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10/13/2016 Key Bank - spent 2 days and at least 5 hours trying to get
spent 2 days and at least 5 hours trying to get credit card from declined when moved from first Niagara to key. Still not resolved.

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9/16/2015 Key Bank - Spent an hour today trying to make house payment,
Spent an hour today trying to make house payment, could not log on, their problem not mine. Called, they claimed gave them my account number, they claimed it was not valid and I didn't have a loan there. Then they did ssn, my spouse and I bought home together and are equally on paperwork, they said I was not primary so they could not speak to me. After going round and round, they refused to speak to me. Local branch said I didn't have a loan with them, I said I took out my mortgage with you, my payment goes through the keybank mortgage site. He apologized but said they don't handle mortgages and couldn't take my payment. I called back again, different customer service rep, FINALLY got it worked out but noticed my payment is more, never sent me notice of escrow shortage, have never sent me coupon book, have never sent me tax notice and I am not enrolled in paperless. Then I spent two hours trying to figure out how to get a contact to make a request for such. I would never ever recommend keybank to anyone.

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4/6/2015 Key Bank - I have spent a ridiculous amount of time just
I have spent a ridiculous amount of time just trying to get thru to Custormer Service for a Loan Payoff Statement. Perhaps you want all banking needs to be handled online so as not to have to talk to your unskilled staff. Good luck with that and good luck with the merger/buyout or failed notice you will undoubtedly be a part of due to you lack of basic skills on the part of the reps, once you get one, and your overall annoying process to talk to a human.
Can only imagine what hades your customers go thru to cash a check!

sarah Read More
2/6/2015 Key Bank - I wish I had known going into banking with these
I wish I had known going into banking with these people who incredibly difficult they are to deal with! To start with, I opened an annuity account based on an inheritance that came my way. I feel I received some very shoddy advice from them in opening this account. Next, when I finally felt like I had had enough and wanted to close it, they made life incredibly difficult for me. They knew I felt betrayed by them, so when I went to sign the paperwork closing the account, the account manager whom I had spoken with a half hour before I arrived and had told I would be there. . .left the building before my arrival! An act of cowardice unlike anything I have every experienced. I was abandoned by this guy. I still have a checking account there, but am looking forward to closing this account as these people have not idea what they are doing. Run. . .do not walk. . .away from these people

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1/27/2015 Key Bank is the worst bank I have EVER been
Key Bank is the worst bank I have EVER been associated with! My card was compromised 1/5, I notified them on 1/5 they allowed charges on 1/6. I was told I would receive a letter.. today is 1/27 I finally received the letter.. telling me I have 5 days to return it.. as of today I STILL do not have the credit back in my account. The next issue.. I used their billpay, guaranteed delivery by 1/9 as of 1/16 the payment had not been received. I called Key, they stopped payment on the check, stated that it has NOT cleared yet.. they are doing an investigation.. again today is 1/27 the funds have still not been deposited back into my account..


Aj Read More
This is THE WORST BANK IN THE WORLD! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! The Branch at Market Tower Indianapolis, IN has the most snobbish condescending Customer Service Reps! They speak to you as if they are so important and high and mighty! They are not very friendly or willingness to help! Their attitudes are appalling! I closed an account due to a netzero overcharging my account with fees other than what they told me over the phone. I opened another account with Key bank so that Netzero could not access my info anymore. These incompetent Keybank employees, closed my new account and kept the old one open!! how foolish is that! I spent an entire work day dealing with being on hold for 15- 25 minutes at a time, a none of these people listen! Anyway I am so over them that I will never recommend this bank and I hope that they lose so much business that they close as they did before!!

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12/22/2013 Received a gift card (Key Bank) and it did not work
Received a gift card (Key Bank) and tried to register it. Of course, website didn't work (site currently unavailable)and customer service can't register over the phone. Plus was advised I needed to wait 24 hours to try and register again by website. Typical crappy service from Key Bank. Stay as far away as you can.

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11/13/2013 Key Bank has a rep that is bringing your rating down
Anderson,IN-Misty -loan dept. has brought your rating down in this location. She is a insubordinate. Never returns important phone calls, lax in her skills, not knowledgable never return customer request timely and has caused a delay in consumers getting the rating the loans needed.
Our experience is that Mistys home life is affecting her performance, drugs were smelled on her person the last visit with her. Not long ago, unprofessional and a discredit to your bank. Its been over a year since she has contacted our family.
Misty is not fit to represent/insubordinate, believed laced with drug activity and she has kids. Not saying much for your bank.

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7/5/2013 Key Bank - dmv states key west bank usa na service center
dmv states key west bank usa na service center 601oakmont lane suite350
Westmont Illinois 60559 was lien holder on my vehicle mwill not give memy tittle I lost it until pay off notarized letter saying I own it sent to them or me I have more papers to send them I told them it says capital one was andsent me pay off note were you key west at one time with car loans and switch banks??? 2004 paid it Ruth busch 2008 I believe if you were key west than I still need pay off note and that capt one took over they want original notarized copy

Ruth Busch Read More
6/14/2013 Key Bank - I have just had the most horrible month of
I have just had the most horrible month of experiences with Key Bank on all levels. I have money in IRA/annuities due to a settlement from my divorce. I was divorced in October, 2011. In May, 2013 my ex-husband passed away unexpectedly. As a result, the money I was receiving each month in alimony (due to 34 years of marriage) stopped. I now need to survive and requested a hardship withdrawal from the investment monies. The investment banker I work with in Cleveland, Ohio said and did everything she could to keep me from withdrawing needed funds and has still completed my request. I than have run into problems trying to obtain a mortgage loan with Key Bank (figured it was easier to apply for a loan with them since all of my accounts were with them). Big mistake --- this has been another huge headache. Regardless of whether I am approved for the loan or not, I will be withdrawing what remains of my money (checking, savings, and retirement accounts) from Key Bank and taking my business elsewhere. And, to make matters worse---I used to work for this corporation when it was called Cleveland Trust/Ameritrust and my aunt was a branch manager for many years as well.

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12/28/2012 Key Bank - I have deposited my payroll check for 5 years into
I have deposited my payroll check for 5 years into my checking account as cash so it would be available immediately. Today 12/28/12, i was in the drive through and the teller stated that she cannot deposit my payroll check as cash but can make 100 dollars available and the rest available tomorrow. After consulting over the phone with a customer service professional we concluded that the protocol is not on the computer system itself as a prompt but is up to the tellers discretion of weather to follow proper protocol or not. So apparently for the past 5 years keybank employees have been ignoring proper SOP and just cashing checks however they feel like a superteller they make the rules. Now all of a sudden my money isn't available to me and i feel its because the female teller didnt like me. Follow the protocol 100% of the time don't operate willynilly. It makes my experience unpleasant and makes me feel like terminating my accounts and going with a competitor that will treat me with consistence. RJB

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9/14/2012 Key Bank - KeyBank in West Bloomfield, Michigan just open
KeyBank in West Bloomfield, Michigan just open this year and has the worse customer service. I go thru the drive thru on a weekly basis to deposit my drivers paychecks and everytime I go thru the drive thru it takes them 8 to 14 mins to deposit a check. I just informed my drivers to close all there accounts and go with a bank that has customer service! If your that shorted handed there are plenty of people out of work (there were 4 cars in the parking lot and Im sure 2 where employee's!)The lady waiting on me rolled her eyes and didnt say anything to me after I asked her why does it take this long everytime I come to this bank. I would never recommend this bank to anyone! Debbie

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