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Linksys by Cisco is powerful home networking. Linksys made their name in routers and they now make everything for your wireless home.

Linksys USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
120 Theory Drive
Irvine, CA 92617
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-823-3000
Fax Number: 1-949-823-4698
Email Address: n/a
Tech Support Phone Number: 1-800-326-7114

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-546-5797 Option 3


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4/21/2016 Zero Stars!!! First, Linksys is no longer
Zero Stars!!! First, Linksys is no longer affiliated with Cisco, it is now Belkin. I attempted to order a router through Linksys on a Thursday. They claimed there was a system upgrade in progress and my router would ship the following Tuesday. I called customer service Wednesday to determine the shipping status. Reading from a script, I was told there was a system upgrade and everything was taking longer than usual. Called again Thursday and got same script read to me. I asked for more clarification, a projected shipping date, and to speak with a supervisor...none of that happened. I called Monday, started to get the same script, stopped them, stated I wanted an answer to my question instead of a scripted excuse. After a 4 minute wait, I was told the order was stuck in their system because of the upgrade and I would need to call the following 800 number to cancel my order and then re-place the order. I explained that the 800 number given was the same number I just called to reach customer service, the said, "Yes it is." I asked if I was speaking with a customer service rep. I was told, "Yes." I asked why he couldn't handle the problem now. He said I would have to call the 800 number he gave me. (total BS and beyond poor customer service) I hung up out of pure frustration. Because of my stubborn nature, I called the 800 number. I reached a female rep. this time. After giving her my case number and order number, she had no clue what to do. I hung up and called back. This time I reached the same guy I had talked to before. Now he was more than happy to help me. I asked why he couldn't do that before and he said I needed to call the 800 number he had given me. (insanity) I demanded that my order be cancelled immediately. He claimed he could do that and it would happen that day. Fed up at this point, I demanded the order be cancelled while I was on the phone with him and that an email confirming the cancellation be sent to me. He said it could take up to a week for an email to be sent. I told him I would either receive the email confirmation today or the next call they would receive would be from my attorney, I hung up. I received the email 3 minutes later. Now, 3 days later, I received an email informing me that my order has been shipped!!!!!!! I called customer 'disservice' again. The female rep. I spoke with assured me the order had been cancelled, I had not been billed, and the router had not been shipped. I asked why I received an email stating just the opposite. She said the email was a mistake and the order had actually been cancelled. I asked what would happen if she happened to be wrong, and the router has been shipped. She said I would need to contact them and PAY for return shipping. Then I would receive a refund to my card within 2 to 5 weeks after they received the router. I have used Linksys (Cisco) products for many, many years. Now, if someone gave me a Linksys product, I'd throw it away as quickly as humanly possible just to avoid ever needing to deal with them again.

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9/15/2015 Linksys support really sucks!
support really sucks!

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7/27/2015 Linksys - Did not fix problem charged 29 for 1 hour of no
Did not fix problem charged 29 for 1 hour of no help

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7/14/2015 Linksys - Today I spoke to Ron to explain that my wifi
Today I spoke to Ron to explain that my wifi configuration that I paid 29.95 for 16 days ago was not working and the message was that it was not configured. I felt the problem was related to the earlier service on my desk top. He assured me that it was the computer but their engineers could "fix" it for me for a $119.00 6 month service fee. He said I would have to take it into Apple for a $200. one time fee otherwise. When I balked, he lowered the price to 79.95 for a 3 month service fee. I said I would have to think about it and that I wanted to call Apple first. He tried to talk me out of it, but I insisted. I called Apple who walked me to the wifi settings and noted that it was turned off, advised me to turn it on, and charged me nothing.
It is disheartening to see companies like yours so sleazy and taking advantage of people by not being upfront and honest.

Carole Read More
4/25/2015 Just installed a new linksys router to update an
Just installed a new linksys router to update an older model. Wouldn"t communicate with my wireless printer. Called tech support and was on remote tech support and phone for over an hour. They went through my computer and told me dozens of things wrong with it and for $249 they could fix my computer and get my printer working. I declined and they stopped the support. My Son-in Law came over a short time later and had it up and running in less than 15 min. I am done with linksys and when this one needs replacement I will look elsewhere. Poor customer service for a brand new product. Shameful.

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11/4/2014 Linksys - Horrible customer service. Worst technical
Horrible customer service. Worst technical experience ever

Itcalifornia Read More
9/30/2014 Linksys - they suck and pressure sales.Real long wait time
they suck and pressure sales.
Real long wait time to talk to a supervisor

tonyzawa Read More
2/18/2014 Linksys - After spending an hour with support, I was told
After spending an hour with support, I was told that my E2100 was defective and that I would be getting a replacement. I was given a RA # and told to return the unit. When I went to the E-mail that they sent me, I couldn't get into the that they sent me. Again another phone call to find out that the ra # didn't exsist. I was given another #. I sent it back and have not heard from them since. If I do get a replacement, it will not be a Linksys.

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8/4/2013 Linksys - I called Linkys customer service for simple router help
I called your customer service for simple router password help. What I got was someone telling me that I couldn't have a password because of some spyware and cookies thing. She told that I couldn't install a password cause it would cause my network to go down. But they said they could fix my problem by me purchasing a 179.00 dollars spam remover and fixer.
I think that is a bunch of stupidity. She also told me that a program that I would get online for FREE wouldn't fix it. I hate to tell you it did work. I have a password now.
Granted I got the password only because I had to connect my printer to my new router.
So it was by mistake but I didn't have to pay 179.00 dollars to get the password. I think your tech support is just a easy way for you to prey on people that don't know what they can do for free and get money that they don't need to spend. PLEASE EVERYONE WATCH OUT FOR LINKSYS SUPPORT THEY ARE MONEY HUNGRY LIARS...

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6/25/2013 Linksys - We ordered and received from the linksy online
We ordered and received from the linksy online store a linksy 'RE 1000 wireless n-extender. I have spent the last week trying to set it up using the software that was included but to no avail. I have been in contact with advanced tech support everyday and still no setup. First I had network errors according to tech support. Paid $220 to take care of that. Still no setup. Finally after a week of trying we have decided to return the extender and it has taken over 3hours of phone calls to get someone to tell us what we need to do so we can return this item and get a refund. As of this moment we are still trying my rating would be no stars.

Judy Clark Read More
8/5/2012 I had forgotten my Linksys password. The tech
I had forgotten my Linksys password. The tech that I spoke with walked me thru the process. She was extremely patient and resolved my issue at mo charge.

Cheryl Read More
5/23/2012 Linksys - Worst Router and Serice by far!!! I buy this E900
Worst Router and Serice by far!!!
I buy this E900 wireless router and upon installing I get terrible download speed on my PC when connected wirelessly. I call the customer care to get a replacement, instead they tell me they would first troubleshoot if its really defective?! They suggested me to get a 20$ troubleshooting insurance serive. Are you serious?! First you sell me a defective router and then you ask me to pay 20$ more to fix it! This is insane,why am I supposed to waste my time and energy TESTING your faulty equipment?! I wouldnt have mind to it if the so called troubleshooting was quick and the customer support care person knew what he was doing. I was kept on call for more than 1 Hr, while the customer care tried to figure out how to troubleshoot the router. There were long pauses 5 to 8 mins where he wouldn't say anything even after me asking what do I need to do next!!

So after a whole 1 hr when the care guy couldnt figure out what was wrong with the router I was told he needs to check with his manager and would give me a call back. Its been 2 days now I havent heard from them. WORST Customer care service!!!!

All I wanted was to get my router replaced cause the one i was sold doesnt work!!

logan Read More
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