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Levolor is the famous manufacturer of window blinds, shades, window treatments, draperies, and drapery hardware.

Levolor USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
4110 Premier Drive High Point, NC 27265-8343 Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-812-8181
Fax Number: n/a
Email Address: [email protected]

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1-800-752-9677Review Needed Please Comment


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3/1/2017 Levolor - In 2011 I purchased 41 cordless Levelor cellular
In 2011 I purchased 41 cordless Levelor cellular binds for my new home. Since then I have had to replace about 4 of them, paid for shipping the bind back to Levelor, and received the warrantied replacements in a timely manner. This last one was the blind in our bathroom that wouldn't retract. I explained to the customer service representative that our neighbors could easily see into our bathroom plus we are in the process of listing our home for sale. So we could not be without a blind because of these issues. I wanted to pay for a new one instead of having to ship the damaged one back for repairs.
The representative offered to send me the blind for free despite the fact that expressed my willingness to pay for the blind this time. It was one of the nicest things anyone representing corporate America has ever done for us. But since no good deed goes unpunished, the blind arrived two inches too long.
I called back and talked to another delightful individual who apologized (for sending me an expensive blind for free) and promptly arranged for another (free) one to be shipped to my home on an expedited basis. Again, I offered to pay because it's hard to complain about someone sending you a free blind. But they told me to simply donate the first one to Habitat for Humanity. And that is exactly what I will do.
Like another reviewer, Levelor no longer made the precise blind I ordered back in 2011. But the first representative did her utmost to match the replacement as closely as possible to my original order. The one that arrived (too long) is practically identical. But it wasn't a real issue anyway because the blind is the only one in our master bathroom.
If I could give Levelor six stars, I would. This is the most wonderful customer service experience I think I have ever had. And when construction is completed on the new home we are building, we will EXCLUSIVELY use Levelor Kirsch.

Curt RobbinsRead More
6/23/2016 I have 23 windows in my house. All Levolor. After
I have 23 windows in my house. All Levolor. After calling Lowe's for support I was given the 800 number for Levolor. There is no authorized service agency or factory representative in Texas.
The blinds need repair. I was told by customer service that since my blinds were installed in1993 that they no longer made parts for the 2-1/2 white wooden blinds.
I will pass the word that customers should select another brand, one that supports their product.

Kerry WallaceRead More
10/9/2015 Levolor - I was told by Fed Ex that my return of a large
I was told by Fed Ex that my return of a large cellular shade had been delivered to you on Sept. 15, 2015. Today it is October 9, 2015 and I have heard nothing from you since the day I talked with customer service (Tomika Edwards) on Sept. 4, 2015. Three days ago, I emailed an inquiry to your Ogden, UT office. We are wondering when we can expect a repaired or replacement shade, as guaranteed.
(As I was writing the above comment, I was holding the phone line for a customer service rep., who finally answered after 17 minutes. She informed me that her office in N.C. does the all the customer service communication, including overseeing orders and expediting delivery for your Ogden headquarters because you are not able to do it. Please tell me why there is such a disparity in your services.

jodiRead More
3/22/2014 I am looking for the Levolor signature series curtain rod
I am looking for the signature series a double curtain rod the Heritage. Do you know where I can buy this rod.

BeverlyRead More
11/24/2012 Levolor has great customer service!
Less than a year ago, I ordered a pair of custom-made blinds for my bedroom. They were great--they blocked light well and even drafts some. A couple of months ago, the cord mechanism started pulling out of the top. I contacted the store where I bought them, and they sent the blind in for repair. Within a couple of weeks of getting it back, the same thing started happening. THe store told me to call Levolor. I did, and they were fantastic. THey not only replaced the problematic blind, but also its perfectly ok partner, since they "might not match," all while being perfectly nice and friendly. Wow! You hardly ever get service like this. I'd order from them again in a heartbeat! In fact, I'm now considering replacing blinds in another room, just because of this!

f.b.Read More
5/7/2012 I have Levolor through out our Home and I need
I have Levolor through out our Home and I need cords for them,I am going to call right now but in the mean time,why don't they stock cords or roll of cord at the same place
you buy the Blinds.

Robert J OliveiraRead More
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