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KitchenAid makes countertop appliances to cookware, ranges to refrigerators, and whisks to wine cellars. KitchenAid's most popular appliance is their high end dishwashers.

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1-800-422-1230 Press 3420.


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11/16/2015 KitchenAid - I cant get anyone from this comp[any to respond ..
I cant get anyone from this comp[any to respond ..

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10/2/2015 KitchenAid has the problem of a terrible Odor coming from dishwasher
Wonder if anyone has the problem of a terrible Odor coming from dishwasher especially after it runs. Called kitchen aid they told me they never had this complaint. Reading the booklet, it states that it contains material that in the state of California that can cause cancer. They said there is nothing they can do.

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8/31/2015 KitchenAid wall oven/ microwave unit problems
I had a wall oven/ microwave unit installed new Jan. 2014. It has had the same problem twice, the first one was repaired in the first few months, it lasted about a year, then same problem, that was more than 2 months ago and I still do not have a working unit. The local repair service under contract for Kitchen Aid got the work order 6/12/15. after repeated calls and 2 months time, they said they had the part, they came out, "fixed" it, then said the new part was bad. They did not think it could be fixed, but would contact the company and let me know what they said. Now weeks later they will not answer my calls or texts, I have had absolutely no helpful cooperation nor response from Kitchen Aid customer service in spite of calls and 'surveys' filled out.
I would highly recommend that no one buy a Kitchen Aid appliance and not use their service reps. I have asked for a refund as per service contract, but only get silence. All I want is a human to contact me and honor the service contract I have paid for. I tried to give a less than one star, but settled for the lowest score possible.

Blainette Read More
8/15/2015 KitchenAid - I have had Kitchen Aid appliances around me since
I have had Kitchen Aid appliances around me since I was five...loved all of them. Now I am seventy-five and am very disgusted with their counter top range. I have had four and all cracked and had to be replaced Yes, one was my fault as I tried canning on it. Would you believe after all that ,I still wanted yet another Kitchen Aid? Off to the store we went and the first thing I was told was no longer are they made in white...I also have RA and the touch settings were just I'm out of the Kitchen Aid circle and I have a new Whirlpool which I am not in love with...especially handle sing the knobs with these dysfunctional hands. No one could tell us why each one cracked except to say "it happens". Not good enough. Thanks for reading this.

Joyce Read More
6/3/2015 KitchenAid - I have a KA refrigerator. I ordered a new water
I have a KA refrigerator. I ordered a new water filter which arrived in a timely manner. When I went to install the filter, following the filter change instructions in the owners manual, I was unable to push the button in to release the old filter. I called KA and the lady I talked to was very nice, but was unable to help. She said I could phone for a service person to come to my house. When I went to put the cap back on the filter access I discovered one of the catches on the inside was broken. I was unable to reinstall it. I then tried to remove the grill at the bottom of the refrigerator and was unable to even though I followed the instructions in the owners manual. I will never buy another KA product based on my experienced and the issues others have had. I should have heeded their advice. I will advise everyone I know or who may ask me about KA products, and of the problems I experienced.

Ken Read More
1/14/2015 KitchenAid - I purchased a Kitchen Aid mixer with a $50. rebate
I purchased a Kitchen Aid mixer with a $50. rebate offer and completed the form and sent in all the info they asked for. One of the things they wanted was the proof of purchase from the side of the box. I did that and cut the proof of purchase code just underneath the model number. The for asked for the serial number to be written in a box in the middle of the form which I did. I was denied the rebate because I didn't include the serial number on the proof of purchase from the side of the box. They did not say that is what they wanted. They have my receipt, my proof of purchase and the form. When I called I was told they could see all of that was there but since I cut just below the model number and didn't cut beneath the serial number they couldn't give me the rebate.

Ethel Sikes Read More
12/6/2014 KitchenAid - I can't even begin to state how unhappy I am about
I can't even begin to state how unhappy I am about your Kitchenaid dishwasher. I purchased this two years ago and have had nothing but trouble with it. I have put in two upper racks, a new soap dispenser and now that I have just gotten the rack fixed once again the water pump is going out. I have paid for all the repairs on this except the first incident with the rack as it broke down while still on warranty. I called customer service to discuss a compromise with Kitchenaid on how the pump should be fixed but was met with "we can do nothing about this and we are sorry". Well so am I that I even bought the product. Every appliance in my home is Kitchenaid but as they breakdown I will not buy another. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I will be sure to let everyone I know including all my Facebook friends about how this product worked and how Kitchenaid responded. I will encourage them to never buy a Kitchenaid product. I work in an industry where customer service is highly rated and after reading all of the comments above have determined that Kitchenaid doesn't feel that this is important to them. That is sad.

