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6/8/2015 Kirklands - while staying at branson landing I visited the
while staying at branson landing I visited the kirklands store.I am handicapped and the store was shoppable with a wheelchair. A very sweet girl named sara helped me. I bought close to 200.00 worth of merchandise. She helped me open a credit card and get this I couldn't reach. Excellent customer service from Sara and her manager.

ChristineRead More
6/27/2014 Kirklands - I went and brought my lamper Berger lamp to make
I went and brought my lamper Berger lamp to make sure to get the right stuff now even with the closed lid I'm going thru bottles in a matter of days my lamp is messed up n I would like it or the wick replaced with a lid to stop evap n the bottles yes bottles I have gone thru in a week this stuff is to expensive n my lamp was a gift I am a retail store manager and know there are ways to make your customers happy. I would like a gift card to replace my items the lady that rung me up is always great the one that helped was ready to clock out. I love your store and want to keep shopping there but I have never felt like such a burden I did not even purchase the 200 picture I was going to cause of this what will be done

Lucia Read More
12/3/2013 Having trouble ordering from Kirklands online
Tried ordering online and it would not allow me to. Keeps saying someone else has my e-mail address.

BrendaRead More
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