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8/21/2016 LG Warranty - bought a lg optimus on 06/26/16 when someone calls
bought a lg optimus on 06/26/16 when someone calls you cant hear them on reg. speaker or on speaker checked vol. and alls turned up just cant hear anything

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6/10/2016 LG Warranty - Good Morning. I bought my phone thru Cricket about
Good Morning. I bought my phone thru Cricket about a month ago. What is happening is that when dialing or receiving calls I cant hear the person voice nothing . This has happened a lot . And it is not just happening to one person when I try to call them . I took it back to Cricket which told me that since 7 days has pass I needed to contact ya'll. How can you all help . Sorry I bought a LG STYLO 2

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5/7/2016 LG Warranty - Your mail has been sent successfully !Inquiry
Your mail has been sent successfully !
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Q . warranty? 05/07/2016 11:51:05
Sudenly unit is not linking with any input the screen remains grey then maybe sometimes, it flashes vertically -turns blue and connects for a while and if it does, it may eventuslly drop the connection also turning off the appliance. $2000 in 2010 0r 2011. serial 606mxdm1a786 product 37lcdlc-ud-alu-sll ?

10/13/2015 LG Warranty - Works like a charm!
Works like a charm!

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