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KraftMaid offers semi-custom cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom. Kraftmaid is a Masco company.

Kraftmaid USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

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3/22/2016 Questions-Does Kraftmaid make a wax/restorer
Does Kraftmaid make a wax/restorer product?

Mark Read More
3/8/2016 KraftMaid - Went to Lowes, ordered 30 inch bathroom vanity for
Went to Lowes, ordered 30 inch bathroom vanity for $750. Ordered 31 inch vanity top with bowl from kraftmaid also..........didn't see total for the top til I got home to find it was priced at $810. That's ridiculous. I've purchased from Lowes (bathrooms & kitchen) and never paid such a high price for a vanity top. So angry about this, I will cancel the whole order today!!!!!

6/1/2015 KraftMaid - Very upset. Constant issues with cabinets
Very upset. Constant issues with cabinets separating. Called multiple 2 or 3 times, but this time I asked if I could bypass the retail stores as the original store refused to replace or fix the situation (actually the store suggested that I purchased paint from Sherwin Williams and they'd reimburse me????). I called asking for guidance to help find a solution. I offered to repurchase new cabinets doors (asking for a price); they said they do not sell directly to consumers. Although they claim to be highly concerned about customer satisfaction... there was no suggestion other than to go to another store to repurchase. Although I wanted and saved for Kraftmade cabinets...I would not purchase Kraftmade again. No concern. Poor customer service......

Linda Read More
3/18/2014 KraftMaid - Parts of our kitchen cabinets have become gummy
Parts of our kitchen cabinets have become gummy and overall hard to clean.

Are there any tips, products and/or procedures we can follow to solve the problem.

Thanks for your help.

Francine & Michael Fevola Read More
12/4/2012 Kraftmaid Cabinets Warping after 17 Years.
Had our home built 17 years ago...all of our white laminated kitchen cabinet doors are warping (which suggest this is a manufacturing defect).

Will someone please contact me...this is not our first home, and we have never had kitchen cabinets in previous start to deteriorate in this manner.

Regina Byers Read More
4/11/2011 KraftMaid - very pleased with the service i received
very pleased with the service i received

eula Read More
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