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Kraft Foods UK Ltd Head Office Headquarters
St George's House
Bayshill Road
GL50 3AE

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01242 236101Review and Hint Needed


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7/31/2014 Kraft UK - I bought a Chomp Bar priced 20p from Martins
I bought a Chomp Bar priced 20p from Martins Newsagents at Borras Shops Wrexham North Wales on Tuesday 29/07/14. The chocolate bar was a treat for my grandson to have after his meal. On opening it, we found the chocolate to be white and stale looking. The sell by date was 27/08/14 so it should have still been ok to eat, though looks anything but edible. You can imagine my grandson's disappointment at having no treat!!

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3/21/2014 Kraft UK - What Kraft chocolates are suitable for vegetarians?

please can you email me a list of all your chocolates that are suitable for vegetarians

thank you

yazRead More
9/20/2013 Kraft UK - When visiting York and sailing on the River Ouse
When visiting York and sailing on the River Ouse it was pointed out that Tery's of York has been bought out by Kraft with several redundancies and it is probably going to be Terry's of Bratislava.

After the purchase of Cadburys I remember the snub delivered to our government and request your help in advising me which products in the UK are Kraft so that myself and others can boycott them.


MelvRead More
1/18/2012 Kraft UK - I am getting the same email - several different
I am getting the same email - several different times, actually!

You can recognize it as being a scam/hoax/phishing expidition by this statement:

"If this interests you please forward the following information to my personal email Name, Age, Sex,Tel, Location (Residential or Mailing Address)"

Also by the signature line

Mike Baker
[email protected]
Public Relations Officer
Kraft Foods Ltd Kraft Foods Ltd - (note: the Kraft Food Ltd is repeated

and by the fact that the letter is not addressed to anyone - or your name may be spelled incorrectly.

I just block the emails, and delete Cannot be bothered to let this stuff pile up in my in-box, and further, if you do make the mistake of responding to this progoganda, you alert the sender that they have hit a valid address and you will be inundated with junk mail.

MB in Canada

mmariahRead More
12/12/2011 Kraft UK - Good Day,Can you please confirm that you emailed
Good Day,
Can you please confirm that you emailed me this letter below from Mike Baker to work from home. It is very important I know this. Your immediate response would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Dorothy White

Kraft Foods UK Ltd
St George's House
Bayshill Road
GL50 3AE

December 5, 2011

Dear Dorothy White,

Thank you for your response. We sincerely appreciate that you want to represent our company in your country.
As our representative in North America we will be directing our customers/clients in the United States/Canada region who are ready to make payments to Kraft Food. In every payment you receive from our customers, you will be entitled to 10% of every transaction completed on behalf of Kraft Food. After a three month probationary period you will be paid a base of $2,000 USD. on a monthly basis.

Our customers/clients in the United states/Canada will make payments to you via the following mode of payment.

Customer Mode of Payment:

Check Payment

We advice you let us know if you are comfortable with this mode of payment in order for us to direct our customers to you.
Please note that our on-line job opportunity enables you to work from home or office conveniently with ease.
We hope that this opportunity will come good and become of a source of regular income for you and also return the Global economy to its potential strength.

We hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,

Mike Baker
[email protected]
Public Relations Officer
Kraft Foods Ltd

NOTE: If interested please reply this email with the following,
Telephone No :

DorothyRead More
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