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Kubota is a maker of tractors for farming and yardwork. Kubota is based in Japan and sells tractors worldwide.

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3/29/2017 Kubota USA - Wanted a new 90-110 HP Kubota tractor. (own two 85
Wanted a new 90-110 HP Kubota tractor. (own two 85 hp models already) I was severly disappointed that Kubota moved the entire hydraulic gang system to the right lower belly where it is sure to get demolished in use....afterall its a tractor to be used on the farm, not in a sand box. Kubota just lost the sale of a new tractor as I will not purchase any equipt. so poorly designed as to invite damage or destruction. I will purchase a different brand.

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11/22/2016 Kubota USA - Looking for a MCO on a 2015 RTV -x-1100c, serial
Looking for a MCO on a 2015 RTV -x-1100c, serial 10257,product ID A5KC2GDBJDG010257.Purchase at 5/16/14.

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10/7/2016 Kubota USA - To whom it may concern: FYII have been
To whom it may concern: FYI

I have been shopping for a Kubota zero turn, 48 to 54 inch cut, but have decided to purchase from one of your competitors. I visited both your Beaumont, TX, & Jasper, TX facilities and in both cases was treated like the village idiot. I knew what I wanted, but both locations attempted to pressure me into purchasing something else. As a result, I visited your competitors and received much better treatment. You need to be aware of this! I will be buying a new mower soon, but it will not be a Kubota!

I realize the loss of one "minor" customer is nothing to Kubota, but how many times does this occur across the country? I will share with everyone I know my Kubota experience and recommend they go elsewhere for their tractor and/or mower purchases.

This is sad, because I believe you have a great product, but I can live with my second, or even third choice!

Good luck to you folks in the future. You are going to need it.

Harvey Gunter

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2/5/2016 Kubota USA - Purchased BX2370 in June of 2015
Purchased BX2370 in June of 2015. When first oil change was done the factory installed filter was dry on the inside. No oil ever flowed through this filter. What has this done to my engine? The dealership and his mechanic argued insistently that there was oil in the filter. I pointed out insistently that the middle of the filter was dry and there appeared to be a sludge blocking the holes on the inside bottom. No oil EVER flowed through this filter. One must wonder what education a mechanic has that does not understand how an oil filter works. Note, this was he factory installed the filter. The mechanic tried to point out there was oil in the filter on the outside of the medium. I pointed out the oil never made it to the center of the filter, therefore, no flow. It is bone dry. I have the filter and samples of the oil and pictures. Lotta good it'll do me.

I lost a hydraulic hose within 7 hours of operation. No dealerships had it one stock so I had one custom made. I could not wait for the estimated 2-week lead time for delivery of a warrantied item.

The tractor was delivered with a front flat tire. That tire has never held air overnight, ever. The other front needs to be filled twice a week. The tire had to have been flat on the sales lot. Why was this not fixed then?

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1/9/2016 Kubota USA - I bought a z725 zero turn mover two years ago. I
I bought a z725 zero turn mover two years ago. I have a small lawn service that I do in the evenings. This mower was great for the first year then one of the wheel motors started acting up. It had 167 hrs ot it.I took it to the dealer to have it checked. This mower came with a four year warranty so I thought I was covered. They called and told me they had it fixed but when I went to get it they charged me over a hundred dollars. I asked about the warranty and they said because they did not find metal shavings in the filter that it wasn't covered. They said the oil in the wheel motors needed to be changed but the maintenance schedule in my owners book said not until three hundred hours. I had traded a zd28 for this mower because I had so much trouble with it. I have bought several new Kubota both for me and the county that i work for. I have since traded this problem off and its not very likely that I'll be buying another Kubota anything. At one time they were the best but I don't know what happened.

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9/16/2015 Kubota USA - Email to Kubota 9-16-2015Model M9960Serial #
Email to Kubota 9-16-2015
Model M9960
Serial # 54883
Dear Sirs:
I have sent off a previous email about the hydraulic problems with my tractor and how it had taken at that time 8 months with no satisfactory fix. The tractor was brought back to me on Sept. 4, 2015 thinking it was fixed but it broke within 15 minutes with the same problem. My tractor was picked up on Sept 10 and a new hydraulic pump was ordered up and the Kubota rep was to be at Wescott's shop on Friday to oversee this next repair phase hoping that they would have an answer either Friday of Saturday. It is now Wednesday Sept 16 and I have been informed that the one I was dealing with is now on vacation and no one has called me to tell me what's going on. Am at this point, going on 9 month's of an unresolved problem caused by poor Kubota manufacturing, that enough is enough. Just give me another tractor- not even sure I want the M9960 anymore with all the problems that I have had and I have been a loyal Kubota customer since 1978.
Please forward this email to the president of Kubota. Am getting no satisfactory resolution of the problem and as of now I've almost lost a whole season of wood production because of it. Don't have someone call me that's low in the chain of command.
I will keep sending these now until I get some satisfaction. If you're not going to resolve my problem don't bother calling me. As far as I'm concerned I would just as soon never see that particular tractor ever again- period. It's a piece of junk.settle this for me and I want it settled now!
I am not blaming Wescott & Sons but I want to make it clear that I am blaming Kubota. I have loved Kubota tractors for a long time and all I want from you folks is for you to keep your commitment to me as a customer, to provide me with a worthwhile tractor. Please make me a better offer of a better tractor. I know a lot of money has gone into this so far and as far as I’m concerned I would just as soon write this one off. I know that is now what you want to hear but I think it is better to save face than money.
Your loyal, but disgruntled, Kubota tractor owner,
Jim Stillwell

PS- I have sent this to other Kubota sights in hopes someone will give me a postitive answer beside- "We're working on it."

