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The Kroger Co. spans many states with grocery stores, multi-department stores, convenience stores and mall jewelry stores.

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8/24/2016 Kroger - I used to shop at Ralph's Studio City, CA.
I used to shop at Ralph's Studio City, CA. #133...I shopped there for approx. 7 years UNTIL,
#1 Managers are not telling people with dogs in the store they cannot be in the store, that they may
only bring in service dogs. I am sickened by the fact that, they put their dogs in shopping carts and, I and others put our food in those same carts....I just witnessed 2 different managers (Sean and Marilyn) walk right past people with lil doggies and say NOTHING to these people. They have signs in front of the store that CLEARLY state NO PETS ALLOWED. It is also AGAINST our health laws where food is sold!

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3/8/2016 The Kroger Store in Atlanta, Ga. Cascade has truly
The Kroger Store in Atlanta, Ga. Cascade has truly improved
the meat dept. the butcher is excellent. The cuts of meat are
much better. Good job Javier. The quality is great.

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11/20/2015 The Rushville, IN Kroger looks like they are going out of business
The Rushville, In J
Kroger store looks like they're having a going out of business sale. One week before T'giving
& there were at least 10 things I wanted, they were out, incl. potatoes & onions. Well, there's always Wal-mart!

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4/30/2015 Kroger - Today at our local Baptist Road King Soopers #77
Today at our local Baptist Road King Soopers #77 (which is Kroger in the Rocky Mtns.), I had the best service I've ever had at any store! The lines were backed up and I was immediately invited to a new line opening up. The checker was named Barb & she was friendly, efficient and helpful. A gentleman named Don bagged up my groceries and offered me help to the car. The entire check out procedure took fewer than 3 minutes, and I had my usual weekly grocery full basket to check out! I was disappointed that my receipt did not include a survey this week as I would have certainly given these 2 employees and the store itself the highest marks possible!

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3/19/2015 Kroger - I just spent 1200.00 on car repairs due to your
I just spent 1200.00 on car repairs due to your gas being mostly water. I also lost two days of work while my car was being fixed. I will never again use the gas at Kroger on Hall Rd in Maryville TN. I will be contacting corporate as well, this kind of negligence has to be brought to the attention of the general public!

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2/9/2015 Kroger - We have enjoyed your "Chunky Applesauce for years.
We have enjoyed your "Chunky Applesauce for years. BUT, now, the Chunky Applesauce has NO chunks at all....
The last 3 jars we purchased have had 1 (yes that's 1) chunk in each of two, and the third one had NONE.

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1/25/2015 I live in North Ft Worth but I frequent the Kroger
I live in North Ft Worth but I frequent the Kroger location in Cedar Hill all the time.
Demario, in the deli, is above and beyond when it comes to guest service and knowledge. He's always smiling and remembers me.
I truly believe that Demario, Demarcus and Sharon run the best customer service of any store in the Dallas Ft Worth area.
They deserve accolades.
You guys are awesome!!!!

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1/9/2015 I worked for Kroger in southern WV for 6 years.
I worked for Kroger in southern WV for 6 years. Coming from a store with a very strict manager, but knew how to run a clean & well stocked store. Pharmacy was always listed in Top 5 for sales & front end always getting wonderful ratings for smiling & helpful employees, being clean & stocked, etc...
I was VERY shocked when I started shopping the northern WV locations. Stores are horribly stocked. Employees were on the clock eating while I was checking out. Employees are very rude, doesn't ask if you need help UNLESS they know you personally apparently. Managers will drop their head praying you want ask them where something is.
This is why Kroger no longer gets my business hardly ever.

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11/12/2014 The Kroger on Mt. DeChantal Road in Wheeling, Wv
The Kroger on Mt. DeChantal Road in Wheeling, Wv is the best store ever!! It's extremely HUGE and I absolutely LOVE it!! Thanks for the awesome store!! It is the cleanest store I have ever been too! Sooo happy it is just three mins or less from my house! Thanks so much again! The employees are so sweet and helpful as well! As Tony the Tiger would say," they're greeeeeaaaattttt!

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5/18/2014 Kroger survey is not working 05.24.14
I have been submitting customer survey for many months however the last two weeks I have been unable due to not enough numbers on my receipt. there were 16 numbers before now there are only 11. Has the program been changed? If not your format needs to be updated so feedback can be completed, anyway the person Debra in the deli at Monticello, In. store is wonderful and goes out of her way to provide service above and beyond her call of duty .Hope you correct the issue soon.

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3/1/2014 Kroger - Your store in moraine Ohio is the worst store in
Your store in moraine Ohio is the worst store in
your chain. The employees are rude, they stand around
and talk. If you have a question you have to wait
until they are done.the management are worse.
when you complain about a problem all they say is
I'm sorry I'll looks into it.
but nothing is ever done. I personally have complained regarding
the electric carts for handicapped.
I know I have addressed this every month
for a couple of years.
they are junk and falling apart. They are never charged and
there is not enough of them.
there's a couple that feel like they are going to fall apart
which could result in a law suit.
I hope this concern is addressed as I might
change to Meijer. I spend close to a 1000.00 a month
at this store. I feel the managers are to
interested in their bonuses.

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1/26/2014 i have shopped the Kroger's in Waterford for 4
i have shopped the Kroger's in Waterford for 4 years an I'm very please with the store however the Clarkson store not so much every Sunday i have been going to Kroger in Clarkson mi because it is right across the street from my church last Sunday i went in there and in the back of the store where they keep the mark downs there were Halloween rice krispie. all of them where in the mark down section UNMARKED along with a lot of other items that where unmarked this is not the first time with this problem so i asked an employee how much the HALLOWEEN rice krispies were he said he did not know that the person that marks that stuff down has not got to it yet he politely suggested that i take it up front and they would mark it for me as i check out. so, with the knowledge of how much it cost when i bought it at the Waterford krogers i took the cereal up front along with 20 other items not marked that was in that section. i got the to register and had to wait 12 minutes for an employee to return to me to inform me that those items were placed on the clearance rack accidentally that they are not marked down. so i asked the how come they where marked down ant the Waterford store? she replied that each store is different. REALLY???? HALLOWEEN candy and cereal is not marked down? I am appalled with how this what handle. first off that why would think that i was that stupid to believe them and 2nd for how rude the lady that ran the check outs behaved. then i have been trying to find a corporate phone number to contact some one so that they can fix this behavior.

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