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3/31/2016 Lifetime Fitness - My kids ages 3 and 4 were banned from kids care
My kids ages 3 and 4 were banned from kids care for 7 days, for hitting another child. They cornered the child, which I realize is bad. This is the first time they have done anything, and while I agree what they did was bad, I disagree with the punishment (3rd offense punishment), when this was their first offense. I felt bombarded by the staff and caught off guard. They were not willing to work with me. Making me feel awful, leBasically, my kids are awful and they can't come in for 7 days. This isn't my only complaint with lifetime. As the customer, we have no say. It doesn't help to talk to a manager (Jeff May), because you are wasting your time. Whatever staff says....goes. He will not work with the customer at all. I have punished my kids, but at their ages, they don't know the difference between 2 days or 7 days. 7 days is punishing me. I thought the punishment was harsh and we were treated poorly. I have joined another gym today, and looking to discontinue lifetime.

Renee Read More
12/1/2015 Lifetime Fitness - My terrible experience with Dana Tabor, the head
My terrible experience with Dana Tabor, the head of Member Service at Lifetime fitness, Berkeley Height, NJ.
It all started with a phone conversation on Monday afternoon after Thanksgiving. Nick, who works for Lifetime, called me to encourage my husband to resume his membership. So, my husband and I were at the Lifetime for membership add-on this evening. After signed the membership form, I spent sometime with Nick, tried to understand and confirm various charges - membership fee, prorated due, service fee, add-on fee etc. They are pretty confusing and some are different from what I was told on the phone. After a careful review, I decided not to do the add-on and to terminate my membership as well. At this point, Dana Tabor came out and began to accuse me of yelling and being rude to Nick while she was processing the termination. Not only she refused to hear any explanations or complains, she also threatened to order me to leave. I felt to be very much mistreated just because I wanted to cancel the membership. It was obvious that Dana Tabor was unprofessional and unfriendly. Her personality was inappropriate for a head of Member Service and her behavior has damaged the image of Lifetime.

MichelleRead More
4/18/2014 Lifetime Fitness insulted me then called the sheriff's department
Staff name Dena spoke to me like a kid and raised her voice at me. After I got upset and raised my voice and told her to shut up because she kept insulting me. She called the sheriff and told them a lie saying I made threats to her. The worst part is other staffs laugh and made comments when I was wrongly accused and walking out with the sheriffs. I sent a email to customer service at I hope to hear from the cooprate office.

JONG Read More
10/8/2013 Sorry for your bad experience at Lifetime Fitness
Sorry for your bad experience, mjolie. I would feel victimized also. Truly, some people believe "might is right".

BarbaraRead More
10/8/2013 Lifetime Fitness - Sorry for your bad experience, mjolie. I would
Sorry for your bad experience, mjolie. I would feel victimized also. Truly, some people believe "might is right".

BarbaraRead More
6/21/2012 Lifetime Fitness - Staff going monkey,I had a bad experience with a
Staff going monkey,
I had a bad experience with a staff member this evening while I tried to go for a work out. While I tried to explain to the staff that I wasn't going to give him any of the other memberships temporary or not out of my purse he insisted that I couldn't have them. I was given these temporary membership cards by another staff member for the use of my two twin boys.
I have two young boys who are almost 12 yrs. old and shouldn't for the comfort of parents who have younger children in family dressing room. I asked staff member to help me resolve this issue for a few months while waiting for boys to turn twelve. I was given temporary cards for the boys to use to change in the men room instead, now clearly this staff miss understood the use and the intent for which I had been given the cards. He still wouldn't let me in and wanted to write me up for not letting him have the cards, first of all they were in my purse and he has no right to go through my purse for cards what is he the card police? And secondly I wasn't using the cards so what harm could there be? All I wanted was to work out not to have some goof off try to take something out of my purse he had no business addressing since he had no clue.
What he should have done was ask me who gave me the cards and that he doesn't think I should have them and bring it to my attention not try to take anything from me it wasn't a gun. Javier Perez staff at Lifetime Fitness is another muscle genius pushing his weight around instead of using his brain.

mjolieRead More
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