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KIA is the South Korean-based manufacturer of cars and SUV's. KIA America is based in California and cars are made both in the USA and in South Korea.

KIA USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ,/b>
11 Peters Canyon Rd.
Irvine, CA 92606 USA

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1-800-333-4542 Hint Needed - Please Comment


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2/23/2017 Kia sucks for taking care of customers.
Kia sucks for taking care of customers.

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1/24/2017 Kia - I have been trying since 1/13/17 to get a payoff
I have been trying since 1/13/17 to get a payoff so I can get my mortgage to underwriting. Each time I call Kia I'm given different information and promised I would get it within in 2 or 3 days (depending on who happens to answer the phone). A payoff can only be faxed, no email. Records of calls are sketchy, I was told my first call was on the 18th, and that my call to request the payoff was just received on the 23rd, as noted above I called on the 13th. I finally asked for a supervisor who said he would expedite it and I would get it (hopefully) that day. Nope! Called that evening to find out the status and the rep I spoke to said since I just requested the payoff I must wait 3 days. After a long discussion she finally said she could fax the original payoff that was supposedly sent but it was only good for the 23rd - the day I was speaking to her. This was the first time someone offered to print and fax the payoff to me instead of requesting the Payoff department to do so. Since customers cannot speak to the payoff department, I told her to fax it anyway because hopefully the bank can calculate the per diem. I was surprised to find that the payoff requested (10 day payoff with a per diem) does not really contain a per diem. In kia's world the per diem is included in the 10 day payoff amount. She later asked if I wanted 10, 20, or 30 day payoff I told her to send all three and to send them all to both my mortgage company and my work fax . Kia does not email and evidently the fax does not work because neither myself or my mortgage company has received any payoff, Love my car but must say the next car will never be a Kia. Lastly, find it interesting that this site asks for an email yet Customer Service can't utilize email to assist you. I'm also intrigued by the addition of "comments will be added pending approval by the webmaster" is that so reviews can be scrubbed of undesirable comments?

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12/1/2016 traded in a leased Kia Forte for a 2016 Soul.
traded in a leased Kia Forte for a 2016 Soul. Nice car. Lousy service from both the sales people(Eric), finance manager,(Martin) and general manager. (Sean) This is at Garvey Kia in Queensbury, NY. After leasing the car, found out that they only paid four lease payments on the old car instead of 5. Would not return calls. Salesman was "on vacation." and after that the finance man was on"vacation" Disputed the down payment on credit card. I think this may have given them the incentive to listen.Finally after three weeks was able to got down and get the check for the 5th payment.( the check had been in the mail for weeks, they said) right, and Donald Trump is not the President elect. Needless to say they did not give me a survey,.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now they want to service my vehicle. very funny.

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11/21/2016 Kia - I have had problems with the air conditioner in my
I have had problems with the air conditioner in my 2017 KIA Sportage since 2 weeks after the purchase. It has been at the dealership 4 times for repair. The last attempt to fix the air conditioner was last week. My vehicle was at the service department for 13 days and it still doesn't work properly. I have spent 15 hours waiting at the dealership for the vehicle to be repaired to no avail. I have spoken with KIA consumer affairs several times, but this last attempt to contact them, they refuse to return my calls. This has by far been the worst new car buying experience I've ever had. I will never buy or recommend a KIA to any friends or family. I totally regret this purchase. All I've asked for is a new vehicle that works properly. I want my vehicle repaired, replaced or I want my money refunded.

