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Kyocera is a Japanese company that makes smartphones, cell phones, and audio equipment.

Kyocera USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

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1-800-349-4478 Review and Hint Needed


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7/7/2017 Kyocera - Junk company, junk phone! Phone less than 2 yrs.
Junk company, junk phone! Phone less than 2 yrs. old not even paid off. No visable damage, never abused, yet completly unuseable. MILITARY GRADE, MY ASS! Oh, and yes US Cellar bears some responcibility in this as they are selling it.

Jim Bavers Read More
8/28/2015 Kyocera - I am very unhappy, I also got my "waterproof phone" wet
I am very unhappy, I also got my "waterproof phone" wet, was only in a foot of water for a minute. They received it for warranty repair 8-11-2015., I keep getting told they are waiting for a replacement. I have even asked for a comparable phone, which I keep getting the run around about. it is now 8-28-2015 I am making payments for a phone that I don't have. I along with the other unhappy customers will not buy from them again.

carm Read More
4/21/2015 Sent phone to Kyocera for repair in January/2015
Sent phone to Kyocera for repair in January/2015 and did not get it back until April (I was told the phone could not be repaired) and was told they were "out of stock"! (Yeah RIGHT!!!)
When they finally sent me a phone (apparently a refurbished) I could not and still cannot activate it due to the fact that this phone replacement, has an account already attached tp it (via DEC#)
Trust Me! "I am in the process of LITIGATION!!!!!!!!!BEWARE!!!

Deborah Read More
1/29/2015 Kyocera - EXCELLENT

DONALD Read More
9/26/2014 Kyocera - I waited on the line for a representative for over
I waited on the line for a representative for over 45 minutes. AND I HAVE TO CALL BACK BWECAUSE THEY NEVER SENT THE INSTRUCTIONS TO MY EMAIL SO

ariel Read More
5/5/2014 Kyocera phone will not hold a charge 05.05.2014
bought this phone 2-14-14. wont keep charge longer than an hr. took it to boost ,they originally said 30 days,when i returned they told me it was only 2weeks,that i had to return the phone. so im have been try to contact some one or somewhere to send this phone and battery back to company, not for a refund, but for a new phone and battery, . this phone has left me stranded with a child in the car . it has left me stranded at a bar at 1am. because it was dead. do i need to contact better business bureau? to get this simple problem settled. please contact me. i have been waiting for an email. my case # 22. i spoke with john id#14.

diana Read More
3/25/2014 Kyocera phone customer service review 03.26.14
I will never buy another phone from you people . When and if I see the phone you keep telling me is in the mail for the last 8 weeks gets here. I will use it for I bought it . But when it goes bad . Never again. I would tell anyone who asks about the phone they are junk the add don't live up to the things you say it will . All lies about the phone on line in the add. And I had mine 2 days and it fell in water and don't work , and now still waiting for a replacement sense Jan 2014? Called again today and told now phone is not in and now I must still wait? I would prefer my money back on this cheap phone you are passing off as the best in its class for what it can with stand ! I give your company a zero rating for customer service for you don't care about the customer and your phone repair people keep telling lies. And you the company zero for letting this happen. You should not be in business !

Richard Zelesket Read More
12/22/2009 Kyocera - this is so cool I might even activate my phone
this is so cool I might even activate my phone with it!!

becbec Read More
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