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4/3/2017 I purchased your "Lia Sophia Beautiful Earrings in
I purchased your "Lia Sophia Beautiful Earrings in Antiquated Silver Planted P2" (blue earrings) several years back. at a "home party." Within a short time a stone fell out. The cost to me to ship the earring back was $10+ according to your company. Exorbitant since I can buy the earrings on eBay for $5.99l I glued the stone back in.

Now March 2017 and I am missing 3 more different stones; they are lost. I refuse to spend $10+ to send the earrings back for new stones; i can do a better job of glueing than Lia Sophia. Would you kindly send me two (2) of every size and shape of stone in the earrings???? I will do the glueing.

I'm also surmising that you are 'out of business.' You did not stand behind your products like the cute presentation lady told us. Or maybe it is time for the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU?" I feel your jewelry is junk!

I would appreciate that the Webmaster accept these comments; they are true; don't put on just the positive comments. I will be watching.


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4/13/2016 Lia Sophia - I have had Lia Sofia jewelry for several years,
I have had Lia Sofia jewelry for several years, although I am happy with it I need to know about your return policy. The jewelry is still in the original boxes.

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1/13/2016 Lia Sophia - My story is about the same as everyone else's, I
My story is about the same as everyone else's, I received an email on Dec. 26, 2015 telling me my item had ship. It's now Jan 13 and i have yet to see the earrings. I emailed them 2 times with no response. This is very bad business!!!

Johnnie Read More
12/7/2015 Please take me off the Lia Sophia mailing list
Please take me off your mailing list immediately. This is my work email and I do not want the email ads you're sending to this email address

Bonnie Read More
7/1/2015 Lia Sophia - This company is awful and I am frustrated
This company is awful and I am frustrated that there is nothing I can do to get my necklace replaced that I never wore that stones are missing.

Donna Read More
4/26/2015 Lia Sophia - i returned 2 items from lia shopia thinking that
i returned 2 items from lia shopia thinking that you were a decent company and would make good for my credit. to my surprise you went out of bussiness and i never recieved my credit . i spent 176 dollars which i never recieved any credit or jewerly. i was suriously thinking of getting in touch with the better bussiness brurea. lia sohia left a bad taste in my mouth. i realy would appreciate someone leasting to my problem. you can reach me at please contact me as soon as possible,before i seek legal advice. thank you marie voglino

marie voglino Read More
3/28/2015 Lia Sophia - In May I purchased $162 worth of jewelry My order
In May I purchased $162 worth of jewelry My order #is I 107449556 Date was 5/5/2013 advisor #3077824. I was told the jewelry came with a lifetime warrenty.
A pair of earrings item #21136 Rival is my favorite pair of earrings but the finish is wearing off the silver part and copper is showing thru,and they are becoming very dull.
Is there any way I can get these replaced?


Jane Read More

mary kay Read More
2/18/2015 Lia Sophia - I placed an order on December 6, 2014 for 9 items
I placed an order on December 6, 2014 for 9 items and only received 5 of them. They were not marked out of stock on the receipt....just weren't in the package with the rest of the items. I have not received a refund as of 2/1815 and it's impossible to reach anyone. You can't even reach them by email. I'm very disappointed in their lack of concern for their loyal customers. They don't even have the decency to communicate with their demonstrators!

I wish there was something else we could do to get some satisfaction here...or at least, get our money back!

Unfortunately, you can't even give them a negative rating since they won't let that happen either!

Barbara Read More
2/3/2015 In mid-November I attended a Lia Sophia Jewelry
In mid-November I attended a Lia Sophia Jewelry show. At the jewelry show, a representative talked about the benefits and differences in Lia Sophia jewelry and showed us all new items for the season.

One of Lia Sophia’s methods of getting people to purchase is by stating that there is a lifetime warranty on all jewelry no matter what happens to it. The rep said you could have a very minor issue with a piece of jewelry, and no matter what price that original piece was, you could return it and have a brand new item of the exact same type. (Deceptive trade practices violation – company knew at this time they were closing down).

The jewelry looked to be of average quality, but I felt it would be a great purchase with the lifetime warranty I would have on the items. So during this show I purchased $163 of items. The receipt for that purchase is attached. Due to the fact that I was purchasing rings, the Lia Sophia representative sized my fingers with their ring samples. It was determined that I was a size 5.

Upon receiving my items, the rings were way to large (falling off my fingers although they were a size 5 and despite the fact that I was professionally sized by their representative). I called Lia Sophia and the telephone agent told me that my only option would be to exchange the items. In order to exchange, they would first have to receive my items and then issue a certificate for the value of the items. I got two certificates on November 25th via email.

I ordered my items online on December 5th. Out of the items I ordered, several were said to be on backorder. I waited and waited and finally received some items. During this time I received messages from Lia Sophia that stated any unfulfilled orders would be refunded or processed later because items were still shipping from Canada. I just waited, Christmas passed, during this time my certificate expired but Lia Sophia kept telling me that items were still coming from Canada. Therefore, I never did attempt to reorder. They wasted my time and this kept me from being able to use the full value of my certificates. Now they refuse to refund the money, and the items I did not receive total $86.00 (Delicate One earrings - $28 and Pistachio Necklace $58). I tried to file a dispute with my credit card company, but they have told me that since my card is linked to a debit account, the bank will not honor a dispute.

Lia Sophia fails to realize that I paid $163 for these items in November. They were part of an exchange because I was incorrectly fitted (or their samples are not proportionate to the sizes of their actual products). I had no other option but to receive a certificate (per their telephone rep), and I used that certificate BEFORE its expiration date. During the time I waited for my products, I was told over and over again that I would be refunded if I did not receive items, or I would receive them late because they were coming from Canada.

Amy Read More
1/22/2015 Lia Sophia - I ordered earrings on November 22nd and I still
I ordered earrings on November 22nd and I still have not received them. I never thought this company would do this. I've read a bunch on comments and by the looks I probably wont get my earrings. thank god I didn't purchase anymore than $11.00 I'm always nervous about using my credit card online but anyways all I can do is hope my earrings come to me.

Kristen Read More
12/30/2014 Lia Sophia is the WORST company I've ever dealt
Lia Sophia is the WORST company I've ever dealt with. Their customer service is non-existent & they have managed to cheat me out of $30. I'm totally disgusted w/this company!! I tried to rate this company negatively, but of course, it wouldn't allow it.

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