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5/3/2016 Lowes Phone Number - I need the phone number and email for the district
I need the phone number and email for the district manager for Lowe's in Bristol Virginia. Can you provide this to me?

clint smith

clint Read More
8/2/2014 Lowes Phone Number - The complaint is to long to list it all. I can
The complaint is to long to list it all. I can say; however that Lowe's in Montgomery, Al on Eastern Blvd has the poorest customer service I have ever encountered! We spent quite a bit of money there, with the purchase of a stainless steel ref and a stove, the ref was delivered on time, but the stove is another thing. delivered 2 Whirlpool stainless stoves both had faulty doors, had to return and they told us to come to the store and order another brand. we did. We have been given the run around and lies from both department employees and store managers. Everyone you talked to gave a different reason why the stove never came in, but kept telling us it was on the delivery truck or it was on the dock or it was sent back to the warehouse because no one told them to deliver it. We will cancel our Lowe's credit card and never do business with them again. I never knew so many people could have so many different lies about a product and never seem to get their act together, needless to say it has been 3 weeks and still no stove. Just maybe this will get to the district manager or Corporate office and they will check into that store. Lowe's is definitely loosing money. we will take our business to Home Depot! One other thing no one there in the store bothers to give you a courtesy call back when they tell you they will. You wait and wait and no one ever returns your call.

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9/25/2012 Lowes Phone Number - I will be closing my LAR commercial account with
I will be closing my LAR commercial account with lowes as of today. The commercial account I have with them is nothing short of useless. Lowes can learn a lot by sending a few of their own people in all departments, commercial and personal credit department, general customer service and the absolute worst their online billing and payment department have them go over to Home Depot and apply for jobs undercover. Then maybey they can learn the secrets of a successful company. In the last year I have had to change my password a dozen times. Every month its the same thing, sorry that password does not match our records. Well Im not changing my password anymore. They can take this card and shove it. I will now be doing all of my purchasing through the Depot. The main reason I tolerated lowes was because I can get in and out in half the time it takes me at Home Depot, not because they are slow but because there are way more customers getting in your way. Thats ok I'll get used to it.

Chuck in St Petersburg Florida Read More
9/11/2012 Lowes Phone Number - 9/10/10 Paid my bill by phone on Aug.12 2012 they
9/10/10 Paid my bill by phone on Aug.12 2012 they gave me a confirmation no. A week later I bought duck tapes worth $6,99 used my lowe's card
It declined. Cashier told to call Lowe's ask why it was declined. lowes customer service told me my they did not recieved payment for Aug.
I gave customer service the confirmation no. Customer service said the confirmation no. Is not a garantie that they recieve the payment I
Paid over the phone. I called my bank they told me there is no record that Lowe's had sent them anything. Every time called Lowe's recording
Comes on stating that my last payment recieved was on Aug.12,2012. Yet they are charging as overdue payment plus interest. My husband got
furstrated went to Lowes store to pay the Aug. and Sept. bill. Store told him he can't pay at the store cause he don't have the bill with him although
He had his Lowe's card with him. When I paid by phone on Aug. customer service ask me if I want paperless. I said yes. So this means that I'll
Be overdue again for Sept. and be able to use me low''s card. What do I do now? Want to pay by bill on bill pay. No address for Lowe's
When I paid Lowe's on aug.12 I also paid Walmart use the same routing no. On my checking acct. Wallmart recieved payment. I don't see why
Lowe's did not recieved the payment.

Dannie Read More
7/7/2012 Lowes Phone Number - Lowe's has very poor customer service. They dont
Lowe's has very poor customer service. They dont back up their warrenty nor do they bother to call back...Dont purchase anthing from them unless it is paint, thats all they are good for...anythin other than that you are at the mercy of nerds.

patricia abramowicz Read More
8/15/2011 Lowes Phone Number - This is not the first time I have had to do this,
This is not the first time I have had to do this, but anyone looking for a product made and vended through Lowe's, called Surface Source... IT'S NOT US!
To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Susan with Surface Source Design Center
in Belton TX. We are a CABINETRY/COUNTER-TOP store,in business
for the past 14 years. We are not a manufacturer of ---> ANY <---
type of flooring. I have requested several times that we be removed
from your contact list for all products that you vend for Surface Source
Many of your customers are calling weekly, saying that they got
the number FROM their local Lowe's. Most are upset when we patiently
explain that we are not that Surface Source and we've even had the
BBB contact us, again we patiently explained that we were NOT that
Surface Source.
Is there a phone number that we can give your customer's happy
or not, that will help them locate that extra box of flooring, or lodge
their complaints, or ask technical questions??
Our staff normally refers all inquiry's back to Lowe's, but, those
same customers are calling back, claiming that *Lowe's* gave them
our number again....
Please assist me on this quest to better serve, your customer's.

