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Kia Roadside Assistance Customer Service Telephone Number and Contact Information. Contac tKia Roadside Assistance Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below. Consumer Assistance Center: 1-800-333-4542

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6/18/2017 Kia Roadside Assistance - we had a flat tire in a Montgomery parking lot on
we had a flat tire in a Montgomery parking lot on saturday evening,i called Kia roadside assistance,they said they could NOT fix a flat on my Kia Soul but would tow it to the nearest dealership and it would be fixed on Monday !
I am 77 years old,a disabled Veteran and they were going to leave my disabled wife and myself in an empty parking lot all night ! I ended up calling my Brother in Law from Griffin Georgia,He drove all the way to Montgomery Alabama,picked us up and drove us back home to Phenix City,Alabama.

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5/12/2017 Kia roadside assistance is a lifesaver. The
Kia roadside assistance is a lifesaver. The companies they sent out were on time and got right to work. I am so happy to have this service available in a time of need,

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4/28/2017 Kia Roadside Assistance - Waited 3 hours for a tow. Was promised the tow
Waited 3 hours for a tow. Was promised the tow would be there in 35 minutes. Called Kia 3 times and got three stories as to why the tow truck did not show up. The first was the tow truck broke down. The second was there was a mix up. The last was we are sending out another tow truck operator. Well the second tow truck operator never showed up. Finally I called AAA who called me back every 15 minutes with a status and showed up 45 minutes when they told me they were going to show up. Very disappointed in the Kia Roadside Assistance Program. The worst customer service experience I have encountered in a long time. I have purchased 3 Kia vehicles in the past. Next time not so sure I will purchase another. Kia Roadside Assistance was worthless. I like Kia, but would laugh in the car salesman's face as a reason to buy a Kia.

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1/25/2017 Kia Roadside Assistance - Got a flat tire and disc diformation. Called to
Got a flat tire and disc diformation. Called to RSA and I was promised to get towing truck in about 40minutes. In 40 minutes I ve got the text message saying that towing truck should be here within 10 minutes. 15 minutes later no one came. I called back and I was told that truck is 15-20 minutes away. But no one shows up in 20 minutes. I called again and again, every time they been telling about another 20 minutes. I had appointments and obviously could not make it anymore. Long story short I stucked with my car for 3 hours!!!!!!!! 3 hours!!!! The dealeraership close at 6, so when I finally got there it was too late to have it fixed the same day. I ended up calling to AAA who came within 15 minutes! As a result my entire day was wasted and not sure how soon I will be able to get my car back from dealership tomorrow. I have guests from another country and they have limited time here and we did not plan to spend our day like this. I am not the one who writes reviews but this nonsense situation made me do it! Why say 20 minutes if you never were going to Show up??? Never ever call them!

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11/28/2016 Kia Roadside Assistance - We recently had a blowout on I-65 in Indiana. We
We recently had a blowout on I-65 in Indiana. We were lucky to get off the road without incident. We were travelling home at the end of a holiday weekend so there was a tremendous amount of traffic. Upon calling Kia Roadside Assistance, we gave all of our info but the agent was not able to find us in the system and kept insisting we needed a 16 digit VIN not a 17 digit VIN. Then she told us that we were in a rental car and to call the rental company. We told her that it was our car. She then proceeded to spend valuable time updating all of our pertinent info while we sat off the road with cars and semis clipping past us at 80+ miles per hour. Then she tried to no avail to use the locating system for both my phone and my husband's even though I told her exactly where we were located using the next exit number. After 40 minutes, I finally screamed at her to get a tow truck out to us as I was afraid we were going to be hit. She actually asked my husband to get out of the car and look at the VIN number on the door to see if it was right. Finally she did call a truck, they were there within 35 minutes, they changed the tire and helped us get out into traffic. I have complained to both KIA customer service and roadside assistance in addition to the survey immediately following our call. I will definitely think twice before buying another KIA as this woman put our lives in danger with her inability to help us in our time of need.

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10/22/2016 Kia Roadside Assistance - I too am shocked! I have had great service from
I too am shocked! I have had great service from Kia and when I needed roadside service in 2015, they were there within an hour and my car was taken straight to Kia where it was fixed immediately (battery leaking). The only reason I gave 4 stars, it just so happens that I needed service again 4 nights ago. Tried calling roadside service and the phone number is disconnected that is in my road service booklet, so I had to call AAA.