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4/21/2015 Kubota USA - I purchased a Kubota ZG124E-48 mower...does a fine
I purchased a Kubota ZG124E-48 mower...does a fine job cutting while it runs....Keep stopping on me after a period of cuuting and have to keep waiting on it to run again... Have had it back to shop many times but continues to quit on me....Very discusted....

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12/3/2014 Kubota USA - I have a Kubota Kommander ZG124E mower. I have a
I have a Kubota Kommander ZG124E mower. I have a consistent starting problem, meaning I turn the key and it goes click, click. The dealer has "fixed" it twice, maybe three times. Interestingly they have never given me a work order or any document when they "fixed" it. There was no charge, but no paperwork. How do they do that?
So first they said it was the "X" part (who knows?), then is was the safety switch or switches somewhere. Today I was doing my fall leaf mowing. Everything was fine until I stopped for ten minutes. Then "click, click." I worked the controls and the parking brake in and out (yes, they were in the correct positions when it went click, click), and it started. When I finished mowing I stopped it to blow some dust off and get it ready for winter, and click, click. It won't start. I have no faith in the dealership They treat me like a pest. The mower is now sitting in my driveway. I have a utility trailer but at 68 there is no way I can get it up on the trailer. I don't want to call the dealer (Coastal Machinery in Pensacola, FL) because I don't think they know what they're doing.
Full disclosure: I did have another problem which they fixed. Somehow there was what they called "trash" in the gas and it was clogging the jets. I don't know how trash got in my gas but I paid them for the two weeks they kept it. They gave me the paperwork on that one.
The mower is one year, three months old and has 21 hours on it. I was going to get a leaf bagger of it, but that isn't going to happen. Bottom line...I paid $5000 for a mower that won't start.

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8/4/2014 Kubota USA - I purchased a brand new zd323 zero turn mower and
I purchased a brand new zd323 zero turn mower and when it was delivered it already had peeling paint and rust. I was told that well it's a mower not to expect any different and they would take it back and shred contract. If this is the answer to fixing the customers problem it is very sad. Can you imagine if you had to get mower worked on after the sale pretty scary customer service seems to be really hard to find.Mower is great service is shit.

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7/29/2014 Kubota USA - I purchased a Kubota T2380-48 mower September of
I purchased a Kubota T2380-48 mower September of 2012. I have not been able to keep the deck belt on, the local Kubota dealer has made many attempts to resolve with no success. Many attempts to discuss this issue with Kubota have fallen on deaf ears. Quite frankly I wonder how they stay in business with such a lack of concern for their customers. I hope the President of Kubota Global has an opportunity to read this post, I think maybe he is kept in the dark, or else he doesn't care.

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6/5/2014 Kubota USA - I have a model L3710HST tractor serial number
I have a model L3710HST tractor serial number 74890 witch I bought in February of 2002. The tractor has been fairly good, but I had to have all hydraulic hoses replaced as well as some panels that started to rust prematurely.

But recently something happened that really aggravated me: The range selector could not be moved. It was stuck in 'High'. I had to take it to the dealer who freed up the 'frozen' linkage at a cost of about $200. The service manager at the dealership said 'that I should drive it more' The Kubota office in Georgia said that 'I should lubricate the linkage every 3 months'. There is nothing in the manual about lubricating that linkage. If it needs to be lubricated, then why did the dealer not lubricate it when he had it for service. The dealer had the tractor for routine service every year. Also, why did the factory NOT provide a grease fitting?
I am aggravated to have had to spend $200 that could have been avoided. Had I known that lubrication was required, I would have done it. With a spray lubricant it is a 10 second job.

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4/25/2014 Kubota USA - The only reason I'm giving my Kubota 3200 one star
The only reason I'm giving my Kubota 3200 one star is because I can't give it a zero. I bought my tractor to help me on my 20 acre home. I have had it a little more than a year and wish someone had warned me before I bought it. The Kubota dealer in my area provides little after sale support and is extremely expensive to have any work done. But my biggest problem with my tractor is how undependable it is. Last winter when I needed to plow my 720 foot driveway the tractor had a difficult time moving the snow because it had poor traction, and because it would stall for no reason. It was difficult to get it restarted. There appears to be some safety switch that prevents it from starting if both PTOS are not in neutral. This is compounded by the problem of shifting the PTOS into neutral. The shifter is always getting stuck. I once fixed the problem by pushing the B3200 a few feet. This isn't possible when your on a hill. It's now spring and besides the fact installing the belly mower is hard to get connect by myself the gear shifting is still a problem. I need to bush hog part of my lot and cut another. I can't get the damn thing started and it only has 78 hours on it. I'm temped to take a loss and trade it in on a JOHN DEERE. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON KUBOTA.

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