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10/18/2016 Kohls Credit - hi it is deceptive to charge a
it is deceptive to charge a tax
to purchase an item on line with kohls.com
the information should also be clearly
inicated that there is always a shipping charge
because the item is never available at the local
kohls wharehouse . i will report these violations
to the state attorney general in my state of mass . usa

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1/23/2016 Kohls Credit - Have purchased from Kohl's for a long time and
Have purchased from Kohl's for a long time and have been satisfied with their products. However , my husband and I went to Lake Wales store in Florida to purchase new shirts. The brand was Croft & Barrows which normally is a reliable brand. All of the shirts we purchased was sized wrong , it was also the poorest quality I've ever bought at Kohl's.

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1/14/2016 Kohls Credit - Very displeased at their bill payment department
Very displeased at their bill payment department as well as how they honor their kohl's bucks that you earn. I never received them from my last order and it took me over 30 minutes to pay my bill. They had the nerve to try to charge me for paying it through their automated service when it wasn't working and I got a person on the phone. I will be done with this company as soon as this credit card is paid off. It is not worth their kohl's bucks it is all a scam.

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12/7/2015 Kohls Credit - Kohls Thank you for your great customer service
We tried buying the item on the Kohls at 1059 store. We were not able to purchase so we call Kohl.com and purchase it with Kohls Rep. When finish we were granted $105 Kohls cash. They key in the wrong email address and the Khols cash never arrive. When to call back days later, they gave us a barcode number to present when purchasing at the store. When purchasing several items at the store, bar code needed pin number as well. Associate at the register did not honor bar code, due to not having a pin number. I call Khol.com and Gentleman Gee (DC3 department) was very helpful. He explains to associate Nydia how to honor bar code. At first she was the one suggesting to call Khol.com, then when asked to talk to them, she did not want to talk to him, she hesitated to assist us. On the other phone, Mr Gee was very attentive and I thank him for assisting. He said something that really made us feel at ease. He said that's what he does, assist Kohl's customers and no thank you was needed. He said that was his job. The whole transaction took about 1 hour to check out. Finally, we were given credit by Mgr. overriding and doing it manually. I feel this action would have saved us a lot of stress, time, and disappointment. For what it's worth, Khol.com Rep Mr G gets a big sincere thank you. You are by far the greatest customer service person that I had experience. Mr. has top them all.. He gets an A+++ rating. thanks you.

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10/7/2015 Kohls Credit - Disappointed that when using the 10 20 or 30 percent off coupons that there are now limitations
I'm very disappointed that when using the 10 20 or 30 percent off coupons that there are now limitations. I bought Nike sneakers today and could not use the 10 coupon that was online for a shoe purchase nor could I get
20 percent off them. Kohls never limited what you could use the coupon on before and now you are just like any other retailer. Read the fine print at the bottom because that coupon you have now has a lot of exclusions. Also, I have the yes2 you reward card and that seems to be useless as well. I haven't seen any benefit in using that. Just another gimmick??!! I liked shopping at kohls because I never got a hassle. Now it seems there is something excluded every time I go. Also, you don't accept kohls cash when it's expired anymore. I can't always get back within the time frame to use it and have lost out on over $60 because it had expired. Before it was never a problem to use expired kohls cash. Another disappointment.

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6/4/2015 Kohls Credit - this bs I brought a pair of Nike High top
this bs I brought a pair of Nike High top basketball shoes from kohl's online in April and now a month later the soul is breaking away from the shoe I called and talked to customer service. I was told that I would have to go to the close's store kohl store which over a hundred miles away I will spend more in gas just to take them back. and to top it all off the store I would have to go doesn't have my size. so tell me what good is this.

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1/23/2015 Kohls Credit - Having recently returned from being outside the
Having recently returned from being outside the Country, I came home to vandalism which stole all my credit cards, license and a host of other identification pieces. One of which was my Kohls card. I did cancel it but wait on it's replacement. Today I went to Kohls to return a sweater and do some shopping. Although when I reported the card stolen, I wanted to make sure at Customer Service that I had the identification to not only return the sweater and do some shopping. I do all my men's cloth shopping @ Kohls by the way. At any rate, TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY TO SHOP AT KOHLS STORE 0656!!! There were two ladies in Customer Service, Sonia & Joanne that really made my day with their smiles, courtesy and professionalism. Took all worries away from the
loss I experienced returning home. Then, at the cash register, the gal, Tiara, with her smile and light heartedness was a blessing to cap off my shopping.
I don't know what's going on at Kohl's these days with regard to your employee's, but everywhere I turned, even throughout the store, it was the experience I needed to have to lighten up my day!!!!! There was even a gal, dang I wish I got her name, that I asked if she could give me her opinion on a sport coat I was looking at. Icing on the cake one might say!
Thank you, and without question, I needed to be at Kohl's today in more ways than one~!!!

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9/4/2014 Kohls Credit - I. Love the kohl's in my neighbourhood which is
I. Love the kohl's in my neighbourhood which is Plainfield Il . I hate writing reviews but since the associate who helped me Julian went out of her way to help me I thought I should mention how each person working in a place can make you come back to store over and over again The manager tom is very pleasant person and helps the customer in anyway possible .If anyone lives in Naperville area or Bolingbrook area should check out this kohls as it has the best customer service.

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8/19/2014 Kohls Credit - Kohls has the most unfriendly bill paying
Kohls has the most unfriendly bill paying online of any company i have ever dealt with. I actually cannot pay my bill because it is so impossible…..I wish they would change the website!

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6/14/2014 Kohls Credit - your gentleman representative " novoa " at your
your gentleman representative " novoa " at your customer service call center was very supportive / professional in resolving the processing of our timely important order ....I reported the positive experience to his mgr. / supervisor ...

with that kind of support we will continue to use kohl's to provide us execution of our many developing project requirements .... MILTON S. RUBIN PRESIDENT - WWW.TRAININGENVIRONMENT.COM " WORLDWIDE "

6/10/2014 Kohls Credit - I bought an item with a 30% coupon, when I took it
I bought an item with a 30% coupon, when I took it back I noticed that they had not given me my complete refund. No Kohl's cash was used just a coupon....they shorted my refund by the 30% again. I called customer service and was told this was their policy. I ask for paper statements and cancelled my card....I have never received a statement have no way of paying off my bill and the store will not help. This needless to say is very BAD for my credit.



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5/29/2014 Kohls Credit - Assessed a late fee from Kohl's for what?
Was just told by billing that I was assessed a late fee because I made a purchase on 5-15 and because that was the end of the billing cycle, it was late as soon as I made the purchase! They refused to put a supervisor on the phone. I could not get anyone who spoke clear English. I have been a Kohls scums timer for 10 years. Not anymore!

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