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Lego's interlocking bricks with its tubes makes it versitile, and offers unlimited building possibilities. Children's imagination and creativity have been enhanced by Legos since 1958.

LEGO USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

Phone Number

1-800-838-9647Review Needed Please Comment


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3/15/2016 Do you sell lego bikes
Do you sell lego bikes

BettyRead More
12/18/2015 Lego - On Dec. 1,2015 I ordered the Brandenburg Gate
On Dec. 1, 2015, I ordered the Brandenburg Gate. As of 12/18 I have not rec. it. Have the fed ex-track it arrived in Allentown, Pa. On the 17 the others. will not be delivered to me till Monday. Why this is so annoying Allentown is one and half hour from why should they wait 4 extra days to deliver. order 2kits sun. They arrived Fri. To add to my frustration is Nicole was no help to me she does not know what she is doing and informed there was no one else there for me to talk too. I find this hard to believe. Needless to say, it upset my morning and undoes the good things your reps. do.

Bruce TreskeRead More
4/26/2012 My Grandchildren are crazy for Lego's and have
My Grandchildren are crazy for Lego's and have many sets. However; I'm finding increasingly difficult to purchase them. As they grow; the sets get more complex; and therefor; are more expensive. They are a really wonderful toy that teaches them many things; and they will have them for years. Is there anyway a Grandma can keep affording them?
Thank you.

GrandmaRead More
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