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1/4/2017 Liquidation Channel - I called the phone number for customer service and
I called the phone number for customer service and was given the choice to hold or get a call when a service person could talk to me about the problem I was having, it's been over an hour and no call. The problem is that when I made my last purchase I was to type in the code vault20 and get an additional 20% off, well the web site wouldn't let that go through. So I paid more for the item then I should have, so I would like to clear this up or cancel the purchase. This happened about a week ago on another item I wanted to buy. If it doesn't work maybe it needs to be fixed or something needs to be done, like some information about the offer if it isn't everything on the vault clearance sale.


CarolRead More
3/19/2014 Liquidation Channel - Hi. I ordered this ring in my usual size 7 but
Hi. I ordered this ring in my usual size 7 but maybe because the front part of the ring is wide, it is too tight and won't go all the way down my finger. I love it but can't wear it and would like to either try a larger size or return it. All the other rings and settings from you have fit but this one. lc13689670. thank you.. Please email me back and let me know what can be done

babsRead More
12/11/2013 Question on purchases from Liquidation Channel
my ID # is 6338 and 6070, i have a 2 questions.

1. You send me two discount coupons with code Happy5* and Holiday10*I try to use those by purchasing online,it wasnt work. ???

2.The same day I ordered 2 purchases.One order send 11/09/13,#LC13194366, but other / # LC13191362/ was not yet.

I do not want lose those gifts.

Thank you.

NinaRead More
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