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6/16/2016 Loan Depot - I am a DAV approximately 12-15 months ago i had a
I am a DAV approximately 12-15 months ago i had a Home mortgage loan through you. I payed you all from my checking account. The payment came out automatically.Somehow you folks misapplied my payment which made me late. I also got into hot water with the VA. I called and you all admitted the error was on your side. I had documentation to prove my grievance.Due to your mistake. Loan depot cost me 100pts on my credit score.I filed a complaint through the better business bureau at a 40.00 fee. I went from a 715-730 to a 600-620 credit score. To this day you people have not done anything to remove this derogatory report from my credit account. I will seek out legal advice on suing Loan Depot. My score has went back up to a 640-660 no thanks to Loan depot. I can't see where you people have done anything to correct this error.If you can't fix this, I will go everywhere Facebook etc anywhere on the internet to let people know what to expect when dealing with Load depot... I am J.L.Cincioni 540-721-1571

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5/5/2016 Loan Depot - We would like to thank loanDepot for the
We would like to thank loanDepot for the outstanding service during the process of our loan. We have never applied for a loan on line we weren't sure if this would work. Nickolas Toscano and Brandon Stacey was very knowledgeable .
They guided us through the complete process. We will refer other people to loanDepot because they are trust worthy and they will tell you the truth. Thank you for a job well done!

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9/2/2015 Loan Depot - I am a Veterian wanting to refinance my Mortgage.
I am a Veterian wanting to refinance my Mortgage. Since 2012, but had been taken advantage by other Mortgage companys. Where I had lost alot of money, for Pest Control, Appraisels. But LoanDepot kept their word, and not only were we able to finalize the loan with less than a month. Thank Loan Depot, Jeff Ko, and Caroly Loung, which were very helpfull and patient, and very honest in what they do. Again Thank You

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