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8/11/2015 Lawnboy - I have a Lawn boy mower (model 10603)
I have a Lawn boy mower (model 10603). The mower was purchased on 4/5/13. I put it in the shop for service based on your recommendation. The mower is guaranteed to start on the first or second pull for three years. It cost me $89.04 to have the carburator cleaned and the gas tank flushed. Up until last Friday it started quite easily. I was told that it was stale gas and the gas had ethanol in it. Following you instruction manual for "Filling the Fuel Tank" it indicates that you can use 87 octane w/up to 10%ethanol. That's what I have been using. The gas is fresh as it is purchased every other week. I was told to use high test gasoline in the mower. I must admit I am a little disappointed with the mower and the answers I received. If you wanted the user to use only high test gas with no ethanol, it should be stated in the owners manual

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7/28/2015 I have a LawnBoy two cycle selfpropelled Model
I have a LawnBoy two cycle selfpropelled Model 10301(1998).
For the sparkplug, youshow PN 614009, no longer available!
What is the PROPER heat range champion plug,

CJ 12 or CJ14 which is hotter? My engine sputters slightly when running a 12 in it!

Thanks for a reply,


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