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6/22/2015 Lori Greiner - I bought Lori's upright swiveling armoire.
I bought Lori's upright swiveling armoire. One if the locks froze and quit working. I have contacted her customer service via email (the only way possible) and have never heard from anyone. I won't buy anything else she makes!

Ann Read More
12/4/2014 Lori Greiner - Defective product... Contacted customer service
Defective product... Contacted customer service DAILY for over a week now, and nothing back. We just need the proper piece to finish putting the cabinet together (sent two of the same part) and we can't get them to respond to our emails. So very frustrating!!

Kathy Read More
11/11/2013 Lori Greiner customer review
bought an oval spinning jewelry cabinet. lock fell off when it was being
set upright. contacted for your ease team and they immediately sent me
a new lock set. rec'd it in about 2 days. sent picture, instructions how
to replace it. i couldn't find the screw driver they recommended. So, the lord
showed me to try the original put together screw driver that came with it.
did not have to remove the earring strip, was able to reach in on the slant
and that bigger screwdriver did the trick. wow.
have liked whatever i have gotten from Lori. suggestion: could base of
jewelry cabinet be made to have a drawer in it?

shirley Read More
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