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1/7/2012 LensCrafters Credit Card - I have a LensCrafters GE Money Bank credit card
I have a LensCrafters GE Money Bank credit card which now is a closed account. I used the card several years ago to make payments on a rather expensive set of glasses. After the glasses were paid for, I never used the card again. About two months ago, I received a letter from GE stating that the account was closed by GE Money Bank. That's fine -- I'll get another if I need it when I get new glasses. What I object to is the statement GE put on my credit report: Card cancelled by the issuer. This may not be the exact wording, but the message was clear that the BANK closed my account. This implies I was negligent or delinquent in payments or in managing my card account. I request that the statement be removed or changed to something like -- "Account closed due to inactivity" or "Account closed by holder due to inactivity. No Balance remaining." I know a cancelled card looks bad and can affect a credit report. Please remove the statement or tell me how I can get it removed. Thank you.

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