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7/11/2016 Lepan - I have tried several times to get in touch with
I have tried several times to get in touch with the customer service center for gigaset tablets. I was once sent to a website that did not work. I talked to the company's customer service again who gave me useless info. I was told that the first agent gave me an incorrect website address. Second agent gave me another address. It did not work any better than the first one did. In fact it was the same address. This is the worst cs to deal with. No answers to any problem. I am totally disgusted. By the way, I paid over $130.00 for 2 tablets. Great price. Lousy service.

marilynRead More
7/21/2014 I brought lepan tablet on 1/2014 I used it once
I brought lepan tablet on 1/2014 I used it once the tablet want turn on. customer gives you the run around. they ask for serial numbers.,you fill in all this information on line they say they will review it an get back to you. .an if they cant correct .their give a refurndan where to send the product. now remember you have a year wornity on the product I want them to give me the conformatioin number I need to send the tablet back. Im going to contact the better business agency. an report them I want my tablet fixed replace or a refund my name is rubt tutt I live in wash dc 20019 brought my tablet off qvc. im going to report them too their selling us products that doesn't work I paid over or 100 for that tablet .

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