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0870 0106622Remain silent through all the prompts.


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10/12/2010 LloydsTSB Credit Card (UK) - Is it me, or is it virtually impossible to find
Is it me, or is it virtually impossible to find your way through the minefield of "information" on the system when you want to make a query or complaint, yet if you want to apply for a credit card there is one macro to press ,and hey presto!, with the power of electricity you are connected immediately...interesting.
Goodbye Lloyds, hello next bank whoever you may be.

Frustrated PhilRead More
10/11/2010 LloydsTSB Credit Card (UK) - 11/10/10. Absolute shambles. I took out a new
11/10/10. Absolute shambles. I took out a new credit card at my local branch in July and was assured that the first three months would be interest free on purchases. Had my first statement, no interest. Had my second statement and interest was charged to my balance. I phoned LLoyds and spoke to a very "helpful" lady who apologised profoundly and explained that she had updated the system to show interest free for three months while I was on the phone.....Job done. I won't reveal her name or branch at this stage.
Next statement received last Friday...yes you've guessed, interest on my balance. Spoke to a very "helpful" gentleman who assured me that there was no record of any discussion or notes against my account!!!! Being absolutey naffed off at this point I got hold of my debit card and said I would pay off the balance and cancel my card. At this point there was a sudden change in attitude and here come the apologies again with the caviat that they couldn't do anthing about it now as "it was late on Friday afternoon". It was 4:30pm by the way. I gave him my mobile number and was assured that this would be cleared up on Monday by his manager and that they would contact me. It is now 3:45pm and guess what? yes, spot on, no contact from anyone. Again, I will not reveal the name of the gentleman or the branch at this stage. This will all be detailed in my formal complaint to my local branch tomorrow when I will have to take time off work and call in.
The frustration with all this is I am in the same position as The Doc above in terms of cash tied up, plus several personal accounts at Lloyds within the family,plus a business account. If I don't receive a satisfactory solution tomorrow, I will seriously consider moving everything to another bank.

PhilRead More
5/25/2010 LloydsTSB Credit Card (UK) - Totally inept. I accidentally credited a credit
Totally inept. I accidentally credited a credit card that had no balance in March and to date have not recieved the refund I requested - apparently a cheque was issued to me on 21 April but no one can tell me when it was sent or why it hasn't arrived; despite them having the correct address. To date I have spent nearly 1.5 hours on the phone trying to get an explanation, have had two promises of calls back from customer services and zero sucess. They appear to be incapable of organising a party in a brewery.

AmRead More
4/28/2010 LloydsTSB Credit Card (UK) - A totally useless company and a waste of taxpayers
A totally useless company and a waste of taxpayers cash.I have a 999 credit expert rating.(the best) and £25 k in savings. Yet they refuse to give me a card.An example of total mismanagement by the government.It is because of the likes of Lloyds that the country is in the state it is in. Doctor Andrew F

Andy (The Doc)Read More
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