Alice Read More
12/3/2014 We purchased a new KitchenAid stove model
We purchased a new KitchenAid stove model KGSS907SSS03. We decided to replace the old one KitchenAid as well we had for 5-6 years.
Over these 5-6 years we changed computer and oven's thermostat about 3-4 times. My wife like's to cook and bake, therefore the OVEN is a very important for her. When we purchased the new stove she was looking for reliable stove and model KGSS907SSS03 was recommended by the store owner.
What a disappointment she had when after the first time she used oven the stove display lit-up with the error cod F3E3, this happened 10 days after we got the stove. I called KitchenAid customer service the number provided in manual and was given an appointment with the local company that has a service contract with KitchenAid. The day before my appointment I called this service company " Superior Appliance" in Brooklyn NY to make sure mechanic is coming and described the issue "error cod F3E3", so mechanic knows what part is required. Next day I stayed home just and around noon got a call from mechanic, to my surprise he had no idea about the issue with my stove and the error cod. When I described again the issue he just informed me that there might be an issue with thermostat and computer. I just couldn't believe " I stepped on the same rake twice".
However mechanic reassured me that he will order the part and in the few days will replace it when it arrives. I couldn't take another day and therefore ask for appointment next week. He said no problem.
This was a eight days ago, today I called to make sure the part is in place and to make an appointment for service. The lady on the phone was very polite and informed me that part has been on the back order. I was very upset and asked when the part scheduled for arrival and she told me she has no idea, but will call manufacturer and will call me back. She called back and informed me that it might take another week for the part.
So here is what I learned:
The manufacturer never changed/modified stove's design and the same issue with thermostat and computer happen after baking or self cleaning
I have suspicions that part was never ordered before and therefore it was not ready after a week, or the manufacturer so much issues with this model that has a large backorder for the part that in the big demand.

In the mean time we are down for more than $2,000 and have to stove.

Does any one knows if this company has any recalls on their equipment like the car manufacturers have on the cars with known defects. The second question - does anyone go through same issue now or in the resent past and what was the outcome?

Ben Read More
10/27/2014 Just purchased a KitchenAid wok from Costco Canada
Just purchased a KitchenAid wok from Costco Canada in Port Coquitlam, BC. It is advertised as being compatible with all cooktops, including induction. It does not work on my new Samsung induction stove. Will have to return it. So disappointed. Oct. 27/14

Sherry Read More
7/1/2014 KitchenAid - "We are experiencing higher than usual call
"We are experiencing higher than usual call volume! " BS! This is THE WORST customer service , no matter what company one uses to compare! The Kitchenaid range was expensive and I get no response from the service department and the people at Sears are kept in the dark too. They can't decipher the error codes any better than
Does anyone at corporate give a damn? Where is "Undercover Boss" when one is needed?

Stan Read More
5/28/2014 KitchenAid - What junk!!!!!!!! Purchased over a year ago.
What junk!!!!!!!! Purchased over a year ago. Absolutely the worst appliance's I have ever purchased. Buyer beware I don't care what price is. I hope every takes notice. This is way our Country is in the shape it is because nobody wants to take responsibility for there product. I just gave a 38 year old GE refrigerator away. Consumer you better be really careful buying any of there products. Junk,junk,junk. They send extended warranty information 3 times a month. What does that tell ya.

Doug Read More
5/1/2014 Whatever you do, DO NOT PURCHASE KITCHENAID
Whatever you do, DO NOT PURCHASE KITCHENAID APPLIANCES!! The company does not stand behind their products. We have one of their high end ovens, and when I try to use the self cleaning function, it completely breaks down. I have tried to appeal to them for help, feeling like a have a "lemon", but am told "There is nothing we can do." As far as I'm concerned, it is garbage!!! and what makes it garbage, is the company behind it.

Meg Read More
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