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8/9/2013 What the heck! I can't access lavabit email OR
What the heck! I can't access lavabit email OR reach anyone for help! It says "page not found" ! Where is my email?!

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8/8/2013 Lavabit - Hi, Blanche! I have been having that same problem
Hi, Blanche! I have been having that same problem since yesterday also. I have been trying to access my email since I am expecting an important email regarding a job interview and I cannot access my email because they are under maintenance. I totally agree with Jane and would get a back up email client just in case this happens again. Lavabit has recommended me to get Mozilla Thunderbird Email. I am going to do that so when Lavabit is down you can still access your emails with Mozilla Thunderbird. Actually I've had Thunderbird in the past and it's pretty neat. You can add all of your email accounts that you have with Lavabit to Thunderbird. Hope this helps!


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8/8/2013 Lavabit - The email service has not worked for two days. The
The email service has not worked for two days. The only explanation given is "the system is down for maintenance". How long does this maintenance take?

There is no way to contact customer service because the company doesn't publish their phone number and the contact form will not accept messages.

Please update your home page for your customers.

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8/7/2013 Cannot send or receive on my lavabit account help
As of today, 7 Aug 2013 I cannot send or receive on my lavabit account. The note says it
is not connected to my internet. Can you tell me what to do???????

Thank you

BlancheRead More
11/28/2011 Lavabit has a lot going for it, but I think it's
Lavabit has a lot going for it, but I think it's suffering growing pains. It's fast, secure, has ad-free account options, and good capacity. OTOH, it's clearly understaffed, it's quite difficult to get in touch with anyone there, and there is no longer customer service for individual accounts. When I first joined and there was an issue, I could contact them. But now, this is their faux-cutesy message:

"The friendly engineer whose been answering your questions has moved onto a more profitable endeavor; and were afraid that doesn't leave anybody available to monitor the suggestion box. The rest of our team is hard at work finishing a new version of our mail platform. So while we push towards a launch date and search for the right person to take over as spokesperson, we'll just have to disable this contact form.

If your one of our corporate customers with a service line agreement and you need to get a message to us, you can always contact the support engineer assigned to your account. Their contact information is on the escalation list we provided!"

So only corporate accounts get tech support. Also it can suddenly go down for "schedule back end server maintenance" but they don't warn you--you just suddenly have no email for a few hours to a couple of days. I like them overall but will be getting another email service as backup.

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