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8/4/2016 Kia Roadside Assistance - jwilsonyeah kia's roadside assistance sucks

yeah kia's roadside assistance sucks big time. i was stuck just 30 minutes away from my home bcus i had a flat tire, i call the roadside assistance and the operator said the towing truck will be there in thirty mins. i waited almost 3 hrs. in between the three hours i keep on calling and the operator said i already called him, he should be on his way n this was over 30 minutes. I called again same things let me call him to see if he's almost there, i'm in long beach, ca. so i told the operator where is the towing truck coming from canada, 'cus its been over 3 hrs. Than he finally arrived he said sorry there was a accident on the freeway. bunch of ps. these guys are TERRIBLE......

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7/12/2016 Kia Roadside Assistance - I am truly shocked by the reviews on this site.
I am truly shocked by the reviews on this site. I was extremely happy with my experience. My tire blew and I was stuck on an interstate 300 miles away from home. I called the road assistance number and the rep on the line assured me someone would be to me within a hour. He asked me if I felt safe, or did I want him to call 911 for me. Very courteous and helpful. The tow truck arrived within 30 minutes. Since the rep had sent me a text with the company's name I knew who to expect. The driver was very kind. He drove my Grandson and I to the nearest dealer which was 35 miles away. While driving he gave us a history lesson on the area. Although I wasn't completely happy with the Kia dealer we went to, the roadside assistance was perfect.

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6/16/2016 Kia Roadside Assistance - If you're thinking about buying a Kia because of
If you're thinking about buying a Kia because of the free roadside service, DON'T! Terrible service! It took over two and a half hours before I was in contact with anybody. I had to call Kia roadside assistance four times three times I was promised a text message with a status I never received a text message. I was forced to use my own roadside service and I paid dearly however it was much better than using their flaky service. I'm not sure if it's the Kia underpays there tow trucking services they contract with, they don't pay their bill on time, or that they just contract flaky tow company. Not worth your time.

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4/26/2016 Had to use Kia roadside assistance in Nov 2015 to
Had to use Kia roadside assistance in Nov 2015 to tow car to Kia dealer in Lexington ky, because I lost keyless remote ..the two service towed suv but bent the tire rod underneath. Kia repair guys found it when they tried to move the car to program it for new key. Have been in dispute with insurance company for kia ...been 3-4 months with no resolution. No real effort, in my opinion, by company to resolve claims ( over $ 1900 in damages to vehicle and $ 1400 in car rental reimbursement 45 day for repair. Personal insurance has paid out initial payment of $ 1289 minus deductible but im left having to pay $ 1700 (car rental and deductible ) out of pocket for danage that two service provided by Kia roadside assistance provided. Never again would I use this service.

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2/17/2016 Kia Roadside Assistance - I wish I could give them minus 5 stars. Next time
I wish I could give them minus 5 stars. Next time I have an issue, I will handle it myself. I will look up a tow truck company and contact a Kia dealer. If I am unable to google because of phone signals, then I would be forced to use the roadside assistance from Kia and make sure I have the tow truck's number. I contacted the Road Assist. because my Kia was dead. They told me they contacted a towing company and that I would receive a call informing me of the ETA for the truck. After about 15 min, I received a call that the truck would be there in 25 minutes. OK, that isn't to bad, however, the time came and went. I called them again to ask about the tow truck. I explained to them that I was a female in an unfamiliar area and was getting concerned. I also explained to him that I was about 100 miles from home. His response was "should I call the police or fire department?" "NO, I need a tow truck". I told him the Kia dealer was going to close soon and that I needed to get there to drop it off. He said "don't they have an overnight drop box to drop off the keys?" I asked him what I was suppose to do then? What an idiot. I called the tow truck company myself. They had just been notified of my problem. They were very nice and told me the driver's truck had broke down and he would be there in about 20 min. In the meantime. I was in contact with the Kia dealer where it was to be towed. The service manager said he would wait for me if we were late, which turned out to be a good thing. The Kia dealer was fantastic, the roadservice was *?#&@* Those people were idiots.

To publish this I have to give them an email. Seriously, they will never contact me. They know their roadside asst is crappy, why would they email me?

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12/29/2015 Kia Roadside Assistance - The Road Service team was good, however
The Road Service team was good, however, the companies they were working with sucked "BIG TIME". I had a simple flat tire and ok the weather was bad. But that's why you have road service, RIGHT! Between the number of calls to KIA Road Service and calls to the tow company, it was terrible. And the towing company kept telling lies, you are next and we will be there within the hour, there was an accident and we have to clear accidents before we can take care of road services customers, my other tow truck broke down and the truck that was coming for you had to go get it. WOW!

Well finally a nice young lady named Chantell at Kia road service, got the tow company on the phone and they admitted they couldn't come get me at all! I ended up driving 3 miles to a Kia dealer. A 6.5-hour ordeal.

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