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The LG provides core technologies for cutting-edge digital products and is a world leader in digital display products including Plasma Televisions, LCD TVs and Monitors, and HDTV.

LG TV Electronics USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

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1-800-243-0000 Hint Needed Please Review


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8/5/2016 LG TV - iconnect to tv via desktop but no connect please
iconnect to tv via desktop but no connect please provied to suggest

chandrashekhar chourasia Read More
6/28/2016 LG TV - The volume goes down several times during a
The volume goes down several times during a program! What is the problem? No telephone number to call! I want my TV to work!

Dave Read More
3/15/2016 LG TV - why is it impossible to speak with a technical
why is it impossible to speak with a technical support person from your company regarding a problem with my 6.5 yr. old dryer model DLG2102W power on/off button not working? Is this on recall? Would appreciate speaking
with someone in the tech support dept to see what I need to replace and not be connected to parts companies
only as your distributors. Poorest customer service yet. Please respond to 714-633-1375 only.

marilynn Read More
9/23/2015 LG TV - searching user guide for cell phone LG-C441 to
searching user guide for cell phone LG-C441 to download.

gilles Read More
1/28/2015 LG TV - our community club in Brandon iowa is having an auction
our community club in Brandon iowa is having an auction to raise money for our community center. we would like to know if your company would donate something for our event. thank you

jackie Read More
10/18/2012 My LG TV 47LBSD purchased 10-18-07 started
My LG TV 47LBSD purchased 10-18-07 started recently with a plaid pattern sometimes, black screen sometimes, red or green shadows sometimes and then the final straw. It turns itself on and off and now the sound will go off and on at a whim. Note it is 5 yrs old to the month. It cost $2525.00. Even if their was a repair service close the cost of repairs would be throwing more good money away. When I checked the cost today the same tv was $994. I think I got ripped on first price and now I got ripped off in a bad product. It will take a one or two social security checks to buy another. This should not be a product you have to replace each year. I guess my only question is what can you do to make a unhappy customer happy if you care about your customers.

Lynn Read More
9/3/2012 LG TV - Dont know why when up arrow is pushed, goes up to
Dont know why when up arrow is pushed, goes up to about 18 then back to 3 Tried to reset by going Menue, Picture and Auto chnl reset. Still under warranty. 47 inch 009jf8m444 code47ld520. purchased at nellis AFB bx Stilll under warranty

Steve Read More
2/24/2012 LG TV - The letter below, has being sent to LG Corp. As of

The letter below, has being sent to LG Corp. As of now, not one reply from them
Subject line: Losing Faith in LG

Before you read my letter, let me point out, that you are a Consumer, just as I am.

Let me begin, by saying this. Just over Three years ago I was in the market for a New Television for my Family. I choice LG because of what I read, seen and heard about. Unfortunately, I now believe I may have made a grave error.

Now, the story. In Jan 04, 2009, I purchased your LG 50PG20, 50" Plasma T.V. It sure beat the old tube type Hitachi 27" that was 18 years old and still working. So, fast-forward to Feb 16, 2012. That evening as I sat down to watch the current news, the screen went black. There was sound coming from the speakers, but no picture. I thought that perhaps a HDMI cable wire or some wire, cable might have come loose. No loose wires. I powered down the Unit, re-started it, still a black screen with sound. I powered down again, unplugged the set for at least an hour or so. Same thing, plugged it in and still no screen, have sound. This took be by surprise!.
When I purchased this unit, I did not purchase any additional warranty, as I figured what could go wrong within five or more years. Remember my Hitachi, still works.
So, I have sent in, at least four letters, one phone call and one on-line chat to LG Canada . Everything is, Sorry can't help you as you do not have warranty. The biggest issue I have right now is, Three (3) years and one month, this unit is now useless. I mean, sure I could have "paid" for a repair person to come out, look at it and tell me it needs this or it needs that. By that time it would be well over $500.00 to start. Why bother then! One can go out and purchase a new Plasma for Five, Six or whatever hundreds of dollars.
I am more upset at the fact that this unit quit working into it's Third Year. This is where I have the issue. I'm a simple man, try to live a simple life, but when something like this happens, I am not happy.
I don't understand, where, "I", as Customer whom purchased a Quality Brand Name Product, ends up being that of a Poor Quality Preformer. I spend good money on an Entertainment piece of Technology, and now is nothing more than a 50" dust collecting Ornament. I feel betrayed. I feel that my Family and myself have being used, and Robbed of a Quality Product. .
I always do my best to purchase "Quality Brand Name Products" that have a very good Reputation in the Marketplace and as a "Good Sound Investment". I purchased an Hitachi, 20+ Years ago because I believed in a "Quality Name". This latest issue of the Failure of this LG TV makes me feel Used and Taken for a Ride. I feel that I have being "Used" by a Company whom, Prides and Values it's Products, not just for entertainment, but for what LG stands for in the World. If LG stands for "Life's Good" (Lucky-Goldstar) and promotes itself to the World, LG in my books, has Failed. Failed as a Reputable, Reliable, Leader in Innovation, and perhaps a Trusting Company!
At this point in time, I have no where to turn anymore, as the Customer Service Representatives are the front line for LG. They are taught with a set policy and that's that. This is why I am upset, mainly because of the Quality of this LG product.

I must add, one more thing here. When I did purchase and bring home this nice new LG Family Entertainment Unit, I send a letter along with my warranty papers. On this letter, I added that this was the first time I purchased an LG product and do hope it gives me the longevity and a lasting impression, as did my Hitachi, which still works, 20+ years old now. I also mentioned that this LG unit would influence me in future purchases of any LG product line. So far, it has not. LG as a whole, has not being there for the Customer. It has not being there to assure my Satisfaction.

I wish to thank you for reviewing and reading this letter.


Rocker Read More
2/20/2012 Last July I bought a 55" Smart LG TV, Model #.
Last July I bought a 55" Smart LG TV, Model #. 55LV5500 55-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV

I was delighted that my TV interacted with my computer, but here is where I run into a problem. It seems like whenever I use browse and get to the place I want to go, such as ESPN3.com, abc.com, etc. it always says I need to upgrade my browser.

Upon investigating, I found out where the browser is not and could not be updated except through an upgrade from you. PLEASE, PLEASE UPGRADE THE BROWSER TO THE MOST CURRENT VERSION.

Susann Read More
1/2/2012 We have owned a LG TV led television for two years
We have owned a LG TV led television for two years and it is great.
We just purchased a 42" LG Led model 42L-V4400 and are so disappointed. We were so pleased with the quality of the first one but this model is terrible. The sound quality is horrible and very annoying to listen to. We are truly surprised that LG would allow this sound to come out of their tvs.
We will be returning this as soon as possible.

mary Read More
9/17/2011 LG TV - This Bulli Babu from Himchal pradesh(baddi solan
This Bulli Babu from Himchal pradesh(baddi solan dt). I have Lg TV 7years old modle.I have problem in TV contact with customer care he send a service Engg. He chek the Tv and change the some parts I have pay Rs.600/-. After 15minutes the Tv was gives problem again he came remove the total board and he told some problem in board I want to take out and change the part and send back to you. I have agreed but still I didnt receive my board. Today I have discuss that guy he told that part is not availble waht can i do. This is not the correct answer. How lg provied such type of service and how can i ensure he fix the same bord or not. Please suggest what can i do. Finally the LG brand name was spoile. Please help us in this.

Bulli Babu Gudivada Read More
6/6/2011 I have a 55" plasma LG TV for 5 years. Now it is
I have a 55" plasma LG TV for 5 years. Now it is not showing picture. what is the problem?

Booboo Read More
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