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8/29/2015 Little Caesars - Hair on our Little Caesar Pizza - Gross!
Hi yes, yesterday around 9 pm we ordered 3 pepperoni pizzas from y'all. When we got home we started eating until my husband said he felt sick I said why he showed me a dark long hair baked into the pizza. That he also had in his mouth. Some of it but it's still attached in the pizza. We never had problems with y'all we always buy from y'all. But my husband literally puked he doesn't get grossed out easy but he did we threw all threw boxes away and kept the one with the hair in a ziplock bag and took pictures to. We want our money back. I have the receipt. But there's no question asked if I have to take the pizza to the location I will. I did message the location on Facebook since no one answered my call yesterday night. All I want is my full money back for 3 pepperoni pizzas including the tax they charged $16.24. I will also include a pic of the charge to my bank to confirm my receipt total.

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