Thank you for your time,
Surface Source Design Center
254-939-6646 (fax)

Susan Read More
7/26/2011 Lowes Phone Number - I had absolutely the WORST customer service by
I had absolutely the WORST customer service by Lowe's in Bozeman, MT on Sunday, July 24th. I actually thought I was on some hidden camera. So here goes the story, I walk to the back towards the appliances. I needed to buy a new microwave. I walk up to three men, laughing and goofing off and did not acknowledge I was walking up to them..IN fact on guy leaning against an appliance turned his back to me. I walked up to a man working on a computer in a wheelchaire and said hello. He looked up at me and said, in a condescenting accent, "Hellooo". I saind I needed a 37 7/8 width micorwave and I don't know if it will fit in my cabinet space. He says, "Soooo what do you want to know, how long 37 7/8 inches is or what?. I could not believe it. He was interrupted by another salesman which informed me the 29 7/8 is standard for all microwaves and the 30" space is standard too. I apologized for interrupting the man working on the computer in the wheelchair and he said, " Okay no problem." So, I am pointed, by finger, to the micorwaves. I see one I want to buy.. do you think someone would have figured out to assist me? Nope, I walked out into the isle and said " Can someone pleaas help me?. Well the guy leaning against the applicance pointed his finger at the guy on the floor polishing some appliances and said " He is your man." The guy on the floor, and by the way the only guy who offered assistance shrugged his shoulder like to say "Hey I am busy right now." I said, " I need someone to assist me please." So the guy gets up off the floor and follows me to the microwave I wanted to buy. He says "Okay". nothing more. So we I sit down and he is working the computer and about 5 minutes later, I asked him, what is the installation charge, he says 129.00. I said "oh, my, sorry to bother you but Gallatin Furniture offered a better deal to me with free installation. It was a more expensive model I will say. I felt really bad for wasting his time and apoligized twice." The man says, well I thought you saw that on the tag." I said no."

Overall, I have never been so insulted and will never buy another thing at Lowe's.

Debra Read More
8/2/2010 Lowes Phone Number - Lowe's knowingly took away pots and pans, all I
Lowe's knowingly took away pots and pans, all I had, in an old stove when delivering a new one. They arrived earlier than scheduled, I had to drive my son to work, 15-20 min. time, asked they be there when I returned, they took the stove and dishwasher, left before I returned, now the managers state it was my fault that they took my pots and pans, district manager and the regional manager refuse to talk to me, and I will not receive anything from them to replace my pots and pans. This is the Alabaster Lowe's in Alabama. The above information was relayed to me by all managers at the Lowe's: Delaney, Steven, Rick, are the names I recall. I called customer service, was assured that a DM or RM would call me within 24 hours, that was 10 days ago. What do I do now? Sandy Cambria

Sandy Read More
7/26/2010 Lowes Phone Number - I need the address to send a bill to Lowe's by
I need the address to send a bill to Lowe's by check. Thanks, Joyce Dupree

joyce Read More
6/21/2010 Lowes Phone Number - I keep getting a notice to buy a service warranty
I keep getting a notice to buy a service warranty on my new washer and dryer WHICH I purchased when I brought these items. I have sent copies with letter to lowes but I keep getting these letters. What address do I send this information to to get it on file and corrected. I also mailed warranty card when pruchase was made.
Thank you

Anita Read More
6/11/2010 Lowes Phone Number - I received a call from PAUL, but he said his last
I received a call from PAUL, but he said his last name so fast on my answering machine, I could not understand it. I am sorry, but I work for UPS and it is so important to say and spell your name!!

LeRoy Read More
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