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6400 Irvine Boulevard
Irvine, CA 92620
Corporate Phone: 1-949-502-2043

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Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 6 pm
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6/26/2017 LA Fitness - To whom it may concern, I'm
To whom it may concern,
I'm currently a member at the Oxnard LA fitness gym. As of lately there has been rumors from people and competitors stating that you are closing this gym location. I am well aware of the new location that is opening in channel islands but this new location makes it difficult for me to get to. I already drive 30 minutes to the current gym. So to drive an hour and to drive an hour back home would be sort of ridiculous. well i like about the current and what convinced me to be a member was the convenience of the quick access of the freeway, the grocery stores nearby and the equipment availability that you typically don't get at other gyms. So i would like to know if these rumors are true before I and other members I have spoke to decide to look at your competitor gyms. If they are true, I believe that you will be missing out on huge profit opportunity as well, since more homes are being built and more projects on improving that part of town are in motion.Therefore, by leaving this location you are giving an opportunity for another gym to profit. So as a member of your gym, i hope you do not close this location. If you do, at least consider renovating the current gym or consider my concerns.
Thank you for your time.

Ricardo Read More
1/29/2017 The LA Fitness center in Pleasant Hills, PA is
The LA Fitness center in Pleasant Hills, PA is being run by a totally incompetent woman. She just fired the best janitor that ever worked there and now the place will be as dirty as it was through this manger's employment. This manager also stands around talking (for a long time) instead of working.
She has a problem keeping employees as the turnover tis really exceptional. Please get someone to manage this site who knows how to manage.

tosca Read More
11/21/2015 Dear La Fitness Corporated/Corporation.Is there
Dear La Fitness Corporated/Corporation.
Is there any way I can be contacted, There may Have been some requestes submitted within the past. Maybe I can contact me at: [email protected] for direct direct direct assistance as I request.

M. Pamela H or m. Pamela Pelzer Read More
9/25/2015 LA Fitness - The Location In Baltimore is Poorly Maintained
The Location In Baltimore is Poorly Maintained , The Management at the Corporate level Is either Prosperously trying to drive the company into the ground or they are Complete Incompetent Idiots !!!! They Rarely ever clean !!! Example I have ask Many times if they could , They don't ! . Example of complete Idiots ! ! Is they closed for 3 days to Paint , But in those 3 days NO one Cleaned !!! The same Dust and Hair balls , and Smell were Still there !!! 2 months Later They Install New Very Annoying High power Lights Very Bright , But Still No One Bothers to Vacuum and Mop to remove Hair , Dust balls , And Smell !!!! It is Disgusting place !!!

John M Read More
9/10/2015 LA Fitness Customer Service Badly Needed!
Customer Service Badly Needed!
I walked in the front door and approached the desk to join my local LA Fitness. The early 20-something babe behind the desk barely looked up and before I opened my mouth she asked " Silver Sneakers?" This might be insulting to some; I found it amusing, even though I am not yet Silver Sneakers eligible, as I am much fitter than the little miss in her Spandex. Why I even mention this is that a coworker ( even younger than I ) had the same thing happen to her, at a different LA Fitness! Neither of these reception "children" said Hello, Welcome to LA Fitness, How may I help you, etc....Aren't they trained in how to treat members and potential revenue bringers?

I mostly joined for the aqua aerobics. The instructor was great and the workout was a challenge, but the pool was so nasty I never went back...the water was almost opaque, oily and greyish and reeking of chlorine. I held my mouth shut tight for the entire workout and prayed I wouldn't get a splash in my eyes. The showers and locker room and stem were clean....but that's not enough. Pity...I love aqua aerobics.

Cleo Read More
9/9/2015 LA Fitness - HOLY CRAP. They make cancelling the membership a very frustrating and difficult

They make cancelling the membership a very frustrating and difficult process. I tried to call for 4 months to find the person that could do the cancellation, stopped in 3 different times to cancel and none of the employees could do it. The person that does the cancellations just quit because the pressure was too high for her. How ridiculous is this? Finally they tell me there is a cancellation form that I can mail in. A what? Are we still in the stone ages? Snail mail is the only way I can cancel my membership? WTH.