Debbie Read More
7/20/2016 Kia - I need your help I am so stressed I want to cry
I need your help I am so stressed I want to cry on my way to ft lauderdale on Friday evening we were driving our 2012 Kia sorrento and in the middle of alligator alley the car went from 80 to 10 miles in seconds and would not accelerate sounded like a spaceship was taking off and nothing lid on my dashboard thank god no other vehicles were around my children and husband were in the car we could have lost our lives my husband struggled on his own in the dark and managed to get the car out Off the road to safety alligator alley is very dangerous road the engine completely went we were stranded there till 12:30 am in the morning in middle of no where with my daughter whom suffers from dysfunctional bleeding and barely any phone signal it was a nightmare and one of the scariest things we have gone thru we have had this car for 3 1/2 years purchased new from Fucillo Kia this happened around 8:15pm we called and had to get the car towed thru our car insurance and arrange an over night storage kia did not have a security guard or key drop off we had it towed had to get a hotel and arrange a ride back home 2 1/2 hours away car was towed to the nearest Kia that was in sunrise because towing would have been over $600 to get it back home we were told the next morning a new engine was needed they have had us back and forth I have spoken to every manager available from store to Corporation in California and finally after 3 days they requested all of our maintain receipts and pictures of the motor hours later we get a phone call letting us know our records and engine are in maculate condition and a new engine would be ordered under the warranty and they would try to get us a loner because it would take a couple weeks then a few hours later the service manager called to inform us that due to a massive engine failure on 2012 sorrento the engine is discontinued and no longer available and I would have to wait a minimum of 3 weeks for them to special order the parts because they would have to be fabricated once received they would reconstruct the engine at the dealer utilizing the lower half of our current engine so this will take some time no idea of length of time why hasn't Kia contacted the consumers and mad them aware of this issue and no loner or rental would be given to us Kia only covers a loner for 3 days this seems unbelievable even so I don't feel comfortable on the road with this car when there's pages of people in this same predicament getting into serious accidents and class action law suites even tried going to Fucillo and they cleaned there hands stated it is all corporates issue from this point forward they have nothing to do with the warranty I feel like we are being given a run around and no support on my last conversation with the corporate office I was told I needed to wait 3 days for a supervisor to call or do what I need to do but mine while I still need to work which I have not been able to give 100% of my time this week as I have had to be on the phone with this issue also my daughter has appointments she requires continuous medical treatments due to her bleeding condition I am asking for help at this point just for Kia to make it right and put us in a reliable car that I don't have to worry about engine failure or that our lives are at risk but I don't want to get in to another car owing an arm and a leg for this car give us a credit and we will start the payments on that car other than how we were left we don't even have family here that can give us a ride it's a struggle to make it to work please help at this point feel I have been left with no other choice then to seek legal action
Thank you

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Sent from my iPad

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7/7/2016 I bough my 2015 kia omtima from kia of Bedford on
I bough my 2015 kia omtima from kia of Bedford on 5 12 2016 am very um happy about the deal I was told by the manager I would b get n cold weather mats which I haven got yet ive call him 2 time no call back to this day all so when I got my car they hade a $750.00 cash back on top of your best deal when I call the manager t next day he told me I diden qualfie for it all so they were in such a here to sale me the car they put on a temp tag and diden tran fer my plates the registration was n my glove box all they hade to do was look that was extra money I hade to spend I would not tell no buy to buy a car from kia of Bedford it was my first and last time Clinton leverett

clinton Read More
3/27/2016 I purchased a 2013 Kia Sorento in 2014 with
I purchased a 2013 Kia Sorento in 2014 with 36.000. It now has 63.754 miles on it and the warranty just ran out. I was riding down the highway and the car just stop without any warning no lights or anything. I will be contacting the corporate office on Monday. They sold me a lemon and they new it.

BJ Read More
2/26/2016 My daughter took her car into the kia on 28th
My daughter took her car into the kia on 28th street in grand rapids just recent to have her belts changed out and now its squeaking. According to the paperwork the service department also checked and added fluids. She picked her car up and drove it to school when the car started sounding funny. She had a person from class and a cop to check her oil. They both said she had no oil in her car. My daughter had to get a ride to the store to buy some oil. She took the car back to kia and they checked and said she had no leak and finished off the oil . I live 700 hundred miles away and cannot send my husband with her. My personal opinion she's a young lady and they are not doing the service she's payed for. While her car was being serviced They allowed her to drive a new car which she nor I can afford a brand new vehicle. She is trying to get an education and working to help pay for it. How can women go and have their car serviced when they are not being honest? Did they really change out her belts or just spray something on them to keep them from squeaking for a while and did they drain her oil purposely?

