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The principals of have been in the kitchen and home trade for more than 30 years. Time and experience has allowed them to select some of the finest quality merchandise from top manufacturers around the world.

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1-800-667-8721Hint Needed - Please Comment


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2/10/2011 (AOIFE Co. LLC) - my experience on an under sink trash can was just
my experience on an under sink trash can was just as bad. I did receive it; returned the item the next day, but then they refused to accept it because I had openned it. Wow, these folks are rip off artists. Better always to go directly to the manufacturer if possible, or at least one with a back office!

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3/15/2010 (AOIFE Co. LLC) - The customer service at this company is very poor.
The customer service at this company is very poor. I ordered a medicine cabinet on 3-6-10 online and followed the tracking and discovered at about 8:30am on 3-11-10 they delivered the medicine cabinet to a completely different state! I called and talked to a Jess (who apparently is new) around 8:30 that morning and told him that they are shipping to wrong address. He would get back to me. I didn't hear and called back around 1:00pm and he didn't know and then just checked he said yes they did deliver it to wrong address and that a new one was being shipped that day to me. He would email me the tracking number. I call the next morning and talk to Jess who gets off the line and never comes back. I wait a few hours and no call back from him. He has my phone# and email address. I call back and lmtc for his supervisor, Arlene, since she and anyone else who is supervisor is out to lunch. I wait and give her plenty of time to call back. I call again and finally get her and she said she had been too busy to call back, been on the phone. Any way she promises me that I will get a call back by 4:30pm that day on what is going on this this account, she wants to have Jess call me and I say "hey three strikes and your out with Jess. She then says she will have a Sherica call me. No one calls back that day. I call this morning to get Arlene's boss after calling the sales line and they want to send me to Arlene and I say no I want to talk to her boss. Then the sales agent sends me to Arlene's ext 202. I call back the sales phone number and Arlene answers. I told her I am done talking with her and I want to talk to her boss. Arlene likes to talk over the customer. She tells me an email has been sent to me this morning. I explain no email has been received in my inbox or junk box. Then she says she just sent it again. I insist that I talk to her boss. She explains no one in and makes a response inferring I am too difficult. I then get a voicemail box for a Kevin Gleeson and lmtc. I then check my email again and yes I now get an email from Arlene with an attachment of my review of their services I posted that weekend indicating poor customer service. I think she wants to let me know that she knows I am a complainer. I check online for Kevin and he likes to travel so it is likely he really is not around and the mice play while the cat is away at Kitchen Source. I then contract Broan and they can not pull up my order so Kitchen Source must use another name or distributer to ship out. I ask them for the name of a reputable retailer they work with. They give me Warehouse Depot at 1800-868-8663. I talk with them and they say they sell the same medicine cabinets and they are a high volume account. I ask for price and their price is 57.00 less than Kitchen Source. I ask for shipping info and find out they do not use Fedex for shipping something like that with so much mirror. They ship it by freight since they found that 90% of the time Fedex will deliver it damaged. They quote me a shipping fee of 130.00. Right now I am concerned that not only have they messed up this order but they want me to wait for a broken unit and then have to deal with the return with these idiots. I will also note that they post on for this unit 255048 and they have not allowed reviews to be posted. There must be a reason. Also I tried to post a review on their site and Arlene has most likely prevented it. Any reviews for this unit is suspiciously positive. I would not recommend this company.I googled Kevin Gleeson and it is very likely he maybe out traveling it looks like he took over this company from his parents. He also has other ventures where they teach others how to market online. Such things as search tunnels which they collect information on your computer to see where you just searched before you come to their site and then also track who else you checked out after leaving their site. Well what a snoopy company! I just received a call from Jessie and I am being told that Fedex messed up and the unit is on it's way to me but no tracking info at this time. He says if it arrives that if it is broken they will refund me my money no problem.Day three and still no new tracking info and just have to take their word for it.

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