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5/26/2016 Keter - I have one of your deck boxes.Today, the hinge
I have one of your deck boxes.
Today, the hinge that raised the lid broke.
Is there a replacement part for this and if so, how can I order one.
Thank you

Susan JohnsonRead More
10/27/2013 Keter - I bought two of your basic plastic sheds from B.Q
I bought two of your basic plastic sheds from B.Q and I'm having difficulties erecting them because I suspect several of the uprights are too short. they would seem to fit more adequately if they were as long as the main ones i.e. a matter of 3-4 inches. This if, my assessment is correct is all that's holding me up. So if I order some replacement parts as B.Q say so, how do I go about it. I will measure, describe/name, and quota the part but will need a reasonable cost and delivery price seeing as the shed should have had al the right parts to be able to reasonably to erect it. So your help would be much appreciated in letting me know who to contact i.e. Tel No: or address. Thanks in anticipation. Michael

michael nixRead More
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