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Kraft makes delicious foods you can feel good about. Whether watching your weight or preparing to celebrate, grabbing a quick bite or sitting down to family night, we pour our hearts into creating foods that are wholesome and delicious.

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7/4/2017 Kraft - Thanks for adding the cage free whole eggs to my
Thanks for adding the cage free whole eggs to my favorite Olive Oil Mayo.

Karen Read More
6/8/2017 Kraft - I am on Weight Watchers and look forward each day
I am on Weight Watchers and look forward each day to my treat of sugar free chocolate fudge pudding. Tonight when I went to make some I had two different boxes where the packet inside was not sealed. The first one went all over the floor. I was leery opening the second one because it was my only other box. I wasn't about to sweep the powder from the first box off the floor and make it. Yuck! Fortunately I kept the powder from the second one in the box so was able to use it. Since both boxes had the same problem I wanted you to know in case you have a malfunctioning machine or something. This was the first and only time I have been disappointed with any Jello product.

Tricia Read More
5/26/2017 Kraft - Crystal Light PURE Lemonade. Tasteless - like the
Crystal Light PURE Lemonade. Tasteless - like the lemon just waved at it passing by. More expensive - 5 pitcher packs vs. 6 made with the fake sugar. Taste testers must not have tasted. Two packages go in the next food drive.

Lon Read More
4/26/2017 Kraft - please send me the coutomer care number
please send me the coutomer care number

Mukesh Mukar Chauhan Read More
4/25/2017 Kraft - 4-25-17: I saw a recipe on Huffington Post today
4-25-17: I saw a recipe on Huffington Post today offered by Kraft, for "Watergate Salad," and I thought, "who in the world would name something associated with the Watergate scandal?" And so I looked at it. It's absolutely disgusting, nothing but mixing up industrial food-like substances: sugar, colorings, sweeteners, flavorings, hydrogenated fat, gelatin, stabilizers... not a single real, whole-food, nutritious ingredient in it... and then Kraft has the chutzpah, after people develop morbid obesity and diabetes from living on a bad diet including their industrial substances, to offer diabetes help at the bottom of the page? No one should be eating c*** like this! Foods like yours are part of the reason why seventy percent of adults are morbidly obese, and why a fourth of our kids are, too. These are the first generation of kids that won't outlive their parents. Nothing but lab products, nothing real or nutritious.

Everyone reading this: go to your library and check out a book called "SALT, SUGAR, FAT: HOW THE FOOD INDUSTRY GOT US HOOKED" by Moss. These people KNOW they're making you sick, and KNOW they cannot manufacture pseudo-foods without these cheap, fake ingredients which preserve shelf life forever, make them brown or crunchy or pretty, mask their bitterness, their unavoidable off-flavors and so on. They hire expensive labs that research taste, smell, consistency, appearance, things like the "bliss point," to attract and hook you, while cutting into their profit margin as little as possible.

They know what they're doing and have no right posturing that they care about your health, covering their butts with legalese and quoting freedom of choice, when they're among the companies who have insidiously made so many people sick. Don't fall for it, they're not really even trying to lock the barn door after the horse has been stolen. They're just giving lip service to look caring and benign. They occasionally respond to consumer presaure by modifying their product (Want less fat? Add sugar instead. Want less sugar? Add fat and synthetic sweeteners instead) but usually add other ingredients that're just as bad. It's still JUNK FOOD, people. Empty calories, sometimes with harmful chemicals that aren't even GRAS (generally recognized as safe). Or they hide behind the FDA, which basically accepts the skewed lab results of private labs that the manufacturers themselves hire. Sort of like the fox guarding the henhouse, dontcha think?

Disgusting recipe... disgusting greed. It's up to us to inform ourselves: there are lots of cheap foods out there that are whole and healthy, that don't take much time to prep. You can either take the time now to cook food, or take the time later to see doctors and treat your heart disease and diabetes. The first way is cheaper. Send Kraft a message, by using your fork and your wallet to vote, that's all they really care about!

