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Kidde manufactures smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and home safety products.

KIDDE USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

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1-800-880-6788Hint Needed Please Comment


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1/11/2017 Kidde - lousy phone service. Been on hold 20 minutes so
lousy phone service. Been on hold 20 minutes so far. Will never buy another Kidde product again.

CarolRead More
1/3/2017 Kidde - terrible telephone support. I have tried four
terrible telephone support. I have tried four different days and finally I got an answer and was immediately disconnected. I'm on hold now for over twenty minutes. When I finally talk to someone they are very accommodating.

papa rRead More
9/8/2016 Kidde - Our local Fire Marshal approves the model c3010-d
Our local Fire Marshal approves the model c3010-d co detector as it can be hardwired. Your specs say nothing regarding hardwiring. Please clarify.

alRead More
1/25/2016 Kidde - When you call 7 times in one day and never get an
When you call 7 times in one day and never get an answer, on hold for over an hour total, something is definitely wrong with this companies Customer Service. The 1st time dealing with them was great as was the Service Rep. Joy. This time, I couldn't get past "all our lines are busy, please hold...". Guess I'll have to try again tomorrow as the new unit they shipped is as defective as was the one replaced. Pathetic.

JimRead More
8/9/2015 Kidde - have a co2 detector that is said to last 10 years,
have a co2 detector that is said to last 10 years, good luck, try 6 years. This is the second one that I am replacing in 2 weeks. I would like to talk to the inspector that said we had to have Kidde alarms.

NRead More
4/3/2015 I recently bought four Kidde smoke alarms, model
I recently bought four Kidde smoke alarms, model i9010. When I push in the button that says "push and hold to test", nothing happens. The same thing for the second alarm I opened. (I have not opened the remaining two.)

Am I supposed to break off the small tabs in the square holes to make the alarm work? Or do I just have defective alarms????

Please respond. Today is Friday, April 3, 2015.

ArthurRead More
1/12/2015 Kidde - I'm another "false alarm" customer who could not
I'm another "false alarm" customer who could not reach support because they have no support on the weekends. My biggest complaint is their shoddy products that are prone to false alarms and the button on the unit that supposedly shuts off the alarm simply does not work... unless you smack it with a hammer... hard. Yes this latest time one of my 2 MONTH old units decided to warm me about the deadly dangers of humidity it met its maker at the end of a hammer. Seriously, I live in Florida. It gets humid. If the product cannot work in this environment then why is the product sold here?

SteveRead More
12/12/2014 Kidde - I was sorry to hear about the aggravation a lot of
I was sorry to hear about the aggravation a lot of people were experiencing in trying to contact Kidde Technical Support. I dialed this number (800-880-6788) about five minutes ago and was immediately greeted by one of their representatives who fully answered the questions I had about my carbon monoxide detector. Perhaps I was just experiencing "beginner's luck". I wish you all the best.


RonRead More
4/18/2014 Kidde non-existent support line - Same problems as everyone here
Same problems as already noted regarding this non-existent support line. Two of our combined smoke / co alarm units started giving the annoying "unit malfunction" beep at the same time. Directions in the manual say to call customer support if that happens (I'm naively thinking maybe they'll replace the units?), which then sends you to the voicebox of ext. 5300. If you try to leave a message for the "busy" person at 5300, a robot says "goodbye" before you can leave one. If you choose the only other option available, you go back to the beginning and start all over again. My guess is, that there is no support here, just something to keep up appearances in the manual. This is ridiculous. If I had the time I'd write consumer affairs.

SteveRead More
4/18/2014 Kidde is chirping and I'm having trouble contacting Kidde
My unit is at the five year mark (although I've only owned it for a year and a half) and began to chirp. I've read that the unit was good for seven years. I've called Kidde customer support (1-800-880-6788) numerous times this week. You are instructed to leave a message but there is no prompt to leave said message. Trying to contact corporate is just as infuriating. I can't comprehend how there is no support for a product that is essential to ones safety.

TrishRead More
2/17/2014 I just tried the Kidde customer product support and they are always busy
I just tried the customer product support telephone number (800-880-6788) 3 or 4 times. Each time I got a message that extension 5300 was busy to leave a message press 1 or for the hot line press 2. I've tried pressing both. When I press 1, I get a message to leave a message followed within a couple of seconds with another message saying thank you and goodbye before I ever had a chance to leave a message. When I press 2, I get the same original message saying extension 5300 is busy, etc. I've had the run-around before, but this is a good example of a call-around that's a run-around. I have to wonder if the people, who designed this customer service line, are the same people who designed the ACA (Affordable Care Act) (affectionately known as Obamacare) web site!!!

DonRead More
2/17/2014 Kidde unit is chirping after 1.5 and I can't reach anyone in customer service
Unbelievable. As another reviewer noted - my unit is only about 1.5 years old and just started the regular "chirping" which should occur at the 7 year mark. Called the 1-800-880-6788 Customer Service Line (ha ha) and you cannot leave a message (it just says "goodbye") or access the Hotline Option. Called Corporate office in NC - closed for President's Day; understandable but I will continue to call until I have some answers and then report them to the Better Business Bureau as this is a matter of my family's safety. How horrible they put out a product to save lives but it's defective? At some point there will be a terrible accident because of the substandard product/customer service and the company will be sued.

Cathy Ankeny, York PARead More
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