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Lord & Taylor is not only at the forefront in fashion and they set significant trends in the retailing industry.

Lord and Taylor Stores USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
424 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-391-3344
Fax Number: 1-212-768-0743
Email Address: [email protected]

Lost or Stolen Gift Card: 1-800-223-7440
Bulk Gift Card Orders: 1-800-223-7440
Lord & Taylor Credit: 1-866-465-8292

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-223-7440 Review Needed Please Comment


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6/26/2017 Lord and Taylor - I have spent all morning trying to get through to
I have spent all morning trying to get through to customer service so that I can have my order shipped overnight as I have to go out of town. I am unable to get through to anyone. I bought multiple items. My order # is 2000293943. I am now going to have to return all items if I do not receive them by 6/29.

This should not be so difficult.

Mary Ripperger Read More
5/20/2017 To Whom it May Concern at Lord and Taylor: (I
To Whom it May Concern at Lord and Taylor: (I Give Shavon in customer service the 5 Stars)
A week ago, I tried to order swim wear and apply a E-Gift Card to my total bill and was passes around from department to department because all three ladies kept telling me to put in the first 9 numbers under the bar code. After two hours and three different staff members, I finally gave up and placed the order without my gift card. Today, I talked with the service department again. This time I spoke to Shavon that didn't know why I was having a problem....walked me thru and said I needed to put in the last nine digits and bingo my gift card applied. I applaud Shavon because as soon as I told her it was a E card, she looked up how to run it thru. She did not pass me from dept. to dept. I carry Lord and Taylor's black card so you know I spend some money in your store. I just wished I had gotten Shavon the first time I called. Lord and Taylor's should be training all there staff to know these answers. Pay Shavon extra to train your staff!! Thanks Again Shavon!!! Lord and Taylor I love your clothes...but you also need someone to update your computer system....you are so outdated!!!

Denise Read More
4/23/2015 Lord and Taylor - I now work across the street from Lord and
I now work across the street from Lord and Taylor's 5th ave store in NYC. It has been many years since I shopped at LT. In January 2015 I reapplied for a credit card. I send may lunch hours in LT as you can imagine.
It is only three months later and I will consider spending time there due to the rude treatment i received from one credit services rep. On April 3 I paid the 15 dollar balance on my bill. yes just 15 dollars. When I went to make a purchase this week I was transferred to credit services by the sales associate, my cc did not clear the sale. That rep must have worked for the IRS she was rude and arrogant demanding payment. I paid on time she was wrong and the system was wrong. The problem was fixed by a kinder rep later. but this person has turned me off to shopping at LT. it takes all kinds yes. But I will go to Macys for lunch. thank you

libliba Read More
11/6/2014 Lord and Taylor - Please have someone call me as I would like to
Please have someone call me as I would like to give a compliment to L&T regarding my shopping in NYC. My phone # is. Thank you

Marguerite Read More
12/26/2012 Lord and Taylor Customer Service Review 2013My
Lord and Taylor Customer Service Review 2013

My name is Aja Wright I made a purchase with your customer service line on November 19, 2012 of Coach shoes Order# 3100856055 for the amount of $83.34, I called back the same day to cancel the order because I found he shoes at a cheaper price, upon calling back I was notified that I would not be able to cancel my order and that my only option was to refuse the order upon receipt. When I received the Order I refused the order and it was then sent back to your location. Giving the order a few days to be returned I checked the tracking number that was given to see that the shoes was returned to you on 11/26/12. I then gave it a few more days to get in the system expecting that I should receive a refund within a week, As of today 12/26/12 I have yet to receive a refund or call related to my issue, The only thing that I get is the same excuse that it has been escalated and our managers are looking into it, and we are so sorry we have been busy, from every customer service rep that I have spoken with. I have called on:
I have sent emails on
On 12/12/12 I received an Email from a Terry K Informing me that Heather took over my case and that she was to contact me about this issue, again as I stated before I have yet to hear from anyone. I have been more than patient with this matter. I have been told that this was sent to the escalations department and given a case # 00197627, what is the point of an escalations department when you don’t receive a call or anyone to follow up with you on the matter.

This is a huge inconvenience as well as disturbing to think that a store such as Lord & Taylor can be so careless with its customers. While I realize that things happen I think that it is a bit ridiculous that when I call I would be put on hold and unable to speak to a Supervisor, and even when I hang up after being put on hold for 30+min that no one would be decent enough to call me back or follow up on my issues. I have left me Cell phone number as well as my email address expecting to hear from someone. This is a true indication that Lord and Taylor has no compassion for its customers and very poor customer service skills.

Aja Read More

DAVID Read More
7/6/2011 Lord and Taylor - I understand what you went through. No one
I understand what you went through. No one deserves to be treated like that. But before you criticize the lady, try looking in a dictionary for the proper spelling of most of your words in this paragraph. Shows your lack of education.

Nancy Read More
5/29/2011 Lord and Taylor - Today (5/28/11) I was looking everywhere for a
Today (5/28/11) I was looking everywhere for a dress, my friend Anna said go to Lord and Taylor's at Westfarms mall. Overall, I regret going there. My mother and I were looking for a dress and found one on a rack the dress was $147 and the sign above said 40% off. When we brought it to the register the manager of the dress department Vivian Haywood was so rude, ghetto, and unprofessional. She refused to give us the 40% off with all this low life attitude she had. I asked for the general manager's number. Vivian had the nerve to write down the number with one digit missing. My mother and I went back in to the store where another nice lady was helping us and explained to her about what happened and Vivian came back again. Vivian started talking all this whatever, whatever, whatever, obviously her vocabulary is small and she has no customer service skills. Vivian had the nreve to turn around and say ha ha you won't get %40 percent off. That's when I gave her a picece of my mind. Manager's are usually preofessional, educated, and cooperative. Vivian Haywood is none of the above. The mentality of this women was like a 5 yearold. I will never go back to Lord and taylor's again. ( I worked for Macey's for 6 year's and we could never act so uprofessional)

shelbs Read More
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