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Lucky Brand Jeans and Graphic Tees are style and quality combined. Lucky Brand is available in fine department stores and Lucky Brand Stores.

LUCKY Brand USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
Division of Liz Claiborne, Inc.?
1441 Broadway
New York, NY 10018
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-354-4900
Fax Number: 1-212-6261800
Email Address: [email protected]
Stock Symbol Liz Claiborne Group: LIZ

Phone Number

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1-866-975-5825 Review Needed Please Comment


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4/12/2014 Lucky Brand. OMJ!!! I purchased a pair of your
Lucky Brand. OMJ!!! I purchased a pair of your jeans from Macy's in Santa Barbara in February. The chemical smell from the dye is so atrocious that I can not even wear them. I've washed and washed them at least 20 times and still nasty. I've even soaked them for hours in vinegar before washing them in hot water. I will never, ever buy anything from Lucky Brand again. Way disappointed. Can't imagine those chemicals are good to have on your body or good for the environment. The poor workers that have to be exposed to such poisons. Shame on you, Lucky.

Bridget Read More
4/12/2014 Lucky Brand - I was at your Lucky Bran store in the Walt Whitman
I was at your Lucky Bran store in the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington, NY. Charlotte helped me with the pants and shirts and was extremely helpful and was very nice to deal with. She was very knowledgeable about the cuts of the pants, how they should fit and about the cuff on the bottom. I didn't realize that most of the Lucky Bran pants are made in the USA. I learned that they have a red ribbon on the bottom of jeans as you cuff them. I wish your company had different lengths for the pants. I am short and need a petite, but you don't offer pants for that height. It's great that they have different styles and different waist sizes, but why not different lengths. The lengths are all the same for men and women, one size, which doesn't make sense to me since there are many different heights for people. So I hope the company will consider offering different size lengths and petites. Lucky Bran has great clothing, they just need to expand a bit more for different types and sizes of people. Your service is wonderful! Charlotte helped me pick out great pants and shirts and was very pleasant about it.

Linda Read More
6/15/2013 Lucky Brand company with no ethics. Poor service
Lucky Brand company with no ethics.
Poor service
Poor product
Poor quality
Not a true American brand to invest your future purchase.

Does not deserve any stars

Umal Read More
12/2/2012 Lucky Brand Jeans Will Not Accept Return from Online Order. 12.04.12
I ordered a bag and they sent me a pair of jenas that are 10X's too small. I called customer care and was told they had to wait until the jeans were received until I was able to get the bag shipped. WTF, Who wants a clearance pair of jeans for 60 bucks over a $200 bag. They received the jeans and is now telling me I can't do an exchange because it's an on-line order. WTF do they mean because this was not an exchange. THEY sent me the wrong item, just me what i paid for. How can you mistake a bag for a pair of jeans. I have had some great experience with the customer service as far as attitudes are concerned but they all tell me something different. After I get this bag...after a few more days of waiting for a refund then'll the last I ever order from them and it's sad because I really like their clothing and accessories.

Tuoptimistic Read More
10/5/2012 Lucky Brand - I totally agree with Cindy comment. I placed a
I totally agree with Cindy comment. I placed a order online with a lucky brand coupon, sent to me by lucky brand. The coupon stated, get a extra 40% off already reduced items. I ordered a top for 19.99 with the extra 40% off the final cost should've been 11.39 I didn't get the additional 40% that I had the coupon cod for. When I called and complained lucky brand refuse to honor the 40% and stated all sale items are final sales. I told the customer service rep that I was returning all items, and would never shop with lucky brand again. Tried to return items, lucky brand would not return. If lucky brand continue to misled their customers, they will not have any customers, at least not this one.

Suavy shopper Read More
6/27/2012 Will never order from Lucky brand on line again.
Will never order from Lucky brand on line again. Was told I would be credited $30 for an order mishap and was only credited $14.97. then treated like garbage by customer service rep and when I asked to speak with management ... placed on hold for over 10 minutes then call hung up. Be careful when ordering from Lucky Brand online. It's a crap shoot.

Cindy Read More
4/15/2012 Lucky Brand - I went shopping in the deer park outlets last
I went shopping in the deer park outlets last weekend . The whole staff there are very nice and helpful people, one girl imparticular Nicole D took extra special care of my husband and myself we have never had such a great shopping experience like that before especially her knowledge on what jeans we would be most comfortable in and like the best. If anyway goes to the deerpark outlets and visits lucky I highly recommended you to see Nicole you will get the best service from her.

Joan Read More
3/2/2012 Lucky Brand - I'm holding for customer 'care' representative to
I'm holding for customer 'care' representative to answer the phone. I've received an email about an online order I did not place. It's 50 minutes and counting. I'm not impressed.

Jacqueline Read More
2/6/2012 Lucky Brand - I found this site and notice I have a complaint
I found this site and notice I have a complaint almost identical to JoAnn's posted on 12/25/11. I sent my original complaint to the Customer Service email address, but here's a copy:

(dated 1/14/12)
"I purchased a pair of faux fur-lined moccasin slippers in late November and started wearing them at the end of December. Despite my having worn them for only about 60 hours total (I put them on in the evening after dinner so wear them for 3-4 hours a day), I just this evening noticed that the right slipper is torn in two places (the seam has ripped apart near the big toe and little toe). I always fully intended to keep the slippers so discarded the receipt and the box as soon as the correct charge appeared on my statement. I therefore cannot return them to the store. I simply want to express my dissatisfaction at the very poor quality of your product."

And my further complaint is how I was ignored by Customer Service. This is the response I received to the message above:

(dated 1/17/12)
"Thank you for contacting the Lucky Brand Corporate Customer Service.
We would be more than happy to forward your feedback to the appropriate department.
Thank you for taking the time to write in to us.
Warm regards,
Customer Service"

It's now 20 days since I received that message from Customer Service and I've heard nothing from "the appropriate department." A responsible company would have offered a refund or replacement, but I've yet to receive even an acknowledgement of the problem or an apology. I surely expected more than "warm regards." Please treat your customers with more courtesy.

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1/13/2012 Lucky Brand - hello, i just love your new clothes. But on the
hello, i just love your new clothes. But on the video the are 2 shirts that i love, but are not for sale yet, I just want to know when will they be on sale, one is full of color, and the other one is white with flowers on the sleeves.

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12/25/2011 Lucky Brand - I purchased a pair of Luckey Brand slippers from a
I purchased a pair of Luckey Brand slippers from a store named Ross in Gainsville Ga. I opened them and wore them three times in the house and looked down and could see my sock on the toes. The thread on both slippers has come apart.I threw the box away because I had no need to keep it I have my receipt but its doesn't say what it is,They want take them back or even give me a credit,They are brand new.The stiching on the toe area has come on stiched

JoAnn Read More
11/2/2011 Lucky Brand - Expect to receive horrible customer service if you
Expect to receive horrible customer service if you purchase anything online!!!! I ordered a hoodie over the internet and somehow the order was placed twice and when I called 30 mins later was told the item shipped out already. I was able to catch UPS with the 2 boxes to refuse the extra item and when I opened the box the WRONG size was in a bag mismarked with the size I requested. After contacting a customer service operator (AMBER) obviously she did not care and was told if I return the item to a store I may not get the sales price my charge card was charged. These items are not CHEAP and I would like to expect better service. LUCKY BRAND good luck....I will never purchase your merchandise again!!!! Not worth the agravation for the expensive price.

Stefanie Read More
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