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LabCorp provides medical testing and blood testing throughout the USA.

LabCorp USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
358 South Main Street
Burlington, NC 27215

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1-800-845-6167Review Needed Please Comment


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3/7/2017 LabCorp - The worst lab in Titusville FL They never answer
The worst lab in Titusville FL
They never answer phone calls
They never send my reports to my doctor
They send my reports to another doctor.
I refuse to give even a 1/10 of a star for this blatantly incompetent people.
My doctor complained to their head office in Miami and still same results.

GinaRead More
1/17/2017 LabCorp - I have been seen for blood work and other testing
I have been seen for blood work and other testing multiple times over the last 15 years and usually had very pleasant experiences, but today was truly shocking! I had the worst experience ever. The lady was hiding out in a den on the side of my doctor's office lobby, acting like I was bothering her. Although I remained polite the entire time, this person was rude throughout the 10 minutes I was there. She accused me (did not tell me but seriously accused me in a very disrespectful tone) of not being in the system but it turns out that she was incorrectly inputting my name. Then she told me I have no active insurance (I have automatic insurance for life as I am permanently disabled) and then stood there staring at the patient chair. She said "Are you gonna sit down?" in an oddly inappropriate voice. I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you tell me to sit." She then became hostile in a very awkward, tell-tale of mental illness manner, and exclaimed in a sarcastic voice, "I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU TO SIT, I CAN'T DRAW YOUR BLOOD WHILE YOUR STANDING UP!" I will not be paying this company for any lab work should this obviously psychotic verbally abusive unprofessional be "working" there again!

kRead More
1/3/2017 LabCorp - This is a terrible company , make an appointment
This is a terrible company , make an appointment and you luck to get in with in 1 hr , people are nasty not nice very rude . Train you people better . And please 15 mins is long enough for an appointment .

Ted Read More
8/5/2016 LabCorp - Although technical help desk is very helpful and
Although technical help desk is very helpful and courteous :-), they have far too much to do because LabCorp's website/Beacon/IT systems stink. Extremely customer-unfriendly.

projectguy1930Read More
8/5/2016 LabCorp - Local personnel and office operations are great.
Local personnel and office operations are great.

projectguy1930Read More
7/8/2016 I went to LabCorp yesterday around 1pm, door was
I went to LabCorp yesterday around 1pm, door was locked, made people wait until the (front reception lady) decided to unlock door. She yelled at everyone " are you here for lab work" or employee drug testing? The employee drug testers have to wait til 1:30pm. She finally calls my name, I have to give her my insurance card (again) - I was just there 3 months ago! Then she says I need a credit card to charge for lab work... I have never had to give them a credit card because I have great insurance that pays, my husband is a captain fireman paramedic... Plus I should have already been in computer! She said my Credit card would be charged $50 - I have never had to pay $50 ever! So now my credit card will be charged $50 and who knows whatever???? She was very rude, and not just to me...!! This LabCorp is located in Denton on Colorado Blvd.

PeggyRead More
7/1/2016 I arrived at LabCorp at 9:33am for fasting
I arrived at LabCorp at 9:33am for fasting bloodwork. The waiting room was packed. There were only two ladies working, who were both checking patients in and doing the venipunctures. At 11:40am, 2 hours and 7 minutes later, I was FINALLY seen. This is LOUSY service, and it is no fault of the technicians. Both ladies are very nice and incredibly efficient. They are severely understaffed, which is unfair to them, and to the patients. I learned that a third technician was off on disability, scheduled for surgery in mid July, and who knew when they were coming back. It's been a month already, and no one has been hired- even temporarily- to help them and their patients. They are expected to work 12 straight hours, on their feet, with NO lunch break, while patients wait at least an hour every visit!! (inhumane and illegal work practices...). LabCorp has closed office after office nearby, forcing all those people to one clinic, which is understaffed. Unconscionable. My insurance only accepts LabCorp...

lynnRead More
6/12/2016 LabCorp is void of professionalism, customer
LabCorp is void of professionalism, customer service, returning phone calls or providing results in a timely manner. The company has had my son's urine test for a retest for more than a month and still no result. I've been hung up on as has my son's attorney. So many have lost their employment, marriages and freedom due to this company's lack of following procedure and sloppy work.

RachelRead More
5/11/2016 5/11/16 I just went to the LabCorp office on
5/11/16 I just went to the LabCorp office on Pennlynn Pike in Bluebell, PA over my lunch break to have a simple blood test. There were two patient's ahead of me in the waiting room, so I signed in and sat patiently. One finally was taken care of and left. The other patient (#2) waited while holding an infant for at least a half hour or longer. There were no changing facilities in the bathroom to use for the child's diaper change which was disconcerting to the young dad. Meanwhile, another patient (#4) came signed in and sat down. #2 patient had still not been taken care of. After about 20 minutes of not being noticed or spoken to, #4 patient walked out. I (#3) waited another 10-15 minutes and got up to leave. Mind you, patient #2 with the infant was still waiting his turn. As I got up the attendant finally looked up and I told her I had to leave as I was on my lunch break. Her only response was, "I'm the only person here and I have to do everything." No apologies, no was an awful experience and I will not be returning even though it is convenient. At the most there was only one patient cared for in one'll never make any money that way. Maybe you should consider how you staff your facilities if you want to serve people.

MarianRead More
5/2/2016 I visited a LabCorp in Chicago which was fine, but
I visited a LabCorp in Chicago which was fine, but when I needed follow-up tests, and had them done in Alexandria VA the results got lost. I've been waiting six days and can't locate a phone number or find any way to make real contact with them. I've spent the last hour looking for a customer service number - no luck - and the number for the lab where I had the tests done I've tried five times, been on hold for 2 - 5 minutes, and then been disconnected.

LCRead More
3/2/2016 I had a terrible experience at one of the LabCorp sites
I had a terrible experience at one of the LabCorp sites in Plano, TX. He blew a vein the second time he stuck me with the needle. He looked disoriented and/or tired and only asked for another lab tech who successfully drew blood after his two failed attempts.

GloriaRead More
12/31/2015 This morning I went to LabCorp in Carrollwood, FL
This morning I went to LabCorp in Carrollwood, FL with an appointment for 9:30. When I walked in at 9:15 there was a standing room only and a sign at check-in that stated there would be a 2hour wait or longer. The two associates that were there were working their butts off but were constantly getting interrupted by understandable impatient people. I actually saw a person I knew and she had been waiting 3 hours!!!. The reason I found out was because not only had 2 people been previously let go, which made the site understaffed but that 2 other associates that were scheduled to come to work, called in and did not show up!!!
This is totally uncalled for and someone in corporate or district should have made sure that the two that were working has additional help! On top of that one of the associates was a part-timer that had to leave at 12noon leaving the other to finish the day by himself. Please note that the two that were there were pleasant and doing the absolute best they could...those that called in should be fired!

Margaret HernandezRead More
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