Bad Bad business practice to be such a pain to cancel my membership. I will never join LA Fitness again and tell everyone I know to avoid them. I hate bad business. LA Fitness needs to change their policies. Maybe things need to change from the top down.

Dave Read More
8/21/2015 LA Fitness - My name is Evelyn Gonzalez. I am a Zumba Fitness
My name is Evelyn Gonzalez. I am a Zumba Fitness Instructor for LA Fitness & have been for some time. I also teach in many different areas. In every class I conduct myself as a professional & hold the high highest respect towards everyone & expect to get the same in return. However, I have encountered a couple of things which I do not appreciate & will not tolerate from anyone.

I had two incidents' for which I need to address.

1. Today I was serving as a sub for Zenelia in your Wellington Gym. As I entered I noticed a man on one of the cycles & kindly approached him & asked him if he was there for Zumba or cycling. He said Zumba. I then apologized & explained that I could not have anyone on the cycles while I was teaching a Zumba class. He said he understood. I then walked away & proceeded to start my class. After starting the class another situation occurred.

2. A woman approached me & asked if I would lower the music. I have the music at the level stated by my supervisor & your policy. I told her that yes I would lower it some but not so much in that it has to be felt. She walked away then since it wasn't enough for her she went out the door & returned with one of your trainers.

3- I was in the middle of one of the songs dancing when the trainer came & stood right directly in front of me & explained what the woman had told him. As I continued to dance I told him that I would lower the music even more but not so much that it can't be enjoyed. I also asked him if he could please do me the favor tell the gentleman on the cycle to please join the class or to wait until I'm done for him to do the cycle. He did tell the man but the older gentleman did not leave.

As for the woman she chose to leave & not do the class. The man continued to stay on the cycle so I waited until the song end. I stopped the CD & directed myself to the man. Apologizing I kindly explained that he could not cycle while I was doing a class. He refused to get off the cycle. I then apologized to everyone & explained that I will not start the class again until he either join the class or step out due to LA Fitness policy. He then decided to remove himself from the cycle & leave.

A couple of the member which I believe were his family/friends stated let him stay there he's not bothering anyone. I again apologized & explained the policy. Everyone else understood & felt that he was being rude & disrespectful to me. I restarted the class & after 2 more songs the man's family & the man chose to leave. I continued with the class as if nothing happened.

At the end of the class, everyone applauded & stated how happy they were with the class & approached me asking else does I teach because they loved my class & would like to continue with it. I told them my LA Fitness schedule.

4- As I was leaving another one of you personal trainers approached me to tell me that 3 people had made a complain about me & said that I was rude to the man. Although I didn't have to, I kindly explained what had happened. He then stated that those 3 people withdrew their membership from the gym, which after speaking with one of those 3 people outside they explained that, that was a lie. They apologized to me & stated that they just thought it wasn't a big deal but did understand.

Being in this profession, having been well trained in phycology, business, excellent in customer service & dealing with the amount of people that I've dealt with professionally all my life, I hold myself in the highest of professional level along with the highest integrity. Knowing that we are not able to please everyone, I believe that these are the following issues that should be reconsidered in addressing your staff with the policies & procedures.

A- Everyone of your staff member should speak the same language according to policies & procedures.

B- Everyone of your staff should conduct themselves professionally & not one of your staff should interrupt any class in process while it is being given.

C- Every one of your staff when receiving any type of complaint should address the supervisor or manager of the gym & not take matters into their own hands assuming that which they know nothing about.

D- Everyone of your staff that is registering new member should make it clear the policies & procedures clear to them as well. Helping them understand that if there is a class in progress & they are not part of that class then they would need to wait until it's over before they can go & do something different.

