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12/27/2015 Lifeproof - I bought a "LIFE PROOF" case - iPhone broken
I bought a new iPhone. To protect it, I bought a "LIFE PROOF" case. It advertises security of all sorts, including water and drops. Weeelll, my phone was dropped, not a 6-foot fall, just from my purse. I called them, twice and was told that my phone was not covered, but they would be glad to send me a new case. New case? It's my phone that was damaged by the case , silly, was my thought. I am now trying to contact customer service to discuss my issue.
If it is not solved, this is "FALSE ADVERTISING". Numbers of people by the OTTER box and Life Proof because they believe the hyped ads, which in my case have been misleading.
My phone needs to be replaced, not by me but by the company that promised protect it.

wanda Read More
8/27/2015 Lifeproof customer service review 08.27.15
So sad when my Lifeproof case had a defect. Called them up to see if I could get a replacement for the charging door. They informed me that they didn't have a replacement door but would send me a new case with no charge to me. Well, the case they sent was the wrong size so I called them as soon as it arrived and they were super cool about their mix up. Apologised several times, put a rush on the new case and told me to keep the mixed up one. I know that I still gave them a 5, but that's because I was so shocked at how quickly they took the blame and how easy it was that they were going to send out a new one. The guy on the phone was super nice so I am super happy that is why I still gave them a 5!!

Resorted faith in Customer service Read More
6/3/2014 Lifeproof - Very slow customer service 40 min wait
Very slow customer service 40 min wait

Alec Read More
12/27/2013 Lifeproof - Their cases are great, though a little pricey, but
Their cases are great, though a little pricey, but their customer service is very bad. They shipped only one item of two identical items in error and when I waited a few days to make sure they didn't ship them separately and tried to call customer service, I was on perpetual hold for over 45 minutes and was about to hang up when someone did answer and took care of my problem.

Pete Read More
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