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Kmart offers discounted prices on home goods, tvs, toys and even groceries. Kmart is owned by the Sears Holdings Corporation.

KMART USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60179

Phone Number

1-866-562-7848Press 12.


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9/2/2016 Kmart - Does anyone know the customer service number for
Does anyone know the customer service number for Kmart - the one I have 1-800-443-2526 is no longer in service??? 30 days later and I have yet to receive my refund....and now I can't even call them!!

Kim KRead More
6/28/2016 Kmart - I purchased a 80' garden hose that had a 7 year
I purchased a 80' garden hose that had a 7 year warranty 2 years ago. It had has been stored in my basement until this past weekend, when I started to used it the hose expanded (swelled) up like it going to burst. I called the Kmart in Mt Airy, N.C. where I purchased it and told the guy in the Garden Center what had happen. I told him that I had no receipt or package, he told me to bring it over and he would replace it. I made a 50 mile round trip today and let the manager tell me that she would not help me at all, all she would say I need receipt. She would not trying to help me at all, and she was not a bit pleasant at all. I told her that Kmart is going to lose customers with the attiuide of not trying to help the customer knowing that the customer was in the right, but just didn't have the receipt.

WadeRead More
5/22/2016 went to kmart today to pick up my 5 prescriptions,
went to kmart today to pick up my 5 prescriptions, which i should have been rewarded 10 thousand points for, however i did not receive due to associate ringing me up wrong. I tried to get this resolved in store and also called shop your way when we got home, both telling me they could not do anything. So now i lose out on using my surprise points expiring tomorrow and also 10.00 in regular points. i am very dissatisfied with how everything transpired today as i need my hisband with me when shopping. now it seems i have to take back my medicine and have them refund and redo my transaction which is almost an hour away

dianiaRead More
4/13/2016 Kmart - Tried to make return,had wrong slip,i guess,said
Tried to make return,had wrong slip,i guess,said over a month,no good,must have lost slip,what can i do??no help//wanted to swap or ??did not expect cash there a lot,but am home bound most of time,no ride.much too big,have lost weight ,because of illness. any help ??pay cash sometimes also??

mary morinRead More
3/3/2016 Kmart - I purchased a top Basic Editions after Christmas.
I purchased a top Basic Editions after Christmas. Just got to try it on and the sleeves are so tight
I cannot wear it.
When I compared it to the same top in another color it fits fine. I think it was either mismarked
or it is defective.
I returned to the store and they will not take back holiday items. It is not the holiday in any way.
Just a burgundy velour top.
I did get it on sale but is it my fault it is defective?
The rule should not apply in this case.

RoseRead More
2/17/2016 Kmart placed order and 17 days later it still has not arrived
placed order on Feb. 1st, all that it was, was a 3-piece bath mat rug set and as of this that I am writing this, Fe. 17th I still have not received this item, how difficult is it to ship?? I have received many pictures, a bistro set, nightstands ahead of their delivery date but 17 days later I still have not received something I believe should be very easy to deliver! come on people, I have been very happy with your service up until now!!! 17 DAYS for a bath mat rug set, PLEASE!! I was planning future purchases but now, not so sure!! I realize things happen but this is a bit much and I have received no emails if there was a problem! I just want what I paid for!

DanielRead More
12/31/2015 Kmart order how do I get tracking?
Kmart order ring supposed to be delivered today
Order 957868464 need to track

Larry GriffinRead More
12/18/2015 I made a purchase on 11/27/15 NEVER received a confirmation email from Kmart
I made a purchase on 11/27/15 NEVER received a confirmation email, or an email saying my order was ready for pickup, or even an email saying my order was being returned to the warehouse since it was unclaimed. When I checked my bank account I noticed the charge from KMART so I went into the store (Which is like 45-50 minutes away from my house) only to be told it was no longer in store and that I was going to be this day 12/18, I still have NOT been refunded. I keep getting told by the store to call and they ( tells me to call the store. NOONE seems to know where my money is at!!! yet, they were quick to charge my account!!!!!
Now I remember why I never shop at Kmart!!!!
All I have to say is, if I don't get my refund soon, I will be getting much more from a LAWSUIT!!!!!

MariaRead More
12/16/2015 I recently went to the Kmart in Feasterville, PA.
I recently went to the Kmart in Feasterville, PA. It is the only Kmart near me since the other one closed down. I had placed some items on layaway the week before and went back to get them Sunday. I picked up my layaway which I was told I couldn't use the surprise points on my account. Then I purchased another 160.00 worth of items. I forgot to mention the points to the cashier but she directed me to the customer service desk. I went over there and a heavy set guy was there. I explained that I forgot to ask about my surprise points when I rang up my items. This guy rudely tells me, "If I want to return all my items and then go through the store and repurchase each one he can do the points on my account. I ask him why he cannot just do the price adjustment and this dumb a** tells me, "Just because you are showing me a receipt doesn't mean I have to give you credit for your points or that the purchases were even made here." So not only is this guy dumb, he is extremely ignorant as well. I ask him his name, 4 times and what his job is there and after the 4th time he tells me he is the manager and his name is Anthony. I let Anthony the manager know how foolish he sounds and how dumb the whole interaction is and what he is saying makes zero sense and instead of him just trying to resolve the issue, he gets loud and starts being obnoxious. Other customers are now listening to his rude behavior and one tells him to shut his blusterous mouth.
In this day and age when people want jobs, why does this company keep crappy employees like Anthony around? On top of that, it turns out Anthony isn't even the manager. Some other nut bag named Steve is who agrees with his employee and thinks we should have to go back and rebuy every single item to get the discounts we have earned from shopping at this store. Shouldn't employees have to ask if you would like to enter your phone number or rewards cards in the first place and shouldn't they then ask if you want to use the points? Seems customer service doesn't come in the top 10 things you get at Kmart

ChariRead More
12/16/2015 Ordered from Kmart and I did not receive it

LISERead More
12/14/2015 Kmart - I place an order on 11/08/15. And still havent received it.
I place an order on 11/08/15. And still haven't received it. I received all the other items except 2 of them that I need for Christmas. I just called cust serv and said package was lost or they no longer had it in stock. What a shame, they could have notified me after a whole month. So now I had to cancel those items and got a refund but now I have to buy 2 more things.

LopgeiRead More
12/9/2015 I placed an order on 12/6/2015 for a toy at Kmart
I placed an order on 12/6/2015 for a toy I could find no where else. They said it was in stock and I ordered it for a Birthday gift. I paid the extra $12.74 for 2 day delivery which met I should receive it on 12/8 or even 12/9. (the comment on the order said 12/8) It is now 12/9, no merchandise, and the web site is no help. They have standard answers that are pre planned, there is NO customer service phone number anywhere!!! This is totally annoying and POOR customer service. So now they have my money, my extra money for the fast delivery, and I have no merchandise. I did receive the email today for tracking but it said I have to wait 24 hours to do this. I have a 7yr olds Birthday to go to with no gift. So now I have to try and find it somewhere else and buy it again to only have to go to KMART and return this one if it every comes. This is unacceptable for a major company and I can now see why they are struggling. Wish I would have checked here before ordering.

JillRead More
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