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Leupold is the best optics for the shooting sports, general and wildlife observation, and the military and law enforcement communities.

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3/5/2017 Leupold - I returned my binoclars for repair and was told
I returned my binoclars for repair and was told they weren't repairable so they would be replaced but 8weeks later still no binoculars. From reading other reviews I now see this is the standard practice. Guess I should have read these befor I bought them, my bad and it won't happen again. Worst warranty service ever!!!!!!!!!!

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3/4/2017 Leupold - I returned my binoculars for repair on January 19
I returned my binoculars for repair on January 19 2017. I called was told they would replace them with a newer model because they don't make my model anymore but 8weeks later still no binoclars. Can' talk to anyone who can tell when I will get my new ones. What good is a warranty when you can't get a replacement in a timely manner? I will remember this when making my next optics purchase.

Dale Read More
12/27/2016 Leupold - returned 24x for repair a month ago and have had
returned 24x for repair a month ago and have had no success in speaking to someone on a return date. when you speak to someone in tech department, they always say they will return your call. never happens. have numerous items by leupold and like their product, but with their lack of concern for repair I'm changing my thoughts on purchasing any future products. they seem to forget who made the company so big. hopfully some higher up personnel will read this and start stepping on someones toes. if not it will be another company that goes down in history

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2/12/2016 Purchased a Leupold scope for my rifle - looking for the rebate
on 12/28/15 I purchased a Leupold scope for my rifle there was a rebate of 100 dollars I bought it from HUNTINGTONS SPORTSMAN STORE could you check and see if I am am going to get it my rebate tracking no is 3947322 and the product purchased was 030317662257

jim Read More
6/9/2015 Leupold - I sent 2 gold ring scopes in for repair and the
I sent 2 gold ring scopes in for repair and the turn around time was very fast.The first was a m8-6x-42mm that i wanted to verify point of aim adjustments holding reliability.The 2nd was a 25 year old m8-4x that had lost its carity and had been a great low power scope for me.I received both scopes back and to my surprise they shipped me a new fx-4x in place of my old scope and that one is really bright and clear.They also shipped back my padded blue box which was greatly appreciated.I own alot of Leupolds and Redfields and this was a first class job done by a great american company.This was my 1st time ever shipping a Leupold gold ring for repair and keep up the great customer service.

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9/12/2014 Leupold - This is unreal. I returned a pair of binoculars
This is unreal. I returned a pair of binoculars for some repair work that needed to be done. It was an older set that I had purchased second hand and had used for a number of years. Today I received a box on UPS with a brand new pair of binoculars. I have been using Leopold scopes for years, based on my uncles (that used to be a Brown Bear guide in Alaska working for P&L guide service) recommendation. He had always told me about Leopold's exceptional warranty work and now I have first hand experience. Leopold has won a lifetime customer here.
One thing I liked about this whole thing is that there was never any calls from them with excuses, questions, comments etc. They just did what they advertised that they do with no fuss.

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4/17/2014 I have a pair of Leupold binoculars that I have had for 35 years
I have a pair of Leupold binoculars that I have carried and used for almost 35 years. I recently (3months ago) asked for some replacement rubber eyecups for them as they ones on the binoculars are coming apart due to hard usage. I returned them to Leupold as requested for warranty service and was informed service turn around was running around 2-3 weeks. It has been over 3 months now (and several emails) but have received no response from Leupold. I currently own 6 Leupold scopes in addition to the binoculars. I will have to take this experience into consideration before buying another Leupold product.

O. G. Read More
10/31/2013 I would like to thank Leupold for the unexpected
I would like to thank Leupold for the unexpected gift that i received today, and it could not have arrived at a better time. I recently sent in a pair of 10x42 Cascades in for warranty work not expecting to get them back for a while maybe by the end of deer season. Much to my surprise 2 days before the general rifle season kicks off in central Texas I arrive home to a package on my door step. It was a package containing not the set of binoculars I sent in, but a brand new pair of 10x42 Cascades to replace my old ones. This was an amazing surprise to me. It was not a trick but a treat on Halloween for me. Thank you so much for your customer service in taking care of me. This makes me feel special and will always be a loyal customer of Leupold optics. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

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1/3/2013 Leupold - On 12/11/2012 I posted a comment about a positive
On 12/11/2012 I posted a comment about a positive experience I had with Leupold. It appears I was a bit premature. I have since not received the two small screws for my Leupold scope even after talking to two different customer service representatives. The last one assured me they were on the way. I even bought a new Leupold scope in the interim. Sure wish I could simply buy a set of screws instead of getting screwed on the phone with false promises. I sure hope I never need anything major done by this company.

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12/11/2012 Leupold Customer Service Review 12/12/12
To Whom it May Concern:
Called Leupold Customer Service regarding my PRW scope mounts. I either over torqued the screws or the recoil snapped two of them. Thus, I was in need of two small screws to replace the ones on my mounts. I contacted the Customer Service department via telephone. I waited over 20 minutes to get a service representative which is long but not bad for the holiday season. Given the lengthy wait time the representative listened to my problem and was very friendly, professional, and nice. I intended to pay for the new screws but the representative simply said he would ship some out to me at no charge. I think this is a good business decision and left me with a positive attitude about Leupold. It is the little customer service discretions that go a long way with customers.
Thought someone at the company would like to know.

John Caparell Read More
9/28/2011 Leupold - These people claim to put their customers first,
These people claim to put their customers first, but only until you get a big company to tell them they are producing a inferior product. Smith & Wesson agreed with me over the scope bases and rings for the 5oo caliber S&W pistol. Now they don't want to reimburse me for the product or my losses. What a scam they have going now. I can't get ahold of anyone that will discuss this with me. They just say go do what you have to.

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