Kraft ought to be ashamed of the harm they do, but industries like this have no conscience with which to feel badly. They only respond to consumer pressure of the almighty dollar. Many of these businesses have secretly met and discussed these issues. No one wants to be the first to modify an addictive flavor for the sake of health, if the others reduse to also change at the same time. And real ingredients would cut into their profit margin. Pure unconscionable greed under the guise of freedom of business, plus political lobbying to prevent legislation.

Mary Read More
4/4/2017 Kraft - For a company as large as yours and with SOOOOO
For a company as large as yours and with SOOOOO many products, many being right here in my home, it is a damm shame that you put out all of these lame phone numbers of which NONE of them works!!!! I don't know why people purchase your products and can't even get someone who cares to cover the phones.. Believe me if I lived near your address you would see my face planted up beside yours to get some answers on products. I have here 4 different phone #s from 4 different products all of which do not work. OFFICE IS CLOSED, is all you get . You should be ashamed. I DO NOT WANT RECIPES, I WANT INFORMATION. Wise up, have working product phone lines.

Sandi Read More
3/5/2017 Kraft - Used a 29 April 2017 dated Macaroni and Cheese
Used a 29 April 2017 dated Macaroni and Cheese from a bulk pack. (S21 01:22) After I had added other ingredients to it to make a cassarole, I went to flatten the box for recycling and was totally sickened by what was at the bottom of the box. There was some sort of web with eggs. Needless to say, I had to throw away the entire meal. I would like to be able to forward pictures to you.

Allison Read More
1/27/2017 My 12-year-old grandson always wanted the Kraft
My 12-year-old grandson always wanted the Kraft microwavable Macaroni cheese dinner when he got home from school. This product has the pack of powdered cheese that is added after microwaving. He absolutely loved this product so we always kept a good supply on hand. Kraft has obviously changed the cheese in the package. As I said my grandson loved this product but within the last month, he takes one bite and actually spits it out. We had 3 cartons containing 12 packages in each so we tried a container from each box with the same results. Occasionally I would eat this product so I tasted the product that my grandson could not eat. I could definitely tell that the cheese was not the same. So now here we are with 3 open boxes still containing 11 packages each and I am sure can not be returned to the store. This is my first communication ever to a food manufacturer but felt it necessary as we use many Kraft/Heinz products. Product Container shows BEST USED BY 20 MAY 2017 531 03:29

Jim Read More
1/10/2017 Kraft - Your ad for Velveeta cheese with the two "tramps"
Your ad for Velveeta cheese with the two "tramps" and a fire in the isle of a store is not going to increase sales! It is a turn-off. Please don't insult the viewers intelligence, as it was a little farfetched and a little on the side of ridiculous.

Roger Read More
12/7/2016 Kraft - Hi bought a Planters 2lb 2.5 oz container of
Hi bought a Planters 2lb 2.5 oz container of Planters Honey Roasted peanuts.
There was a quarter size or bigger of a brown bag stuck to some peanuts.
Not happy!!! Where is your quality control. This product should be recalled.

SKL # 04050028403400

I can also send you the pic if you need it!!!!

Joy Read More
8/17/2016 I open box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with the
I open box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with the
best used date "25 OCT 2016, S22 05:19"
and it had several bugs in the macaroni, the cheese
pack was still sealed

tasha Read More
8/15/2016 Kraft - we are consumers of your Cool-Whip products and
we are consumers of your Cool-Whip products and spend a considerable anount of money on this product. Several of our local stores would occasionally run an ad for the purchase price of 99 cents each (8oz) and we would buy several containers and stock up. However, in the past few months we have not seen this price for it and it sells for $1.89 and up which is quite a difference. Is there a shortage of it or what would be the reason for it? We have tried other brands and were not satisfied like we are with your Cool whip. Thank you for giving this your attention, Sincerely, Dolores Attenboro

Dolores Read More
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