a manufacturer flaw and they have received hundreds of complaints but still will not cover the repair. Was told by the Sears technician that I could have it repaired but will happen again! Sears customer service offered a 10% discount on a new washer, and I asked why would I purchase a new washer when mine is less then 2 years old!

Kelly Read More
4/20/2016 Kenmore - Have been married for over 50 years. Have always
Have been married for over 50 years. Have always bought Kenmore appliances from Sears. Recently purchased a dishwasher, 1300 series model does not clean the dishes. I could spit on a plate, and wipe it with a rag, and it would come out cleaner.
No more Kenmore for us!

Chuck Read More
1/22/2016 My Kenmore microwave stopped working 13 months
My Kenmore microwave stopped working 13 months after I purchased it. I was told by a "customer service" employee -- and I quote - "THEY DON'T MAKE STUFF LIKE THEY USED TO!!" -

Kathy Read More
12/3/2015 Put in all new Kenmore appliances they lasted 8 years
I renovated my house and put in all new Kenmore appliances, 8 years later the appliances are all falling apart. The plastic used on the washing machine is so cheap that it has cracked and fallen off. The dishwasher gets rusted and moldy no matter how often I clean it. The micro is cracked and the oven handle keeps falling off. I will need to replace all the appliances very soon and will never even consider getting another Kenmore appliance again. Total junk.

Maria Read More
11/11/2015 I have always bought Kenmore appliances
I have always bought Kenmore appliances, Just bought a new washer and dryer. Absolutely hate the washer. I am told that no matter what washer you buy, they all are noisy, cannot access water to scrub stains, or to rinse out
caps. Pay so much money for something you hate is robbery. salesman said no one is satisfied with new appliances. Wait till I need other appliances, won't be happy with them either.

k Read More
8/22/2015 Kenmore microwave makes a horrible noise
I had a microwave given to me as a gift. It makes a horrible noise. Of course, I do not have the receipt because it was a gift. I got rid of the box it came in the first of August because I thought a Kenmore would not break so soon.

Charlotte Read More
8/6/2015 Kenmore - They told me my water dispenser in my new frig. Is
They told me my water dispenser in my new frig. Is not supposed to have cold water.the manual says water should be 50 degrees F.I was told this by a kenmore rep. & the sears store where I bought it.When I read the manual to them they said it probably wasn't on my model.They had never asked me which model at this conversation.Frig is not 3 mos old & they also told me if they sent someone out they would charge.I will never buy anything from Sears again.(in the ensuing time I found my water is cooler after the first glass full.)all they were doing was getting rid of me!!

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