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12/4/2013 Kogan Worst service I've ever had.
Worst service I've ever had. First product was a 4 in 1 air conditioner paid for on the 20th of Nov 2013 on my credit card. ( Said would be dispatched within 3-7 days - what garbage!) It's now the 4th of Dec & they have emailed me twice after me sending about 10 emails, saying I should be contacted shortly when it has been dispatched & still no air conditioner. They simply do not reply to your concerns
Unfortunately I also made 2 other orders ( believing what was on their website with turnaround times), each order including a camera. After accepting my order, 3 days later they then email me to say they are out of stock. They give you an option to get your money back by replying to their email. That was 2 days ago. 10 emails later & still no response. How can you deal with a company that treats their customers like that. I just don't get it! I have order Airconditioning unit, 2 camera's, tripod stand, 2 memory cards, luggage electric scales & toothbrush replacements ( 9 in a pack) So far they have confirmed my $9 order of toothbrush heads are on their way. The other $2,000AUD - WHO KNOWS! Does anyone know what I may do legally? I'm sure they're not dumb enough to have not covered this. What they don't get is the damage someone like me when they get their back up, can cause them. (koganripoff)

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10/22/2013 have been trying to get a response from Kogan on a
have been trying to get a response from Kogan on a warranty issue, so far response has been extremely bad, had one comment from someone called james from kogan, took over one week to get this response, try this ETC. then get back to us , since then i have replied multiple times and asked for a response only to get none at all, have been trying for three weeks.
have tried there phone number which is 1300304292, only to get the response that there office is closed, at any time i ring up, told by answering service that office hours are from 9.00am to 5.00pm mon- sat. what a crock, after they sell you something they don't want to know you, would not deal with them again

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