Brenda Read More
2/13/2016 i bought kia rio 2015 from UAE dealer, as a city
i bought kia rio 2015 from UAE dealer, as a city car and economy you can save your money.
i found that full tank op patrol make only 230km in/out the city, that means there's a problem in the car.
i sent the car for the first maintenance and asked them about the issue, they reset the computer only(its a routine process in GCC), still no change.
yesterday the car complete 11,000km i sent for 2nd mantenance a inform them again they told me maybe the O2 sensor need to be change under waratee. then i spoke with service manager he told me thats the normal for kia rio only maximum 240km if the O2 sensor change no change will be.
still the car not finish and spar part not available in AUH they made request from Dubai.
in general very bad service after sall, no knowledge with sales man, the main information and details not given for customer, no body looking for customer after bought the car, no advicer available in the workshop, service manager sitting in his office without taking care for customer complains.
finally, im not interested in my car and looking to sell the car ASAP, Any body ask me about car i will advice him for another modle becauce the problem the dealer management.
still my issue not closed, waiting a call to receive my car and i know nothing change.

12/8/2015 Don't buy a Kia! Your life will be hell
Don't buy a Kia! Your life will be hell. My 2014 Kia has had problems from the beginning. I have had to have the car charged 14 times. When I do to mu car I am never sure it will start or not. My favorite was being caught with a dead car during a snow storm with a response time of 3 hours. It stalls in intersections and while driving which impairs driving. The window, during Winter, decided to go up and down at will. ( they fixed that). I have a premier sound system with mood lights which is nice when it works. Right now, the sound has decided to leave so I am driving around with earphones and an iPhone for music and navigation. Forget about getting a positive response from Kia service. I wrote a scathing review and the manager of Oxmoor Kentucky tried to hard arm me into changing the evaluation. What is Kia? The mafia.

Jan Read More
11/14/2015 Kia - I unknowingly paid for carpeting I didn't want,

I unknowingly paid for carpeting I didn't want, $130 "option" was not on the list but they hid the new car window sticker in the glove box so I didn't get to see it right away.
Then I was told they all came that way !
I wanted mats as I don't drive barefooted.

Then it had no CD player, like all the literature said it did.
I was told they simply didn't update brochures yet.

Then the "military incentive" for $500 they said I didn't qualify for.
I emailed them the next day and proved otherwise.
Dealer admitted the error and would try to take care of it for me.
Back & forth on the phone to the dealer and KIA consumer affairs got nothing but promises and BS.
Still waiting over 3 months later !

Then I had to buy the spare tire, a little over $200

To top it off, I put about $10,000 down on it only to have the first payment deducted 9 days later !
It was supposed to be for the next month !

Total of getting screwed...over $1000 or so.
At this point, I think small claims court is the answer.

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10/24/2015 Regarding KIA's 10 yrs 100,000 miles warranty
regarding 10 yrs 100,000 miles warrant.
09/20/2015. I bought Kia Amanti 2009 Augst under 36 miles new car at delaership at NY. The current milage is around 85,000 miles, caused transmission problem and car had towed at delar mechanic shop. Kia motor corp. does not cover 10yrs warrant 100,000 miles powertrain for my car. Purchased the dealership office was closed and new dealership say, They don't know previous car deal, I think they avoid my case. Now I am contact comsumer dept. they asked initial sales recipt 7 yrs ago. I sent title and finaicial release letter of bank. initial time rhe car applied $5000 factory rebate, I think they have all documents of my car. I am contacting comsumer dept. for solutions.

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