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8/18/2014 Kiehl's - I have a product I ordered on 2/25/20l4 and I
I have a product I ordered on 2/25/20l4 and I stopped using and I wish to commence using it
again, but the container describes ingredients but no instructions on how to apply it,
I threw box away if there was one. could I please have the application instructions ?

Mary E. (Betty) DanylakRead More
8/13/2014 Kiehl's - 8-13-2014. Placed an order last week and still
8-13-2014. Placed an order last week and still have not received it. Called customer service requesting a supervisor. The representative's response was "may I help you?". I had already explained to her my problem. A large part of customer service is listening and delivering the customers request. Offering anything other than what was requested by the already angry customer only escalates the anger and causes me to question the companies customer service employee training.

RobertRead More
2/25/2014 Kiehl's - Where can I buy Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque?
Our local newspaper: Star-Telegram fort worth TX published a very nice article about
two of your products. Would like to purchase and get more information but when
I try to sign up for email it goes back to company ad. Is there a company in
Fort Worth, Tx that sells this product?
Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque
the date of newspaper is Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014

BettiyRead More
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