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Knology offers over 200 channels of digital cable TV, local and long distance digital telephone service and high-speed Internet access.

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10/27/2015 Knology - WE are annoyed with the loud, buzzing noise that
WE are annoyed with the loud, buzzing noise that is coming into our TV, day or night, from the National Weather Service with a bulletin. Have yet to read anything impt on this annoying sound. How much longer are we going to have to endure this?

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9/1/2013 Knology customer service review - September 2, 2013
I have called and called knology but had to go to my daughter's house to use her phone to call them. I have had problem's with my phone and computer for over 3 to 4 wk's. or longer. They have come out here Twice, got the phone's going and maybe for a day or two.Today on 09/01/13 I had called a friend and maybe talked a few minute's and I could hear her but she couldn't hear me, now I have no phone service again. Last week, there was a white truck across the street on the power line's and no name on the truck, didn't know why there where up or what they were doing??? I had told knology about this and wanted them to go up on the power line's and check it and of course they said that it was probably coming form with in my house???? Ha, what a joke I live by myself and I'm 63 yrs.old, I had told them that over and over and I really don't think they care. I had them to document my call's... Because of some of my appt's. that I had made I had to drive to those places to let them know that I have no phones service.I'm paying for a service that I can't even use, have been going round and round with them, I'M SICK OF IT,ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,WE ALL NEED TO TAKE A STAND ON THIS ISSUE!!!!

terry Read More
5/2/2012 Knology - I have treid to rectify a situation cencerning my
I have treid to rectify a situation cencerning my account with customer sevrices reps on the phone. I've been denied to talk with a Supervisor several times, in which is illegal. I last was told by a rep that a supervisor name Stephanie would call me in a few minutes and hour later and still no call. This company has a bunch of liars working for them and think they can treat thier customer base any way the want to. I for one am going to report them to the FCC,Better Business Bureau and the local County Aurthorities. They are a dispecable company. If any one else has this problem conatct the above entities and report them also. It's time big business starts respecting thier customer base. And if the Corperate big wigs get wind of this they can call me at. I will also consult with an Attornery about legal action per se a lawsuit.

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8/23/2011 Knology - I couldn't agree more with the "Caring" aspect of
I couldn't agree more with the "Caring" aspect of the company. I am a single mother of 5 children, 3 of which arent mine. All I have asked is for an extra 2 days to pay my bill, and they wont do it. Like it would really make or break them. The only time they care is if the customer has a multitude of money. If you're barely making it, they could care less. I dont care whether they are a Contract Based company or not, they do false advertising with their customer service slogans.

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5/9/2011 Repeated attempts to get knology to repair their
Repeated attempts to get knology to repair their cables are usually unanswered. We get "we will make an appointment and have someone come to your house" usually many days later. I don't need some one to have an appointment. I need someone to fix their cable. We are tornado victims. We have been without cable for almost 2 weeks. I haven't seen a Knology repair truck anywhere. here are 2 cables on the poles behind our house. One is knology and the other is Charter. Charter's cable is up but no sign of Knology's presence.

This hapened before when we lost service. A representative made an appointment for a week or so hince. My next door neighbor got mad and told them where the problem usually is , a repeater on Elkins Road. Sure enough, that's what it was. They said the board was fried by lightening. This lesson is unlearned.

Knology bought PCL in our area, an excellent provider. We could contact them day or night. A repair truck would arrive in an hour. Since we got Knology, service has been awful.

I don't want to hear how Knology cares. They don't.

William Read More
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