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6/10/2014 Why is Listerine Vanilla Mint Mouthwash no longer available?
Why is Listerine Vanilla Mint Mouthwash no longer available? All the others taste like medicine.

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1/21/2014 Unable to find Listerine toothpaste is it discontinued?
Since december I have been unable to find Listerine toothpaste anywhere! Not CVS not Walgreens. Not any supermarkets in the Boston area. What is going on??

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7/26/2013 does clear mint listerine zero contain fluoride
does clear mint listerine zero contain fluoride thank you

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1/8/2013 Listerine - been dialing the 800 no. for two days, always "all
been dialing the 800 no. for two days, always "all whomever is suppoed to answer is always busy, or "assiting other customers", either hire more people or make a better product so you will not get so many calls-- problem is the Listerine I bought, says "intense " or deep clean, it feels like I ate a lemon, it is sour and sucks all the moisture out of my mouth, it is very uncomfortable, have used Listerine for years and am NOT happy with this version, cannot get coupon,because you have to sign up for something I do not want, you are not customer friendly,

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12/5/2011 Listerine - cool

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10/18/2011 Do you guys still make the Listerine Intense?
Do you guys still make the Listerine Intense?

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9/7/2011 Listerine - This particular assignment is about a product that
This particular assignment is about a product that is currently owned by the Johnson and Johnson Company, the product in discussion over here is Listerine mouthwash. Listerine is one of the most best-known mouthwash brands in the world. Listerine owns a very big market share of the worlds mouthwash industry, as it is one of the best-known mouthwash brands in the world. Listerine also faces many problems even though it owns a large amount of market share in the world, the problems that is being talked about is that a product like Listerine is that it is considered to be medicinal and that perception inhibits a lot of consumers from buying the mouthwash product.

Listerine is a brand that pioneered the mouthwash category globally. The brand, which is 100 years old, was named after its inventor Joseph Lister. The brand over these years changed hands many times. The original brand owners were Warner-Lambert, which was later, acquired by Pfizer. In 2008, the brand again changed hands to Johnson & Johnson. Listerine is one the largest mouthwash-selling brand in the world. Listerine is a brand of antiseptic mouthwash its original formula has a notoriously strong flavor, although variations have been released that are marketed as tasting milder. The product is marketed under the slogan "Kills germs that cause bad breath". It was named after Joseph Lister who promoted the idea of sterile surgery by sterilizing instruments.

Listerine Mouthwash has been on pharmacy shelves for 124 years, and for much of that time it has thrived on its reputation as the brand that “kills the germs that cause bad breath." In the1980s, growth became sluggish. Listerine lost market leadership to Scope and private labels. It began to be seen as cold, old-fashioned, authoritarian, serious and stuffy.
In the 1990s there were many attempts to re-position Listerine. It became embroiled in the breath game with other brands, but couldn’t shake its stodgy, authoritarian heritage. Consumers saw ghosts of old campaigns, and closed their ears to bad-breath lectures. This was bad enough for the base brand, but it also gave no solid platform for launching brand extensions—essential for growing the franchise long-term.
Added to this, after more than a hundred years, a major shift was starting to take hold with consumers. They had been preoccupied with bad breath, but were now becoming more and more aware of plaque, tartar and gingivitis.
Listerine needed a new point of difference to capitalize on these changing attitudes. Research pointed to healthier gums as a compelling, and potentially ownable benefit. We seized on it.
Then, in a serendipitous development, clinical data showed that Listerine reduced gingivitis better then brushing and flossing alone.

Owner of the brand Listerine that is Johnson & Johnson says the product is specifically designed for those parents who are trying to educate their children into good oral care habits, in this way the company is targeting the market in a very good way by expanding it with including children.
Today marketers talk about creating a category to be a no. 1 brand. Listerine can best describe this lesson. This brand was the not a great success until the smart marketers of Listerine created a condition called Halitosis (a medical term for bad breath). Before that bad breath was never taken seriously. The brand was positioned as killer of bacteria that causes bad breath in mouth. As a result, till date Listerine is the one of the highest sold brand in oral care segment. In 1914 it became so popular it got the credential to be one of the first prescription products to go as OTC and was immediately followed by other mouthwash products.
Thus, Listerine became market leader in the category. To utilize this numero uno position, Warner-Lambert Pharmacy Company experimented brand extension of Listerine into toothpaste, for treatment of dandruff and dry scalp, beauty treatment for skin, antiseptic for cuts, deodorant and after-shave lotion. Till 1976, it was also marketed as remedy for cold and sore throat.

In the 1980s, Listerine started losing its numero uno position to Scope and other private labels. Scope, the brand form the sable of Procter & Gamble, was positioned opposite to Listerine. Contrary to Listerine, it was positioned as a mouth wash brand that “tastes good". Very shortly thereafter, Scope became largest selling mouthwash brand. Listerine was now considered as old-fashioned brand. During 1990s several re-positioned attempts were made but it was not gaining required momentum.

Meanwhile Pfizer acquired the Warner-Lambert Pharmacy Company in $90 billion. This deal made Pfizer the second largest pharmacy company overnight and with few other brands, Listerine was now in Pfizer’s hand. Listerine was still losing its market share and there was no platform for brand extension. While going through market research data, brand managers of Listerine accidentally came across a research outcome that proved that Listerine was also reducing gingivitis better then brushing and flossing. Eureka! The new positioning platform for Listerine was made. But here they also wanted to make sure that this positioning does not make Listerine an occasional remedy rather then a preventive daily oral care brand. The Brand Mascot, Action Hero was created to fight gingivitis by Ad Agency. The result was immediately visible in balance sheet. With high brand recall value of Action Hero, Listerine again gained No.1 position leaving Scope behind.
Listerine also provides customer solution services to those customers who may have any doubts regarding the product. The company provides customer solution services to the consumers through its hotline numbers and its customer service websites, customers can call these hotline numbers and ask for solution for their problems regarding the products or they can post questions on the website and then receive their answers.

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4/13/2011 Listerine - what is the difference among all the liquid
what is the difference among all the liquid listerines..some are for plaque...some for tartar...I want one to fight both, but do not want anything for you sell small bottles anywhere? I have had ones I do not like the taste of and this time I want to know what I am getting before I purchase that big is not cheap in price....your phone number should be on the label! It used to be...thanks, si

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11/27/2010 I spilled a bottle of Listerine at the entrance of
I spilled a bottle of Listerine at the entrance of my home. It spilled on marble and on the wood floor insise How can I clean this to stop the sticky ness?

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9/16/2010 j'utilise listerine depuis hier midi, tout l'après
j'utilise listerine depuis hier midi, tout l'après midi j'ai eu comme des petites peaux sur l'intérieur des joues et des lèvres. J'ai recommencé le soin après mon brossage des dents avant de me coucher, ce matin, j'avais beaucoup de dépot sur les lèvres. Je n'ai pas changé de dentifrice depuis plus d'an an, c'est bien les bains de bouches au listerine qui semblent provoquer une réaction. Avez vous une explication et que dois-je faire? merci

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