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9/16/2012 LCBO Canada - I find it extremely frustrating as the husband of
I find it extremely frustrating as the husband of a recovering addict and alchoholic that the LCBO will take no responsibity in assissting me to have my wife cut off from being served even though I've warned them that the next bottle she buys may kill her. Then when she gets herself in trouble with the law and a child custody battle ensues the LCBo wouldn't even give me a letter saying I had asked them to cut her off. Not even for a childs safety will theyput their neck out to help... CAS came through and returned the child to me or enabled me to gain custody which I did at the chance I could but even when a CAS worker went in to the LCBO and asked off the record if I had indeed asked that my wife not be served for medical reasons and that information was unavailable. Tell me what is the good there Privacy act or not when it comes to children, the LCBO is not a Control Board but an abuse enabler.

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