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2/23/2015 Livescribe - This company's customer service is awful. I
This company's customer service is awful. I recently bought one of their pens. It worked fine for a few weeks, but now I am having technical issues with it. You cannot get phone support and their response to e-mail's has been slow to non-existent. Definitely I would not recommend. It's a good product when it works, but unfortunately if you have issues, the customer service and support is terribly inadequate.

John Read More
12/6/2013 I received terrible customer service from Livescribe
I received terrible customer service from Livescribe. I tried ordering one of their products from their web store. They declined my card stating it was likely due to a billing address problem, inviting me to fix it and try again. So I checked it and tried again. Again it was denied.

I checked with my bank and found two pre authorizations on my account. The bank had approved both transactions and were pacing holds on my funds until the charges came through.

I contacted Livescribe Customer Service and was told that Livescribe declined the transactions due to their their "fraud detector". The representative indicated their processes were very picky and the declining the transactions was done to protect me. They wouldn't complete the transaction over the phone using one of the existing pre authorizations and would only send my bank a fax indicating that no charges would be processed.

Basically, they refused to sell me the product. I wanted the Livescribe3 pen as a gift for my son. The company has left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth.

Greg Read More
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