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Lenscrafters does more than craft lenses. They care for thousands of people every day. They help them see life a little more clearly in a way that's easy, friendly and fun. Because LensCrafters is the company that loves caring for eyes.

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1-800-406-5034Review Needed Please Comment


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7/4/2012 LensCrafters - On June 28th I called and made an appointment to
On June 28th I called and made an appointment to go to the LensCrafters at 100 Main Street, White Plains, NY. My first contact there was your Office Manager, Javel Fuller. I had been going to Cohen Optical for approximately 30 years, however, their customer service has gone so far downhill, they will never come back. I have been working in the corporate world since 1970 at IBM, Kraft General Foods, Town/Village of Harrison, NY and Heineken USA and I was thrilled with my first contact at LensCrafters, Javel Fuller. It is huge for a company to have someone like Javel be the first person and face of LensCrafters for people coming in for the first time. He is the utmost professional, kind, compassionate, helpful, smiling and friendly person who knows your business inside and out. He is the epitome of what a gentleman and a professional should be. You are truly lucky to have him. He made my first experience there so positive that I have written a number of emails to all my friends and all the people I know about it. As White Plains is a City and a difficult place to work, I witnessed a couple of difficult customers and Javel handled them effortlessly. I give him all the credit in the world. He never missed a beat and never stopped smiling and being helpful. Again, this is HUGE in the corporate world to have someone like this representing your company ... HUGE!!!! People are always quick to complain but rarely take the time to write something nice or positive, so that is what I'm doing about Javel. I WANTED TO!!!! Thank you Javel for your outstanding personality and professionalism. Continued success to you. Lenscrafters is lucky to have you! Thank you!

DarleneRead More
4/29/2012 LensCrafters - Lens Crafter Customer Service: I wrote a message
Lens Crafter Customer Service:
I wrote a message about a month ago asking you to locate a frame style: Dy5555 Sku: 6377105 and the color: Burgandy. The size: 51-17-135. On our way home from Florida,
we stopped in Al at your Lens Crafters store(Brookwood Village ahopping center) to get info on this frame - Ryan was very helpful. I have been looking for this frame for awhile with no luck - except for Ryan's help. You wrote back and said I would have an answer within 48 to 72 hours - that did not happen. As I stated it has been almost a month. Please, let me know about this frame. Where I can purchase it and the cost.
Kathleen E. Bell

Kathleen E. BellRead More
11/29/2010 LensCrafters - Hello,I have had a wonderful experience with the

I have had a wonderful experience with the Lenscrafters store # 222 - 910 E. Woodland Ave. Springfield, Pennsylvania-19064-USA. Telephone 610-543-8622. I lost my glasses, and I went immediately went to Lenscrafters, and the customer service representative, named Ian Kapoosian took great care of my needs. He has an excellent customer service style, and he helped me to get a new pair of glasses within and hour.

A few days later, one of my lenses was knocked out of its groove by my young son. I immediatly went back to the store, and expained the situation to Ian. He told me that the groove on the lense was not done as well as it should have been, and told me that they would make a better lense within an hour. So that I could see to work on my computer, he placed the old lense back into the socket, and asked me to return in a short time. Due to a work situation, I have not gone back, but I do plan to go this afternoon, and pick up the new glasses.

As a sales person for a number of years, I know the importance of having excellent customer service, after the sale, and I experience this situation in dealing with Ian. He was very professional, concerned about the situation that had occured, and was very helpful. I will keep coming back to lense crafters because of the great service provided by employees like Ian.

JohnRead More
5/10/2010 LensCrafters - 05/09/10 I have several occasions to use the
05/09/10 I have several occasions to use the service of LensCrafters in Arlington Heights, IL. I required serious adjusting of my Eye Glass frame. They required expert service and experience that Service Representative; Grace M. offered to accomplish. She was customer friendly and professionally confident in this task. She met every expectation I could have when I entered your store. Her adjustments where excellent and comfortable. I had another occasion to return to your store when again Grace M. took the initiative to assist me again and took control of my request on a second pair of Glasses requiring radical adjustments and proper fitting. My vision was improved and the comfort in wearing them was excellent. In my opinion, Grace M. is a valuable asset to LensCrafters continued business and service to all their customers. I'm a Senior Citizen and wearing glasses for over 55 years, I will recommend Grace M. to all my Senior friends and their families. Thank you for such an excellent and highly skilled member of your service.

FrankRead More
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