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KWC is the leader for luxury kitchen faucets in private and professional fields which successfully combines Swiss innovation with technology, precision and fascination. KWC is Water Performance.

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6/21/2017 KWC Faucets - I have a kWc faucet , several years old, that if
I have a kWc faucet , several years old, that if put in the spray mode will NOT go back into the water mode.

What should I do?

gordon geick Read More
7/2/2016 KWC Faucets - I just installed the soap lotion dispenser in my
I just installed the soap lotion dispenser in my kitchen. It is the standard 504.938 version. At my first attempt to install it I was having a difficult time securing the connector to the bottle. After a few minutes I gave up, and looked at the parts to see what I was missing. It turned out that the bottle is "suspended" by the connector and the bottle basically "dangles". I could not believe this so I took it to my supplier and was told that in fact the product is correct. As a general building contractor, I have to say that I have never seen a product that does not have a better way of securing, especially when that product is well over $100. I certainly would not recommend this product to my clients and would certainly advise them against purchasing this until the manufacturer comes up with a better product.
Steve Grabianowski
SG Fine Homes And Builders,Inc

Steven Read More
12/19/2015 KWC Faucets - I have a KWC domo fuacet and water leaks out of it
I have a demo faucet and water leaks out of the spray head plunger. Where can I get information on how to service the spray head and where can I get the parts to fix it?

John Read More
12/7/2015 KWC Faucets - I have a KWC faucet that leaks a lot of water
I have a KWC faucet that leaks a lot of water out of the head instead of spraying when I push the plunger in for it to spray. That water runs back down the arm and into the faucet and under the sink. It is a pullout. Is it possible to replace parts in the spray head or do I need a completely new spray head?

Down the back of the round head.
It is just over 1-year-old however this has been doing it for a few mths now.

Joanne Grove Read More
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