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12/26/2016 Lifelock - life lock sucks
life lock sucks

john Read More
9/8/2015 Why are there so many different phone numbers for Lifelock?
Why are there so many different phone numbers...Rush Limbaugh gives one # on his radio ad and a different one on his website...the numbers on your own website are different from either of his..? I want to sign up but how do I trust anything?

Anne Read More
8/30/2015 Lifelock - PLEASE CLOSE MY ACCOUNT.

STEVE Read More
2/25/2014 Lifelock - Cancel policy
Cancel policy

Shirley Read More
7/20/2013 Lifelock - I believe someone masquerading as Technicians from
I believe someone masquerading as Technicians from Microtech are trying to get information and to persuade me to enroll with their company which will enroll me for a lifetime. They speak like East Indians but their names do not sound like East Indians I want to protect my property in the USA. Thank you.
Agnes Courtney

Agnes Read More
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