D- Last suggestion, every supervisor should have an email address & be able to receive an email from their staff when situations arise that need specific attention.

E- In addition & as an added factor; we should be paid much more as hard as we work. I'm much more valuable than $17.00 an hour.

We are a team & should work as team players. Again these are just suggestions for a more profession team in your gym that would work with a highest of integrity.

EG Read More
7/22/2015 I contacted LA FITNESS in North Hollywood location
I contacted LA FITNESS in North Hollywood location of the terminal woman I care give for who fell and broke her ankle and didn't go to the gym for months and was too ill to understand she needed to cancel her gym. When I contacted the site manager of this location he was only concerned with telling me no refunds and had no compassion for my patient who is low income and has a terminal illness. On top of that he was rude condescending and down right nasty. All this company cared about is their no refund policy in stating "If she is dead produce a death certificate, that is the only way to get money back."

Constance Read More
6/3/2015 So I go to LA Fitness in Staten Island I went to
So I go to LA Fitness in Staten Island I went to the new one when it opened but I switched back, I ts bigger. I have a problem with the twerp behind the desk who is RUDE SNOTTY UGLY and DISSHEVELED. I ask for manager. SHE ISSS the manager. I complain to hewr about something and she shrugs it off, tells me I should go back to the other LA fitness if I don't like it. A week later, my boyfriend comes home and starts an argument with me. The Immature MANAGER I think Inessa is her name, tells my boyfirned that when I am there without him I talk to all the guys and flirt with them.I am going to INTOXX

Ang B. Read More
4/28/2015 LA Fitness - Who the heck is Jill Grueling exactly? Jill
Who the heck is Jill Grueling exactly? Jill happens to be the Executive Vice President of LA Fitness. I sent an e-mail to [email protected] which is supposedly the CEO's e-mail. My e-mail simply stated that "My membership needs to be fully and completely deleted from their system." since I do NOT want my name associated with LA Fitness ever again. Jill responded to my e-mail by saying "It would be nice if my unpleasant calls and e-mails stop." She also gave me the address to the corporate office if I wish to file a lawsuit. Why does LA Fitness want people to file lawsuits against them? Are they crazy? Those who work for LA Fitness who keep mistreating customers will regret it sooner or later. What goes around comes around. Word of advice: those of you who feel ripped off by LA Fitness should take them to small claims court.

Pete Read More
3/13/2015 I go to the La Fitness on Lovers Lane and
I go to the La Fitness on Lovers Lane and Greenville in Dallas Tx. I m about to cancel my membership. Their equipment is constantly broke and now their Sauna keeps breaking and that was the only reason i was keeping my membership with them. Their staff are not very helpful and all they worry about is to sell more membership. And make the Gym even more overcrowded. Well I guess I m going to 24 Hour fitness.

bayz Read More
2/27/2015 LA Fitness - Before I write reviews, warning my AARP groups,
Before I write reviews, warning my AARP groups, informing my Florida Vocational Rehabilitation counselor and express my irritation and dissatisfaction publicly, I thought I would email you, not knowing whether you care anyway.

I am a disabled, retired senior needing an exercise program and my wife has been prescribed by her doctor to get in shape for diabetes and heart condition. We joined the La Fitness in our home town really stretching out limited budget. We were not told that we had to pay a great deal of money for us to pay for a trainer to get even introduction to machines. The YMCA is by far better equipped and no additional charges for personal trainer attention, for me only.

We simply cannot afford to pay to get basic instruction for available equipment and, again, was not told there was a cost beyond enrollment and monthly costs. Why is there not basic instruction on equipment use? This can cause a serious dangerous situation and definitely not recommendable for seniors and disabled.

The people at the facility are all great, but I believe that the are trained on what tom say and what not to say to get people enrolled then pile on the costs to become safe informed users of the equipment. The more I think about the enrollment trap the angrier I become.

Gene Read More
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